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  1. Kris

    Going pro?


    1. Hebee
    2. PatZ


      wew 14k

  2. Although I understand why this might seem like a good idea, everyone would end up with far too much knowledge and it would reduce the need for interaction in game to find these things out, so good idea, bad in practice IMO
  3. Kris


    420 posts on the 20th of April, the American druggies will like this one.

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    2. Kris


      Tell me oh wise one, how do you have that weird emblem beside your name

    3. Keira


      I require more RP for you to unlock this perk

    4. Kris



  4. Kris

    Well, What a shame @The Spartan and @Ron Seems the poll results say I shouldnt change my forum name at all

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    2. Kris


      Fuck all of you, when I checked the poll, it was the way I just showed, im not changing my forum name

    3. Ron



    4. The Spartan
  5. Kris

    I will check results tonight

    • Ron
    • Kris

    Kris, I spoke to @The Spartan. You should really think about that name change. I would like to support you by suggesting this as a new profile pic.





    1. The Spartan

      The Spartan

      *signs petition*

    • The Spartan
    • Kris


    1. Willsky


      how do you buff a god?

  6. slash? Wut?
  7. Nah, just visiting the kids, it wouldnt hurt them to call every once in a while Already corrected a spelling error and ive been back for a day
  8. yeah, mercy is a much better dps
  9. Kris

    Name's McGee

  10. Maksim Chanka

    Born in Novigrad within a proud, militaristic family, His brothers and father joining the CDF, however, he never had a taste for blood. Often on the ground with the soldiers. He lacked the decision making skills necessary to make life or death choices as a soldier, which is what caused him to instead become a Radio Operator for the 3rd Mountain Battalion, primarily relaying commands. After the infection he finds himself lost, looking for a cause that could use his help which aligns with his family's proud roots.
  11. already did, is it being accepted?
  12. wew, whats this?
    • Kris
    • Hope

    Im only following you because you hate me, umad?

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    2. Hope


      .... Uninstall would be best <3

    3. Kris


      Im done following you, you're too savage

    4. Hope


      Sorry boo <3