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  2. *Jaroslav listens to the Doc's voice on the radio. He drags on his cigarette and moves his fingertips through the beard on his cheek. He exhales a small cloud of smoke before he holds the button to transmit* *He clears his throat and talks with a Chernarussian accent and in a calm tone of voice* Is that you doc? *He laughs quietly* I did not expect you to show the balls and actually contact us... and here you are even demanding things of myself. I really thought I had to say hi to ...what was his name again, Maxwell? *He drags on his cigarette* Big news, huh? I am listening, doc. You got me curious there. To get an aswer to what you are asking from me... I expect to see some effort of you first. Remember? Like that nice woman told you when we met. Give us information. Don't deny her a favour, I would really not like that. I am sure you know that you are better off not disrespecting her. Come on doc, tell me... tell me the big news and maybe I decide to talk to you about Jack. I am looking forward to hear from you, doc. Don't leave me waiting. *He chuckles before he releases the transmit button and slides his radio back into the side pocket of his bag*
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  3. Alright Kyle, I must say I thought at least in our time in cursed you understood what text rp can be used for and here you are stating 'just internal'. Seeing it as 'just braodcasting' is pretty stupid in my opinion. It is an open rp stage for people to join in and role play together, text based - that has nothing to do with 'interruption'. Of course it is restircted because otherwise it will end up in chaos. So you can't shoot someone. I agree that the rules could be more clarified but removed? What do you think will cause that? No rules in text rp is a pretty weak suggestion here since I can go in there then and go: *shoots Frank Eugine* ...I think you understand that this wont work. It is a try of Rolle to add something nice and I am sure it is meant to be more than this:
  4. Seeing it like that , I have to agree with you. Not playing would just cut potential good rp encounters. I also agree with the fact that stories have to come to an end - no matter if good or bad ... guess I would just like to decide when it ends, myself.
  5. I think you missunderstood me there. I am not role playing 'to make history'. I think people have different motivations to role play, same as they have different interests in the style of their role play. I am indeed role playing to have fun and to play a role of someone else. Additional to that fun is also caused by developing something ... to create a story together with other role players as a team work and action. I dont see anything selfish in that. It creates great individual characters and groups who are even more fun to play with, in my opinion. I just think it would be a shame if all that was forcefully deleted.
  6. Does this mean I can archive my group & character now since it is going to be forcefully deleted anyways? there any sense to put anymore effort into storylines now if it is going to be erased? Correct me if I am wrong but the way I understand it right now is killing the motivation to role play at all since the development would/will be for nothing.
  7. @PatZ auch für dich.

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  8. How is Enzo spending today?





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  9. glitter gifs to your hoes, diggie.

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