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    You can contact a 'Support' Member who you can find on this list: You can join the DayzRP Teamspeak and join the waiting for staff -channel, to talk to someone of staff who will then guide you through your options: If you think a rule was broken you can create a report in the report section of the forums, how to do that is explained here.
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  3. Song It is hard to remember what happened after Alena and I got away from those people in the woods. Back then I did not reach anyone of the Milice. The only person who came running was Anya. We were around Pustoshka. I was dragging my bag after me. My back was covered in blood and silently walking next to me was Alena. Putting hand on a woman, fucking burning her skin. Those people... lowlife cowards. Nothing more than that. People these days have no fucking respect left. At least they did not do anything worse to her. Maybe my try to get their attention on me prevented her from that. I don't know. At that point I was just happy that it was over. Anya helped me and wrapped a bandage around my upper body and put me on morphine. She grabbed my bag and led me and Alena to that fucking camp. That scum went to that direction. I did not want to go there. I did not want to see those people again. Not without pomoc... support of my bratři. As we arrived, Anya started talking to some people. She tried to get some medical supplies. Alena was smart. She started looking through some tents and kept an eye on what belonged to the Chernarussian Defence Force. While the two of them were busy, I was just standing in the middle of this little compound, feeling the skin on my back burning like fire. I was glancing around. Broken down walls. Barely any people on over watch. How did this even work for? It did not. I found out when I took a second look. Clowns hanging out. Those sadistic little fucks. The existence of those rats simply disgusted me. I was rushed out of my thoughts when I heard. what I believed was a familiar voice. I looked to my left and saw him. Alex. First I thought it was the side effects of the morphine. But when I heard Alex speaking to a woman standing next to him, I knew it. He looked different... ruffled... but it was him. That voice, the glasses, the look on his face. I was sure. To my surprise he was not carrying his crossbow but an old rusty AK. I felt stunned. I did not even walk towards him. I was just starring at him while he moved past me. "Alex?" He turned and looked up and down on me. The look on his face told me that he did not recognize who I was. It has been such a long time. Back then I helped him and his people out. A bullet hit me in the arm and he patched me up, gave me his jacket and took care of me for a while. I looked down on myself. I must have looked very different. My clothing was full of dirt and covered in dried blood. Same as my face. I looked back at him repeating myself: "Alex is that you?" He glanced at me with a distant look. "It's Jaroslav." I actually don't even remember if I told him my name back then. I was so sure he would recognize me. He just stared at me with this look on his face that I was a cizinec... a stranger. "It's Jaro. Remember pritel? Back in Zelenogorsk?" Finally Alex eyes started to widen as he seemed to remember me. After a quick hug which appeared to be more like a pat on the shoulder, he looked at me again and told me that I looked like shit. I started laughing. I was so happy to see that guy again and hearing what he said, he did not change a single bit. I have really missed his company. Back in the day, it was a nice thing to run into an old friend. Someone you did not expect to meet. But lets be honest, these this time.. being able to call someone a friend is a rare thing. At least if you define a friend as someone you can trust. Meeting someone you haven't seen in months felt more like a present than anything else. I accepted his death since he disappeared but here he was. Anya seemed to be happy as well. When she smiles, it always makes me feel warm inside. Here we were, the three of us standing in a circle talking to each other like the first day we've met. After the shit that happened to me the day before, I felt like things were finally getting better again. How could I have known that this was the last day of my time in the Milice. How could I have fucking known that I was about to lose everything I built up over the last months. After laughing together and having a short conversation, Anya pushed for us to get to a more quiet spot so she could take care of my back. We told Alex where we were going and he promised to catch up. Alena seemed a bit confused but I told her not to worry since he was an old friend and I trusted him over anyone. I really did. He was one of the good guys left around this area. We made it to Bashnya when I had to stop. My back was in such a fucking pain, it knocked me off my feet. With the supplies we got at the foreign camp, Anya cleaned my wounds. I was rushing down the vodka I had left as she was doing it. While she was helping me, Alex caught up to us. I explained to him what happened, that those people had mistaken us for bounty hunters... that I needed to catch up with my people, the Milice. He asked to tag along. Of course I said yes. At that moment it did not even cross my mind that there could be any potential trouble. We met with up the guys at the tent camp on our grounds at the air field in the north west. I remember Marian went into some trouble at one of the old barracks, calling in support over the radio. Alex was one of the first one to run and be there. The situation was handled well. No need for the use of guns from either side. I noticed Marian and Alex slightly bitching at each other but did not really think it would cause any big trouble. We started to make our way towards Vybor to catch up with Sara. I actually wanted to talk to her. I've told the others that Alena and I got into trouble but I wanted to give her the details. I simply wanted to see her. Even though the fact that she denied me was still sticking with me, I just wanted to tell her that I am glad to be able to see her again. I really thought those guys were about to kill Alena and myself. I got interrupted by noticing a hostile tension between Domek and Alex. Domek started asking him all these questions when we arrived at the factories in Vybor. Questions about what he was doing in our country and pointing him out as a useless foreigner. I glanced at Sara, why was she not doing anything? Domek's behavior was disrespectful towards my friend and with that also towards me. He talked to him like he was one of those foreign thieves. He was no thief and me introducing him should have proved that. I thought my word was enough for Domek, telling him Alex was one of the good ones. As a Bratr, you trust each others word. Apparently it was not enough for him. Thinking back to this day, that would have been the first chance for to tell Alex to leave. I judged the situation so wrong... the situation and my own people. It was my fucking fault. Even today, even after Alex told me that he forgives me, I am still not able to let go of the thoughts about what I threw him into that day. I was the one leading him towards them. I was the one who failed getting him out of there. Sometimes I don't understand why he calls me a brother. Brothers are suppose to give their life for each other. That's not what I did back then. I noticed Anyas look towards Domek. She was walking a bit further away from everyone as usual. She must have recognized it too. I should have told him to leave. I know Alex, he has a big mouth and of course he did not shut up when Domek was talking to him. He was digging his own grave and I did not see it. I can't believe I didn't. Saying I was on morphine, saying I was too distracted by my old friend being around again... it all sounds like a cheap excuse. When Alex was talking back to Domek, he stopped walking for a second. I took my chance to speak up and tried and clear the situation: "What the fuck is this about? I told you he is my friend and not a thief!" I was confused and mad about Domek acting like this. Alex gave me medical supplies and offered help to one of us at the airfield. Why did Domek not step back and simply moved on? I was standing next to Alex and looked over my shoulder. Then I saw it, I saw her glance towards him and I saw my bratři closing the circle around us. The way we always did it in the past. I was such an idiot. Sara stepped towards Alex and me. I will never forget that look on her face. Cold and hostile. It felt like a punch into my stomach to see her like this. I looked at her and back at Alex. I turned around seeing all of them staring at him, before I heard Sara's voice. "Tell me, cizinec. What do you know about a Chernarussian named Joseph?"
  4. Speedster firstly, thanks for giving your opinion as one of the GM team. It is nice to see you peeps getting involved in discussions. I watched the video which was posted and read the verdict. I must say that your argument of "in real life" doesn't fit here at all. If society went down and people had to fight to survive, be honest , they'd probably shoot someone in the face and grab his shit. Yes they'd rob him for everything he has. All without being scared of a higher power that forces them to sleep for 7 days. Also the location was fine to leave him without food or water since there is a well at the NWAF and a well at Vybor + apple trees all around the area. If it was somewhere out in the woods, sure would have been a different situation but it wasn't. I think it is brave to back up your team but I am disappointed to see you saying "I would have agreed with the verdict just changed the wording slightly". There is a main part missing in the verdict: the "rp" of the op was fucking sad and deserved at least a verbal , imo. And even more important a guide + explanation of how to rp as a hostage because that needs more than "YOU DON'T HAVE A REASON FOR THIS!". If you get held up of course your hostage takers need to entertain (which they clearly failed to do in the mentioned case) you but that doesn't mean you don't have to show effort as the hostage yourself. It was literally someone ooc complaining about losing gear. This is once more missing in a verdict. Especially as a GM but also as a community member you should be careful with statements like "I'm certainly not expecting people listen to it" because people might start to ask, why are you even posting then?
  5. I think it depends what you understand saying 'RP is dead'. Just because there is a trading camp with music once more , doesn't mean the role play has to be good. That appears more as a focus on quantity not quality. You can run for hours with one person and have a great rp experience and stand in a camp with 15 people and be bored. It's probably just personal taste, depending on what kind of rp you are looking for. In my opinion it is not about 'RP dying', it is about you keep on moving through any area. I have been walking through the triangle for hours not seeing a single person on a full server for hours. It can be frustrating but then just take a little break and try again. That combined with the effort you are willing to put into every single encounter and the ability to deal with anything from "I'm busy bye" to "drop your shit" and so on builds the base for any potential role play. So no, it is not dead imo.
  6. *Jaroslav takes the radio out of the side pocket of his bag as soon as he hears Franks voice on the radio. He speaks with a cigarette between his lips while he holds the button to transmit* No names or anything on the radio, chlapečku. Take your time. We will have a chat when I think the time is right. Take care. *He releases the button to tansmit and places the radio down*
  7. the camera loves you @Daddy
  8. *Jaroslav hears Franks voice over the radio again. He looks confused for a second and slightly shakes his head, hearing the end of the message. He clears his throat before he starts to talk in a serious tone of voice* Alright listen Frank, I think I need to clear some things up, you clearly don't seem to understand. *silence for a few seconds* Why the fuck would I send someone after you?! You fucked off because you received the consequences for not doing what I told you. You can leave any time, it's your good right, chlapečku. Don't fucking consider yourself too important to me. You will not get all the info later. You will get an explanation for my reasoning, If I decide to or whenever I decide to. If you come back. *Jaroslav mumbles "ty vole!" before he switches off his radio*
  9. *Jaroslav looks at the sleeping René next to him with a smirk on his lips. As he hears Franks voice over the radio he sneaks out of the room and holds the transmit button to while he speaks quietly* Ahoj, Frank. Listen I ..*silence for a few seconds* .. I did not want you to get involved in this at all. Things happened and I cannot change it but to be honest I still would do it again. When the time is right I will gladly take the time and to explain my reasoning to you. Stay safe out there, chlapečku. *Jaroslav sighs and releases the transmit button*
  10. I know what you are trying to say with 'inspiring' Aiko. It is one of the most important part to watch people with experience do their work and learn from them. You haven't had much time as a GM, so you were definitely missing out on that. What I am trying to say is that I know this is a challenge for you. Just keep in mind that you are in a main position to 'inspire' and motivate people yourself by the work you do. Step up before you find out how less of an inspiration it is to see someone of the team giving up. I know your work Oliv and you can do have to do better than this. I did see your effort in setting up the community awards which is great. Now keep an eye on the work balance of your team, not only on stepping up in the ban appeals. I understand the points you make Terra and I agree with you. It is indeed a two way street. I know you are not 'grabbing' all the work without thinking about the others. You are a team player and proved that many times, in my opinion. People seem to got use to things being done no matter if they get involved or not. It is a challenge, but it is on you to break that circle. You need to show consequences in not only stepping back but also staying back when you see things are still not being done. Maybe a ban appeal then stays for a few days longer, and? The world is not going to stop spinning. Someone will get pissed and give feedback which hopefully causes a reaction and reminds people of why they took this position in first place. As things appear right now, people simply rely on you to handle everything. I don't see that working out the in long run. I miss the passion you showed when you were a GM, James. I thank you for wording the obvious: relieve Terra of the workload she does. I expect you to keep an eye on your team and step up. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I obviously only judge from what I see on the forums. I am aware that there are a lot of other things to deal with than only ban appeals. I just used this as an example. In general, if you notice someone doing way more than others you need to not only call that person back but also actively get involved in taking part yourself. Work balance is a process and will never be even. It is a daily challenge for every team and counts for everyone from CH support to admin. Thanks to the admins, showing the effort to read and to reply to my opinion. Keep on going guys, thank you for putting your time into this.
  11. René following her job. Walking and talking. Alex Belov.
  12. Somehow your comment of "...but sometimes we do them too." pisses me off Alex. As an Admin you have a lot of shit do deal with, I know that but you accepted that position. It is just sad to see that in areas like for example the ban appeal section, apparently the most experienced admin seems to do everything. I know there can be reasons for someones activity to drop which is completely normal. It is a hobby and a lot of other things are more important than this. But hey that's why you should always be able to rely on your team, right? The feedback goes to all admins, not only @Alex. How are you guys suppose to gain experience by one person doing everything? It is on you guys to find a way to change things if the imbalance appears like it does at the moment. It is 'the ban appeal section' not the 'I sign what @Terra wrote section'. I agree with you Alex, saying "we should do more". Better fucking start then. @Jamie @Oliv @Aiko I quickly counted through correct me if I am wrong. Ban Appeals solved by Admin Team since January 1st: Terra: 35 Alex: 5 Jamie: 4 Oliv: 1 Aiko: 1