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  1. Would be better with border, 7/10
  2. It's nice 7/10
  3. Really enjoyed RP with @HappyPenguin again after some time, looking forward for next RP session man also your friend Evan was alright cant remember his forum name to tag him
  4. Well there you have it, I read it Good read man keep it up.
  5. Nice screenshots Post more...
    • Joo
    • Rogério SkyLab


  6. Welcome back wild fish
  7. A: Elmo currently I guess? Q: Favorite drink?
  8. Can be, can be my friend... 7/10
  9. Tbh looking forward to try any other map then Chernarus on SA. I like the map but change would be nice
  10. I swear I've seen you somewhere ------------ 10/10