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  1. Thanks @King! I like the new character you definitely play her well! Also had a great conversation with @Jade to finish off the night!
  2. Beavers = Win!

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    2. Coda852


      This is amazing...

    3. Phoenix



    4. Simon


      I'm pretty sure it's heading south to take over Texas...

  3. screen_shot_2015-11-03_at_5.36.44_pm.jpg

    1. Simon


      Took one for the team.

    2. Vandal


      Better not go anywhere! 😁

  4. *A man's voice comes over the frequency, the words barley audible between heavy gasps for air* Chief... *Gasp* I'm going... *Gasp* Amy...Leeway...LT...Allan... *Gasp* Sorry *A final gasp can be heard before silence take over the frequency*
  5. *Simon sits and listens to the voices going back and forth on the frequency and shakes his head. He decides that he needs to respond before more people he knows start fucking shit up. He presses down the PTT button and his deep voice with a stern tone broadcasts across the frequency." "Anyone who knows my voice...don't bother responding to this frequency...Chief said it earlier we will deal with this. We don't need people stirring the pot...if you have a fucking problem with what I am saying come talk to me. If you still choose to, we will have our own issues. Rogue that includes you. *He releases the PPT button putting the radio down beside him*
  6. @Aeryes Enjoyed the RP too! Took all of Simon's energy not to take you out back and shoot you!
  7. *Simon hears an unfamiliar voice of what he assumed to be a young girl come across the frequency. He listens and decides to respond, bringing the radio to his mouth and pressing down the PTT button* "We must have been pretty entertaining too keep you tuned to this frequency for a couple days. Any reason in particular you wanted to make yourself known?" *Simon releases the PTT button and awaits a response*
  8. Should be interesting if we cross paths again IC! Obviously we got off on the wrong foot but their are some similarity's in our group goals. Overall the lore is well done, interesting and unique! Looking forward to seeing what you do in game.
  9. Canada in a nutshell!B|


    1. RogueSolace


      I love reddit!!!

      Also wanting to run and hide in UK or Canada 😭Probably Canada is the better option what UK is going through 😕

      Anyways go Canada! I'm not a fan of the use personally, but as long as its being used responsibly as well as medicinally, I'm all for it. Know too many people who could benefit from pain relief :( 

  10. Nice Shots! Swords seem to be pretty common spawns at the castles in this patch, at least I have seen many of them the couple times I have been at one. What Simon really wants is a hockey stick!
  11. *Simon hears an unfamiliar man's voice in amongst those he does recognize and chooses to address him* I don't know who the fuck you are or what you are trying to sell but we aren't buying...fuck off. *He releases the PTT button and turns down the volume on his radio*
  12. *Simon pushes down the PPT button on his radio, and his voice begins to transmit across the frequency* "This whole fucking situation was pretty foolish...feels like a couple over reactions were made...but I understand why you are heading west. *A brief silence followed by a short sigh* "Someone smarter then me once said, No family is perfect...we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family...the love will always be there..." "Stay safe out there" *He releases the PTT button and silence takes over the airwaves*
  13. I think it's a good idea, if anything it may help people vent some frustration in a more constructive way. I won't be there but it might be an idea for someone to keep a recording of it and post it. At least that way there is a record of what is discussed, in lieu of someone actually taking minutes.
  14. Being on a plane 40,000ft up while there is a solar storm makes for an awesome view of the Northern Lights!

    1. RogueSolace


      Oh wow! That sounds beautiful! 

    2. Coda852


      Did you see any flying moose?

    3. Simon


      Moose don't fly...saw a couple flying beavers though. Typical American xD

  15. "mmhhmm" - Simon Campbell