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  1. Jarosav Belov: *whispers* she does.

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  4. Staff the "dicks" that show effort and spend their free time to deal with rule breaks, verdicts and so much more in this community... for people like you to be able to have fun in the servers and be able to rp. Why don't you calm down or maybe send in an app for support? On topic: the verdict simply misses the explanation for the aggravation. Seeing that two new GM's wrote it ... that is something I'm sure they will be working on in the future after seeing this thread. ( @Jade @Elmo)
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  6. One important thing I have learned since my home country died is the fact that there is no room for too much happiness. It is almost like too much amount of peace or a life that gets even close to normality attracts… bad things... harm or even death. I don’t know if it fits to speak about death as a bad thing to be honest. The will of going on in this world will confront you with certain decisions. Sometimes death of others means that you and your people are going to live, for the next hours or days… This mess really seemed to break it down into survival of the fittest. When Anya and I found this place we nearly started calling our home, we knew it would never last. We stayed there for a couple of weeks, even months. We started to farm, to hunt or fish, we traveled to the small villages around the area to collect what we needed. We prepared the place to... I don’t know. It felt like we prepared it for us to stay. It was good, almost normal. Still we knew not to take things for granted. We knew things could change within a second… Today I think that is what made… what makes us a good team. I remember getting ready for a two days trip to a city further west. I packed some stuff, check the batteries in my radio, just the usual procedure when I heard the sound of an engine in the distance. It was coming closer and it did not take us a long time to understand that someone must have been interested in our home. Anya told me to walk out of the front entrance before she disappeared at the back. When I heard the closing car doors outside, I placed my pistol in the belt on my back. I took a deep breath and opened the door to straight up look into a face of a guy holding a gun in his hands. Before I could say anything two strangers pushed past me and went into the house. The one that stayed started speaking to me. What I heard was an American accent I believe. He spoke about him and his men taking what they needed and started to ask me questions. It was obvious what was happening. I was sure he was going to try and kill me. Before I could even think about reaching for my pistol, I saw a hand that covered his mouth. He twitched once and coughed quietly. The blade of Anya’s knife reflected the sun and blinded me while she slit his throat from behind. Without wasting another second I grabbed my pistol and went back into the house. Two more foreigners, one to my left one to my right. They were already busy going through our belongings. I put two bullets into the chest of the first one. As the sound of the shots went off, the second guy turned around. In one hand he held my bag, in the other a pistol which he immediately dropped when he saw his friend choking on his own blood on the floor. He slowly put my backpack down and raised his hands while he started to stutter some words, trying to calm me down. I glanced at the man on the ground for a second and back at him. There was a time where I would have told him to run, a time where I would have spared a life of someone who I did not… have to kill. I wasn’t that person anymore. You are free in making choices but you are not free to choose consequences… and here I was, being a poor souls consequence. A single shot. His body dropped next to my bag on the ground. While I patted him down, taking his pistol and anything of value, Anya entered the building through the back entrance of the house. After a quick nod to make sure both of us are fine, she went through the other guy’s stuff. I grabbed my bag and turned around towards her when I heard voices asking for someone. She was kneeling next to the body and looked at a radio she found in the dead man’s jacket. She glanced at me, speaking while she was pulling some car keys out of one of his pockets: ” We need to leave.” Things can change within a second. We knew that. We did not only prepare to stay, we also prepared to be able to leave as fast as possible. It did not take us long to find those guys car a bit further away from the house in the woods. We would have been stupid not to use it. We loaded in everything we needed and got ready to leave the area as soon as possible. I remember sitting in the the car and staring at the house. You can’t get too attached to a place these days because sooner or later you need to leave it behind. Still... I did not like the idea of being on the road again. I did not want this for myself nor for Anya. She dragged me out of my thoughts by starting the engine. She pushed at folded map against my chest and looked at me with a smile. I knew she felt the same but knew as good as I that it was too dangerous to stay. There we were, traveling through this goddamn country once more. We kept moving. We checked any broken down car for gas before moving on. We spent the nights here and there, staying in cover, away from any busy areas… until the day Anya got sick. It was close to the border of South Zagoria when it turned so bad that I did not want her to go on traveling. She got a fever that turned her so weak that she was barely conscious for more than an hour. I did not know the area outside of South Zagoria that well. Mostly it was her guiding the way since she came from Miroslav’l. I decided to get us back to cities I knew had clinics and hospital. Maybe there was something left, somewhere. Maybe in one of the military compounds… maybe a first aid kit somewhere in a store. I needed to find antibiotics. I parked the car in the forest and covered it in branches and anything I could find. She was sleeping on the backseat most of the time but tried to stay up when I went out to look for antibiotics. I left her with food and water. I know .. it was risky but it would have been a bigger risk to take her with me at the time. I remember traveling around Komarovo. I searched through houses, cars… anything in order to find something that would help her. When I went through that town I heard an angry voice. I was getting in cover at a wall and saw a guy with a raised gun standing in the middle of the road. A foreigner…how would that be any different. I glanced around the corner. I saw a second guy a few meters down the road in front of him, slowly placing his bag on the ground and raising his hands. Choices and consequences. I raised my pistol. One shot into the chest, he was dead before he hit the ground. I waited a bit but that idiot tried to rob someone all by himself. No back up, nothing. The guy he tried to rob was called Blake. A guy from the U.S. in his mid twenties, I believe. Seemed like he has been through a lot himself. He was thankful for me getting his ass out of trouble. The only thing I was interested in was if he or that guy had antibiotics… or anything that might help. What a surprise, they did not. But Blake, he offered to help. He wanted to give something back since I got his ass out of that situation. I was alone and I could use a second gun by my side, just in case. You never know. I did not trust him, so I kept an eye on him and used him as long as… well as long as he was needed. I did not tell him about Anya or much about me. It was his suggestion to move further north towards Zelenogorsk that day. I stayed in contact with Anya and went with him. I almost didn’t do it… We checked almost all of the town. Every car, we went through the different houses and any other building. I found a broken pack with six pills left in it. Better than nothing but I knew it wasn’t enough. Blake suggested to move further up the road and check around the old gym to see if we could find anything of value. In the middle of town somehow my gun went off. A loud shot, to be heard through all the streets. The rotten ones came from everywhere. Fucking hell, it really got dangerous for us there. We started to fire our guns to get rid of anything that was running at us when I heard more shots at the upper part of town. I turned around and saw them. Two people, a tall guy and a black woman. I hated it to meet people at that time. It was not only dangerous but it also gave me a weird feeling, being in a situation... talking to strangers. The woman was not the type of person I was ever interested in… in the past. She was covered in all these colourful tattoos just like me and my friends, back when life was normal. She was skinny but did not seem weak from her appearance and she… had a loud mouth. Hell, that woman was talking a lot. It is tough these days, a loud mouth is a good weapon to make people keep their distance. I mean... not like she needed it with that huge guy following her around. Speaking to her gave me a weird feeling. I mean all I could think of was how I reacted to those kind of people before. I did not want to be that person anymore... guess I just tried to prove that to myself and in the beginning I definitely used her for that but that is a different story. I spoke to her, we even traded some cigarettes. I did not want to be like that anymore… Like them. I decided I would not hurt people for no reason anymore… their reasons. This country was dead and blaming foreigners for it would not revive it. The idea of fixing this is nothing but utopia. I wore that face for way too long. The distance from my past… from them… it is measured in how far I’ve come. There I was, speaking to a Russian guy called Boris and a German black woman who introduced herself as Lizzy. I thought it was a weird name for a German but what do I know. She definitely tried to get my attention. I have met a lot of women within the last two years who tried to gain advantage by selling themselves for a man’s protection. I did not fall for that. I wasn’t interested in it at that time. I can’t really explain what it was about her... maybe the way she said that she was not afraid of this world anymore. Even today I am not sure what it was. I think her eyes gave her away. Somehow I had the feeling that there was a drowning girl behind that smile. listen after reading
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  8. good luck @Joo! (told you ... fucking group hopper)
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  10. hey, I tagged people I connected with GM RP - we picked you up when we traveled other areas!