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  1. I mean if someone takes your shit and they're a small group just go take that shit back and leave them in the dirt in doing so. And the French owned kabanino for the longest time and no one questioned it, so not sure what you're on about there. And to the "Back up north you go" statement, lmao really big guy?, god forbid you have to travel outside of your camp, I can't imagine how painful that might be to get some interaction that isn't inside of your base with other new players that don't go there.
  2. As far as your statement "PvPers only care about gear" I will disagree with that. I only cared about shitting on kids in PvP. Which you call bad role play but I call avoiding generic getting dismembered RP for no reason and saving my character. With that being said I haven't gotten in game in months so I have no clue about the quality / state of the roleplay but it sounds the same as usual from how people are describing it a few highly populated areas then nothing. This is how it has been and more than likely how it always will be unless another patch like .55 comes out that forces you to travel to get essential supplies. Ex of RP hubs and the rest of the map being essentially empty: Zbor and Zeleno, Ffl and kab, Green mountain, Outrun and their few camps
  3. Oreo_kush he was wild.
  4. I like this
  5. Never played with you but I talked with you a few times in TS, you seemed pretty cool, take care man.
  6. I played a shit ton of World of Warcraft and raided semi professionally (guild- Did it for Whitney) and did arena carries for money in highschool. I stopped when I got my girlfriend because I would skip school all the time to stay home and play WoW all the time, and if I didn't go to school I couldn't see her. Sacrifices were made but it was well worth it. I got into StarCraft after that and played for a while before finding DayZ right after high school. But even before that in middle school I was playing CS 1.6 / source a lot, scrimmed all the time never cared to enter CEVO or Cal but I was offered to join a few shit teir teams.
  7. I miss Nihoolious
  8. I love you Cameron I'll see you on WoW boo <3
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      What a work of art. It should have a front pocket for spaghetti storage

  10. @Rampage To be fair you keep saying this is someone's opinion, well the question you asked is more of an opinion question so I'm not really sure what you're on about. And I called him out as much as I felt like it whether it was through shitty memes or not does not matter. But mind you I'm not going to sit there and call out his bullshit Everytime he posted a thread which was at points seemingly daily. So yes it was my opinion just as you have yours.
  11. Positive contribution = attemtping to make every staff decision look outlandish, stupid and undermining all of the work they do? Nah. Positively contributing is attemtping to help move forward taking on all angles of the situation at hand looking at it unbiasedly and making a reasonable and appropriate suggestion on how to move forward. Sure, he made some good points every now and then but the way he went about it was just wrong, and most of the time it was just bullshit for whatever reason. Constantly calling people out, "making mountains out of molehills" forgive the cliche; and just overall being cocky arrogant and condescending about it is not positively contributing. And it is obvious that he was just doing it to stir the pot, not because he gave a fuck, kind of like this gemstone, You can say what you want and justify it anyway you want but it is all clear as day, this isn't a case of someone giving their opinion and getting burned, rather someone constantly trying to cause a uproar for shits and giggles and getting pummeled.
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  12. i  had nothing to do with it

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      Whoever gave those points needs to stop

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      Bitch who tf u think u r

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      They wild lmao

  13. Pretty much what i thought, from reading the verdict I got the serious impression that they did not fully read / analyze each post or PoV in the report to see what was truly the issue and what should be covered in the verdict.
  14. -User was warned for this post-