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  1. Born and raised in Edinburgh, been here all my life
  2. Nice interview, these are always a good read!
  3. Congrats on official! Have to agree with Wumby though- especially with 'representative'. Just seems slightly too advanced for a kids group.
  4. Yeah I think it's going to be quite a while before we get fully functioning base building mechanisms in the game that aren't ridiculously glitchy and that players enjoy using. Also I'm wondering if the community will implement any new rules when base building is introduced? For example. rules that protect bases in a certain way or prevent players from griefing every structure they see? It might not be the most realistic thing, but if players or groups spend the time and effort into making their base only to have it destroyed immediately, I can foresee that a lot of people just won't bother anymore.
  5. Nice concept and the lore reads well, good job! Nice graphics as well, though you could add a few more pictures to build the thread up a bit. Good luck with this!
  6. I wasn't around for the original editions, but nonetheless I love the idea and I genuinely hope it succeeds. I'm even thinking of potentially applying, as I enjoy writing. But as you say in the OP you expect those involved to be fully committed to it, so I wouldn't want to apply and let you down. Therefore my question is how much time would someone be expected to dedicate to the project if they were involved? I'm sure it differs for the different roles, but is there any information you could give on this? Thanks!
  7. Excellent idea! Definitely can't do any harm as another way to reinforce the rules so if you want to put the effort into this then go ahead! I'm sure there are probably other community members who would be willing to help you out. I think you should make sure it's clear that the videos are there to support the written rules, rather than replace them, so that people still have to read thoroughly.
  8. I really like the concept of the group. The lore is well written as well, however I would say there is the odd occasion where it doesn't quite make sense. For example, after the bit with Derek you talk about Abram and his horse briefly, but neither the previous section or the following section have anything to do with this so it doesn't really link and the flow is broken a bit I think. Graphics looks really good, you could maybe add a few photos though to spice the thread up? Other than that this looks really promising! Good luck!
  9. Hitman characters are pretty flawed before you even get in game because of our rules. I mean, you can't even do what a hit man would do because of kos. Don't think this idea is the way to fix that though. Seems like the target is going to get a pretty bad deal out of it all, and won't even be able to remember the events with the hit man so it would just kill rp. Also how would it work with permadeaths? If I order a hit on someone and get told it's been carried out, only to meet them very much alive the next day there's going to be some awkward RP. Seems almost like it would force people to perm.
  10. Nice interview, short and sweet
  11. Excellent guide, hopefully a lot of people read this. Definitely add more colour and/or pictures though, maybe break up the block of text. Good job though
  12. Congrats on making it to official lads! Good luck with the future!
  13. Just finished watching the first season. I was skeptical at first and just thought it was the weirdest thing after the first episode or two, but my god was this show amazing. That last episode as well. I was so sad when eleven just turns around with 'goodbye Mike', but then she has to be alive with Hopper looking after her. Bring on season two
  14. That was so good, so no surprises there from you Roach! Can't wait for the next part
  15. I have one concern with this. Due to problems with my computer I can't get in game right now and won't be able to until I fork out the cash for a repair. I have however been thinking about getting on the radio chatter forums so I can still have some RP. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation, so my worry is that a restriction like this will prevent people that can't get in game from rping here. I have noticed so much abuse and general insults on radio chatter though so I agree some regulation is needed. Can staff not just begin to issue warning points?