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  1. FINN! Welcome back buddy! I missed your RP so much!
  2. Here is mine and his name is Willy:
  3. Your first page looks super @Hassan! Keep up the good work. I might send you a PM soon with a request.
  4. I will archive this group since there is nothing to see here and you are not whitelisted for at least 30 days. Rules of making a group: * You must be whitelisted for at least 1 month, not have created or lead another group in the last 30 days in order to lead a group. Individuals cannot not be in more than one group. //Archived
  5. Thanks to @The Spartan, @Oisín, @Slash & @Willsky for their RP! I finally have the information that I wanted to have. Hope to see you guys more ingame. <3 Have fun with the car and the barrels.
  6. Welcome to the community. Congrats with your whitelist.
  7. Hi there, Welcome to the community!
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  12. Welcome to DayZRP! Congrats with your whitelist.
  13. Seeing that we have already a tagging feature on the forum I do find this not necessary. So -1 for from me.