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  1. Wauw Spartan, this picture is awesome! Damn, please make more!
  2. Thanks to @Babyface / Saradomin for the RP yesterday and teaching me how to shoot with a rifle. Also thanks to the crew of Nasinec for receiving me at their compound!
  3. I mean the group darling. I know you are still around.
  4. Very nice pictures @Ron & @Terra! Sorry to see Odveta is gone.
  5. As requested by the group owner I will now archive this group.
  6. Hello @LoneWolfy, It came to our attention that you only have 4 members at the moment. You have 7 days the time to find 5 official members for your group or otherwise it will be archived. Regards, Ramon and The DayZRP Staff Team
  7. As requested, moved up to the factions!
  8. Hello! Welcome back
  9. I will close this thread as this is no topic for a discussion. Like Castiel said you can make a status update about it. The Guide section is also moved so hopefully more people will take look on it. You can find it now at the Support section of the forum. /Closed
  10. Nice interview Buddy, thanks for taking part of it.
  11. Just like Pontiff said, there is no advertisement allowed here for other communities. Just use Google for that or ask your friends. I would recommend A3 over A2. Just because it has more mods and options. Also because I almost never played A2 and I like the graphics more.
  12. Hi there Calvin, welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay.
  13. You could make the backstory a bit bigger, but he group looks good @Samti I wish you good luck with it!
  14. Welcome to the community. Good luck with your whitelist and enjoy your stay here.
  15. There is currently a bug with the cars/trucks in the game. Some vehicles won't start, even when you have every part in a pristine condition. The best thing to do is to strip everything of the truck and then shoot at the engine. Wait till a server restart and hope that the truck will respawn.