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  1. idk who gave that to you, but it was a mistake.

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      uuuuuuur a mistake

  2. After hearing the news, Neil decides to reply. Did you really take that badly? Listen dude, she didn't have the patience. That's why she didn't want to learn. You didn't have to take your own life over it. -- I like how you are trying to go out like you're some big celeb and everyone's gonna give a shit. How long have you been around? Like a month? Less? Nobody gives a fuck. Hope you rot in the shit where you popped yourself. -- I'll celebrate your petty death with some.. Looks at the bottle and tries to pronounce it. Velko.. Pop.. Vicky? Some shit like that. One less attention whore in the world. Chin chin. Oh, and by the way. I'm sure your mates won't last long, if you had any. He takes a swig of the beer and puts the radio down.
  3. I see no issue with obtaining portable generators and fuel it by gas. I'm sure Djhato did it at some point to power his medical apparatus. It expands RP potential and creativity.
  4. Neil finishes tending to his eye and decides to reply to the familiar voice. I'll come down. Maybe you can show me how to hunt sometime. Still think you're a big guy trying to make a change in the world? Hilarious. -- Sounds like you're leaving though. It'd be a real fucking shame to be fair. I'm probably going to lose a few nights sleep. He lets go off the PTT and lets out a hearty laugh.
  5. damnit, sorry guys. Jamie's POV: I logged onto the site and Eagle said that Grammarly is good. I then installed it and used it for all my verdicts, with slight malicious intent to take down the site. But on a serious note, I disabled it. For some reason it didn't work anyway, it was set in Arabic. Probably why it fucked the site. /solvreeeed.
  6. Go ahead, post some content. Welcome.
  7. Resolved here. Thank you for bringing this forward to us, we appreciate you guys are watching the reports. Just bare in mind to the GM team involved with the verdict that mistakes happen. It's only human.
  8. This was brought forward to me prior to the thread. Basically, I agree with this. Whilst being in full contact with a group prior to being taken hostage, meaning she had a radio, she powergamed not having one whilst having allies around which made a significant difference. I won't go into too much detail but yeah.
  9. You better put that order in for S3.

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      Should probably pre-order a meme thread too  ˙ ͜ʟ˙

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      any discount codes ? xD 

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  10. I MISS YOU JAMIE!!! <3

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      Awww nawl! I told you this a while back. Nothing has changed <3

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      I was going to say it's nice to see you snooping around. But like I said... 

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      I know, kek. I've turned lurking into a fine art :P 

      *Winks and sharpens knife, just in case...*

  11. Dropping this in questions. Pretty much as of now, it's not top on the priority list. We are currently working out the best and most efficient way to tackle this. I can be confident in saying it isn't going to be as soon as you think. Apologies for being so vague.
  12. Dank avatar. Welcome back, mate.