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    When I come back to actually play RP I want to see Gowbe back!

    You get that?!

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  1. *waves* Byeee
  2. Call me somewhere and I might not avoid you...whoops what am I doing here. Cya
  3. Thanks for all the goodbye Ya all have fun in here
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    It's all good koloroko

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    2. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      Although I want to see Majoo when he returns, not this imposter.

    3. Joo


      Will come back with bonus MA- in front of Joo :D

    4. Hebi Kotei

      Hebi Kotei

      That's all I wanted to hear :)

  4. Cba to edit the original post and you know i love you Cba to tag everyone
  5. Will never forget you that
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    Koloroko ;) 

    1. Joo


      xD dont even start :D

    2. Solo


      Okay Koloroko.

  6. I never was or never will be a person of long texts and all that shit so I'm gonna try to keep it short. I joined this community quite a long while ago (March 2015 to be exact) and since the time I joined I've been playing here and hanging out with all the great people I met here with some breaks as well but I've always decided to come back here because I have always enjoyed all the time when I was being either In-Game or OOC having some of that good old banter with them great boys and girls from the community I am really happy for actually finding out about the community (tbh can't even remember how I found out about this place xd) through the time I spent here up to this point. I've also managed to have the chance of being part of the staff team which was I think for about 2 months if I'm not wrong. Being part of that was one hell of a great experience for me and I really did enjoy it thank you for that along with getting to know a lot of people from the staff team you guys are all great. After quite a while of not being In-Game and generally being inactive on the forums or teamspeak I've decided that I could just post this to just say thank you for everything DayZRP Community and all the people in it and to say goodbye as well since I am not sure when I will be back with all the IRL stuff coming up for me (Family, Friends, Some shitty IRL problems nobody gives a shit about and main reason is school for me currently). I've also decided to tag some people that I like or always liked here, so yeah... @Earthwalker - You man, you know your stuff from me, there is just no need to say anything here other but <3 for you. @Solo - Great person, great friend, always there to listen to my shitty problems and always trying to will always have special place in my <3 @PatZ - Always liked you, and I'm happy that we are friends for long time already (basically same as Solo for you my man ^^ ) @Gowbe - You are one of the people I know the longest time in this community and all the fun times, RP experiences & banter we had together was great. Thank you @Charlie - Still thinking of my good old whitename names when I got to know you, you are a great person and I'm really happy to know you (I guess there I've got some top 5 people for me from the community and I would love to tell every single one of my friends something but that would take ages, so I'll just tag the most of you guys in here...if I forget anyone I'm sorry...hard to remember so many people even if I try hard :c ) @WulfeGirl @ThatRyanGuy @TartanGalaxy @Strawberry @Steck @Marcoooz @Doc Holiday @Grimnir @Spooky88 @Ron @Ramon @Puddin @MrRasta @Lyca @Lemons @Keedz @Jabba @Giraffel @FrostyCat @Cthuluz @Cloudy @C-J @Beni @Bauglir2011 @Xero3451 @Conor @fletcho1 @Karolis @MapleMooses @Taig @Hebi Kotei (yeah well...too many people to tag sorry people cba anymore...still love you <3 also yeah it's not really short how I wanted but whatever... I'll still stop by teamspeak from time to time to chill with some of you)
  7. Joo

    The moment you open forums see over 200 notifications...ignore them all post status update with meaningless link to a song and get back to the sad life...


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    2. Joo


      Yes yes Grim I'm happy for "you all"

    3. FrostyCat


      It was at this moment FrostyCat ignored this post!

    4. Joo


      Doesn't seem like ignoring the post....

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    I miss having time to play with you :c

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  8. Joo


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    Suicide pact? <3

    1. Joo


      24/7 fam

  9. Nice pics