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    1. Joo


      sup my....."friend"

    2. Lemons
  1. I know...xd Well...but some of them were special to me :c But sure...
  2. Tbh...seeing that most of my friends are gone I don't really know when I'll be in mood to actually jump IG :c
  3. not that quick for me at least I just need something to do because of my broken life...xd
  4. Well that name rings a bell little bit and ye I mainly textRp so ye
  5. Oooh did you? Sorry that I have no clue who you are either xd...what char was I playing if u remember?
  6. I'm glad to be back...but I'll miss a lot of good friends i made here....*cough cough* retards go and perm themselves :c
  7. Did I? ...idk anymore...but i know i said more then once that i will come back sooner or later AYY
  8. Sad to disappoint you....i never said that
  9. <= what a meme lol Hi my loved one... :*
  10. Hey there my friends & other people Like the title is saying....weird person is back hope that i will be able to get back in game soon
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    hey man sup

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    When I come back to actually play RP I want to see Gowbe back!

    You get that?!

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  11. *waves* Byeee