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  1. *posts obligatory media* From old Akrasia as the renegades served and protected kab.
  2. Since this is apparently roast Dusty hour I know there is a video out there somewhere with him in it role-playing as a Berizino bad boy maybe he could be so kind to link it
  3. I would prefer to believe it was him lashing out at so called "faggots" from years of him suppressing his own sexual urges. However that is why you are the mentor and I am not. Bravo, bravo.
  4. Right about there
  5. Hellos mentor community helper Johnny. Please refer to Nihoolious' post above in reference to Dusty's videos and tell us what you think.
  6. Dropping this on behalf of @Vapor
  7. Can we like, get a mentor in here please?
  8. Throwback to this guy.


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    2. Hebee


      >Implying anyone gets in game

    3. Shadows


      You know. I was just gonna tell Nihoo that I'm still here

       Glad you're all thinking about me

    4. Kevin

      throw back to when masq was cool and not all whitenames

  9. You can knock it off anytime,



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    2. Hebee


      I get tilted ez cuh

    3. Dan Backslide
    4. Hebee


      Lmaourite. At least post the wiener memes again if you're gonna spam them, for me of course.

  10. That would require actually reading that.
  11. Get fucking slaughtered nerd
  12. Please refer to it as Port Slaughterdale, not crescent bay. Thank you.

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    2. Nihoolious


      but @Squillium if we go to novaya we are just gonna get baited 

    3. Poro



    4. ExoticRainbow