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  1. Arthur Bodach

  2. -snip-
  3. But what about the people who are pacifists? Or people who have relied so much on people for protection, that they've no need to learn how to use a gun? I love playing playing characters like this, spices the RP up!
  4. I get this too. Just click the "Peek at desktop" and then back in to the game.
  5. Creepy thing about this reply, is that i'm watching NB3 right now. Mind not spying on me? thanks.
  6. Now this is a thread for me ..
  7. Report or talk to admins!
  8. One of the greatest memes of the 21st century. Cheers for the mention my boy, don't change for no one! You know where to find me
  9. Appreciate it brother, same goes for you and your guys. Mic wasn't working, because .. DayZ. Wish i could've provided you with better RP, cheers anyway lads <3
  10. Don't mind them, on Public servers. Unless you're a super soldier, there is no reason to have one in RP. P.S. Ghillie suits have been in forever.
  11. Love the art style, damn!
  12. Not sure why, but I guess i'll throw this here. I don't have a solid schedule yet, but soontm. Come harass me!
  13. Got GearRPed yesterday, no video evidence :(

    1. Charlie


      Hard luck, that'll teach you to try get a recording software. Then again it isn't the end of the world. 

    2. Jon Snow

      Jon Snow

      But did you have anything worth GearRPing? ;)

  14. * Marshall holds his side in pain, slightly limping. He stumbles into the nearby clinic, whipping on a lab coat to keep him warm, he pulls the radio from his backpack. You hear a yorkshire accent * Alr ... Alright lads and lasses. * He'd cough * Call me a wimp or whatever, but I need help .. I've been bashed about by them fucking undead fucks ... * He'd groan in pain * I keep going dizzy ... Everything hurts, ya know? Please, if a medic, doctor or anyone with first aid training can help me ... I'll forever been in ya debt, cheers. * He'd cough multiple times before static overtakes the frequency. He'd stumble back up on to his feet, awaiting a response *