DayZRP Life is Feudal Lore

In the beginning, before the world looks as it does now, there were two gods. Vyptarr, God of the Underworld and Xygsus, God of the Heavens. Both gods fought in a epic battle for the love of the Earthly Goddess Lumera. The battle was fierce and lasted several ages. The battle finally came to an end when both Vyptarr and Xygsus destroyed each other. The destruction is said to have created the Universe, though physically gone both Vyptarr and Xygsus lived on spiritually. Lumera now alone, decided to create the worlds in this empty universe giving us the night sky we look up at every night, moulding the destroyed bodies of both Vyptarr and Xygsus. She would carve mountains from them and use the hairs from their bodies to create beautiful large forests and vast fields. She would use her sad lonely tears to create beautiful lakes, waterfalls and big oceans. Though it was too dark for any of her beauty to be seen and no one to see it, she decided to use her own physical and spiritual self, her soul was bright and she used this to create the Sun and the Moon, her spirit gave life to all animals and the wind, her body she used to create us, both Man and Woman. Though she is gone physically, she is very much present all around us, the wind, the air and the rain. As with the other Gods, Vyptarr and Xygsus, all of their energies have been scattered throughout the world that we live in today.

As settlements grew and civilizations created, there were five main continents of the world that grew. The land of Eamoreron, a continent known for its harsh living environment due to its natural disasters and barren wastelands. It is covered in sand and, rumored that only the harshest of souls can bare the intense heat. The Queen of Eamoreron is Nontle Sibone, who is rumoured to be more beautiful than Godess Lumera herself. The land of Kolox, rich in vast forests and jungles as far as the eye can see, with trees that can tower as large as some mountains. The King of Kolox is Chidubem Chibuike. The land of Kudere, in which is mostly surrounded by water. Many smaller islands house small port towns, and some even say that underneath the surrounding ocean is home to another civilization. The King and Queen of Kudere are Neofytos Anargyros and Thekla Anargyros. Lastly there is the land of Durrowsforth Island which has one vast mountain as well as lots of smaller mountains, and a lake located at it’s heart that is so clear that it’s like looking through the eyes of Lumera herself.The forest and fields are said to have the very fibres of Lumera’s long beautiful hair and they stretch as far as the eye can see and land so rich in both minerals and nutrients that one would never need for anything.

Durrowsforth Island is said to have been the first lands that the Goddess Lumera created and holds the most of all the Gods energy, this is why no ruler has yet to hold claim to it, and the ever changing energy from the Gods has made it a beautiful yet dangerous place to live, with giants and trolls roaming the lands as well as beasts that are possessed by spirits so malignant, that they are said to hold the will of Vyptarr himself. The last kingdom that tried to rule this land was the Kingdom of Caldolia. Under the rule of King Asmundur.The kingdom thrived for a time but like with most Kings greed became his downfall. The people turned against the king and started to follow the influence of Vyptarr, the power in the lands always seeming to create havoc. So many believed in him that his energy transformed into a living representation of him. His hate of the King was so strong that it hurt a part of Lumeras soul turning it as red as blood. Even the animals seem to have wandered off and can scarce be seen. It is said he waged war against the king and his men that lasted for ninety days and nights before the king and his men finally fled the island. The people rejoiced that the King was gone and all was good in the land, so good that most of them started to forget about the God, after the battle Vyptarr sat atop the tallest mountain, in the hopes of being closer to Lumera. As time passed and the people forgot about him, his influence faded from the land and he returned back into the energy that he was. The remanence from the battle can still be seen today in the form of the moon, a part of Lumera’s soul, still being red.

As more settlers come to this land and peace settled over everything, the hope is that the Goddesses soul can finally rest. The settlers from all the other continents have come together and built one of the first small towns in the land they named it Beggar’s Hole.

Pronunciation of names

  • Vyptarr - (Vip-tar)
  • Xygsus - (Zig-sus)
  • Lumera - (Loo-mera)
  • Eamoreron - (Em-or-ron)
  • Nontle Sibone - (Non-tle Si-bone)
  • Kolox - (Ko-locks)
  • Chidubem Chibuike - (Chi-do-bem Chi-buike)
  • Kudere - (Koo-dere)
  • Neofytos Anargyros (Ne-o-fy-tos A-nar-gy-ros)
  • Thekla Anargyros (Thek-la A-nar’gy-ros)