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  1. A. Vodka Q. Best game ever played?
  2. The server was griefed, the backup is corrupt, the logs do not allow me to pin point the griefer out of 3 suspects. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Rolle


      I'm a man of a few words and many rash actions.

    2. Oliv


      that's ok, I'm the opposite. Many words and few actions. At least that's what I hear :)

  4. I fix
  5. I remember S-GRU had its own website with an awesome Russian anthem music I loved it
  6. Java update, up now.
  7. Yep, it wasn't mentioned. That doesn't change the fact that the verdict is correct as per our current procedures and is not double dipping as you said in the OP. IMO if ignoring NLR and going back to kill people who attacked you isn't "too crazy" and worthy of aggravation then I don't know what is. We're not gonna keep aggravation to mass KoSers only.
  8. Two people can have two different opinions Everything in regards to punishments is on the standard punishment list, and the punishments from that report are in accordance to that, so I do not see what needs to be sorted out here.
  9. It's not a double dip, it's an aggravation due to multiple rule breaks. If it was double dip the punishment for both rule breaks would be 3+3 days = 6 days and 10 + 10 points = 20 points, see standard punishment guide. However as you can see it was only 4 days and 15 points, aka aggravated.
  10. No side projects, thanks. We're waiting for Desolation. Minecraft is not even a side project, it's not RP, it's just for fun.

    1. Rolle
    2. Jamie
    3. Andrey


      Hello Administrators of,

      There is no need for such words and actions against each other. Holding grudges and fighting with your co-workers is never a good sign. I suggest you both read this delightful guide.


  12. 6/10 - minus points for avatar and recent post history If I get a positive number I will treat it as a great victory for the glorious leader.