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    The life as a member of F11
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    Horsemen's Grishino Grishino was once a ghost town barely occupied by the survivors of Chernarus. The only residents being a White Supremacy group who used the factory there as a base of operations. They didn't have the manpower to hold it. When Austin Maverick decided to take the airfield as his groups territory, Braxton Knight suggested taking the town of Grishino as well as a place they could control together. Here they would allow those under their protection whom have bent the knee or offered something worth keeping them around for. Those who come under the power of the Horsemen will receive protection as we will defend our town from those who wish to destroy it. Settlement Rules You get one warning to listen to what we say. If you fuck up again, you will be killed. -If the Horsemen tell you to leave, you must leave or you will be killed -Anyone caught impersonating a Horsemen will be shot -No groups that we are at war with will be allowed in town -If the Horsemen ask you to do something reasonable, you must do it or you will be shot Pestilence Militia The Cartel Floor 11 World Without Borders Camp 101 New Moon
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    Fear. It's something that we gotta live with every day. Some would even say it's what allows us to survive. Others would argue, it's what gets you killed. But no matter the case. From the weak, the strong and the craziest. They all Fear! -Sam Bauer (Episode 1)
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    like that time you shot at us without any rp amirite? Man I sure do love memes.
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    @Cipher @dankatronic @reesesaddict @Smash Gordon If you don't like it, just say guys. Sorry for the wait.
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    I apologize in advance for my failed attempts at containing my giggles, but the meme'ing was far too strong! Just a few things from last night
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    Ash hears the radio come to life, he then picks up his radio and responds Hey I got a contract for you, there is this one guy I heard on the radio named Alex, talks about how he's some elite sniper or some bullshit. *chuckles* anyway he's been taking shots with his radio turned on and it's been scaring the shit out of me! Do us all a favor and take him out for us. Thanks. Laughing, Ash puts his radio away and continues what he was doing
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    So, i have not really done a rant before, and this wont be a long one, but here we go. Latley, people have been using bugs and glitches more and more. It started with the pump, a very innocent glitch, to duping and so on. Now, I do not mind if someone uses the pump one, or the apple one, since it does not affect the game play too much, however, when we let people use small ones like this, they think it is ok and suddenly they are going on to the more abusive bugs, for example, the ammo duping. I know that ofcourse people have always done this, and will continue to do so if they think they will not get caught. However, latley I have had people that I bearly know, ask me if i can dupe some ammo for them, or simply just stating to hold on for them while they dupe some ammo. It seems like no one cares, because they feel immune and so on. I was told once, as stated to hold on. I directly stated that I do not wish to be a part of any duping or glitching, and even moved away from his character. There is two reasons I have not reported this. 1. No video evidence. I did not record at the time and so I can not prove anything. Also, even if I did, he/she could say that it was just a joke and that the person had actually looted it during an exstensive ammount of time. 2. Hate. I feel like the hate in this community grows and grows between people. If i would file a report like this, I feel like it would be an easy way to get hated by the community. I would have "snaked" a person that trusted me, and he would tell his friends, they would tell theirs and so on. I would quickly become shut out from a large ammount of people and even with this thread, people are probably going to talk about me and how "cringy" this thread is. So, were hare we heading as a community and as players? Why do we think it is OK to use glitches and bugs, when we all are atleast 16+, which you would think is mature enough to follow simple rules. And why do we hate on people for the smallest things? Why do we hate, hate and hate? I wish to hear your opinions on this and what we could do about it.
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    Thought you would have a chuckle.
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    Like who? What? What? What? Where? Nah, what? Who? Who? Where? Like where? Where? Where? How did we get right there? Like nah, nah, nah Who and what and where? Who and what and where? What? What? What? What? Where? What? What? What? What? Where?
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    As someone who is disliked by "a good amount of the community" for various reasons some of them valid some of them very fucking stupid all I have to say is "who gives a shit?" at the end of the day they are voices and text on the internet they are mostly irrelevant to you so some nerds dislike you on a gaming community so what?. However let me just get something on paper for you legitimately reporting someone for effectively cheating is not "snaking" "snaking" is more like selling out your friends for some kind of benefit or disagreement and its normally for really petty stuff. You don't get hated for reporting cheaters or distancing yourself from them either. If people are going to hate on you they will do it regardless.
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    gratz on lm .... never thought you'd make it loremaster cipher
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    Gratz on LM ... never thought id see the day Loremaster Nihoolious
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    In Norway, there is no point getting older than 20. Let me stay here forever, please.
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    RPing with @Beni and @Boose for the first time in Stary was great
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    Had some fun to Rob @Rolle was realy funny to hear your Story
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    You and the lil 2nd MRB squad, goin full whitename talkin about teamspeak ingame Good times. For me it was probably after I'd gotten my 28/30 warning points and been self-banished from Green Mountain, I started going elsewhere and finding interesting RP and groups to get involved with. It was about 1.5 months in I met Talon, couple weeks later met @Noxious and then @Strider, forming the OG barrel lovec squad.
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    http://www.twitch.tv/theonechilliconcarne/v/92785485?sr=a&t=3 I hate to be that guy but in one of your past vod your friend gets initiated on and you shoot first with no RP, killing the initiator. Which of course was well within your kill rights. So why is it OK for you to shoot right away but not for someone else when the shoe is on the other foot. It's a little hypocritical don't you think? All I'm saying is don't get so upset next time.
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    Well at this point I wish they had just killed you.
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    (The following are excerpts of information found on documents in a hotel room in Chernogorsk. Not all the documentation is complete , as documentation has been destroyed, missing, and even defecated on.) INTERPOL INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL POLICE ORGANIZATION - CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTATION - Target of investigation: Massaro organized crime family Base of operation: Termoli, Molise region, Italy Head of Family: Elio Massaro Areas of family focus: Construction, specifically government contracts where money is laundered and siphoned. Counterfeit goods, including high end designer clothing, electronics, and other consumables. Consigliere: Tony Monarro Capo Bastone: Juilliano Massaro (There's more, but the rest of documentation is illegible due to being covered in vomit, I think) (Somewhere in the middle of the documentation, a paper with my name on it catches my eye...) INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - Massaro CRIME FAMILY - NAME: Enzo Massaro AGE: 29 SEX: Male NATIONALITY: Italian HOME TOWN: Termoli, Molise Region, Italy NOTES: Enzo, cousin to Elio Massaro (Head of Family). Affiliated with Massaro criminal organization, but not a major player. Enzo has a background in Electrical Engineering from UNIMI (University of Milan) and separated himself from an early age from the family. A case of wrong place wrong time landed Enzo in jail for possession of stolen merchandise. It was clear that Enzo had nothing to do with it, as his roommate confessed, but local Milano police were excited to put away a Massaro on anything. A 13 month sentence was handed down. It is at this time that Enzo's ties to the family were renewed, as they offered him protection inside, for what is believed to be his services upon his release. Enzo is not believed to be a major player in the family and not a source of information in regards to killings or power struggles with other families. He is believed to be used for his expertise in Electrical Engineering and technical skills, mainly helping the family with hacking low level government systems and verification of knock off electronic merchandise for resale and supply the family with income. Unreliable witness have placed Enzo in the company of other family members and associates where murders have occurred, and have even placed him as a trigger man twice. In one case it appeared to be accidental based on reports, and the other a women of unknown relation to Enzo was held at gun point. LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Somewhere in Chenarus, believed to be meeting with Russian and Chinese sellers in order to verify and purchase knock off Apple products for resale. "Mannaggia!" (I slump down on the wall beside the bed and continue to sift through the document nts scattered all over the crappy hotel room. )Massaro
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    fair point people. I retract my initial statement
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    Robbed a dude for his wallet with a hunting knife. it was lit. took some broads shoes too,.
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    I mean, I just don't see the point in laying down a load of tents in a town with a large choice of buildings to occupy. A settlement just means a group has chosen to "officially" occupy a certain location.
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    Hairstyles and more vehicles would bee cool too.
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    Funny how a guy had a similar thread like two days ago and nobody would tell him shit. @Primus Palus, here's your answers.
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    We really out here.. Streaming for a while! - https://www.twitch.tv/meximoorhouse
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    does that mean ive capped a mythical sea creature before? lit
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    didnt see this earlier but basically my opinion on a lore wipe, won't change the rp the majority will just do the same shit different time period ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but ye when .61 drops server pop should kick back up these dead periods happen all the time, i mean back in 2015 we had like 4-5 servers that were pretty full most of the time, game just gets boring after a while more or less.
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    drecksche Kunkka mit dreckschen Screenshots. keep em coming, they look lit
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    might have to wonder through sometime as an inside man about time you guys made grish an official settlement, good luck with it
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    smokin' bowls and eatin' spring rolls. check yourself before you wreck yourself.
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    El Presidente before we Take him as A Hostage hide for a big group in vybore some shit was going on
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    sry guys i was shy so i could not sing: P
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    Will just drop this here Good screens here guys and thanks for the RP earlier
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    @Mental I told you earlier, I won't get a chance to do it this weekend. The space in between was useless, I cut it to reduce upload time with AU internet. You can literally see the guy coming towards us on part 2, I don't see why i need to reupload, its pointless. People upload multiple videos for a single report yet that's perfectly fine. Monday is most likely the soonest it can be done. I'm sure you are fully aware what is required when uploading footage for a report. While you may feel the information edited was useless it is not your place to deem it so. It is for the job of the GM team viewing your report to pass this judgement. I am deeply displeased by this, You have been a member of the community and staff team for long enough to know these things. Should you have forgotten them I have supplied an image below to refresh you memory. If you feel these rules are irrelevant or unneeded then I suggest you bring it up in formal discussion but until a point where it is deemed acceptable. You should follow the rules already in place.
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    Feel free to listen as I read René's story for you. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/275273912/Thewarinmyhead-Cursed.mp3 Weeks have passed and I'm still searching for a reason to go on. A reason to believe, a reason to make sense. I met a guy named Enzo. A nice guy. Too nice sometimes. I remember that I've met him before. It was at a camp near Lopatino. No idea if it had a name... it does not exist anymore, so it doesn't matter. While I thought I was alone, he caught me having a bath in a pond. He made his presence known to me...that was nice. And I am pretty sure he did not watch and if he did, I did not care and I still don't. He is tall, has brown hair and brown eyes and is missing a tooth. I could see that when he smiled at me with large and kinda cute dimples. He made a fire by the pond and he invited me to join him. For a moment my voice screamed at me to be fucking careful but I shrugged it off. What could possibly happen? That I get killed? No one around would actually fucking care anymore or even notice. He had a funny accent and he seemed easy to talk to. We spent some days at the pond together. He was very talkative and he told me his whole story. He was as unlucky as me it seems. But who isn't. Just by spending time with him, he gave me the impression that he is a "good guy" - unlike the people I normally hang around with. Even the voice in my head started to calm down and for whatever reason I had the feeling I started to like the guy. For a good week we have been traveling together now. Traveling from here to there... talking about everything and nothing and it feels normal by now. It is strange, there is actually no violence for once. The voice sometimes screams at me. I feel the pressure to run my knife through someones skin...I can resist for now. I can handle the pressure. For now it's enough to look at my knife. I just close my eyes and listen to the things I can hear. I can hear people scream, I can feel their skin and I can smell their blood. I need to do this from time to time, it keeps me calm. For now I am good. For now I can go on like that. For now but not forever. Enzo does not know about this at all. While he talks a lot about his past and what happened to him, I am not really ready to tell things about my past to anyone. There is still a chance that he would kill me. Maybe I hurt someone he is friends with. Maybe... I dont know why I left in the middle of the night but I had to. Maybe this is how Chase once felt? Maybe he had to go? Or maybe he is just dead. Well, the voice screamed at me and I could not shrug it off. I got my stuff and placed a piece of paper on the doorsteps of the house Enzo slept in. -Looking around. Will be back. Lizzy. - I started to walk and I did not stop. Dont know for how long I already walked around. I knew when I left that I would not go back, at least not now. I had the feeling I could not breath anymore. Everything felt so... so... I cannot explain it. I needed some time alone. But now I already miss Enzo. It had nothing to do with him, he is just great. It's just... it feels... like pressure on my chest I walked into a bigger city and I had to take out a few fuckers. On the road I could see more dead fuckers and then I heard a single shot. I walked into something...a situation... and my voice screamed at me so loud, I barely could concentrate anymore. I found myself in the middle of like... I dont even know, like 5 guys. I remember only three names...Alex, Blake and Jaroslav which everyone called Jaro. It was strange... they have been nice from the beginning. Nothing much happened really. Like, we just talked and got to know each other a little ...you know.. around a campfire. They did not ask too much questions. That was good as I actually was able to shut down the screaming bitch in my head and what can I tell you... I stayed. We found a car and drove around and it feels like they really like me. Trust is something different. It feels like we are still careful around each other... Well no, they are careful around me. We found a camp with a lot of people ... near a big town at the coast. We all went in there and these people seemed to be nice. They explained they want to make a difference. It was a mistake to go there. Until this point I did not tell Alex and Jaro that I have enemies. It was stupid and careless of me to go there, not knowing who might be in there. My time with the Clowns... A guy called Bobby and his cheating bitch, Lyca. She was in the clowns as well and knows a lot about me. Not only does she know my real name, she also knows about my liking of cutting through skin. She does not know why, but she knows what I have done. My name was said and I could see the confusion... Alex and Jaro looked at me, not saying a word. Lyca and me talked very shortly and I tried to be nice. I tried to not cause any trouble or get any extra attention. Obviously it was too late. She mentioned that I was with her in the clowns and at this point I knew I had some explaining to do. Either this or they might kill me right away or leave me behind. We went away from the camp. Instead of being quiet I talked about random stuff. My body started to shake, a constant hitting in my stomach. I was nervous. As we have been a little bit away, Alex and Jaro stopped walking. Alex took out his pistol, Jaro had his big gun in his hands and they both looked at me. Jaro had no expression on his face, absolutely blank. Alex looked angry and disappointed. It felt like a thousand needles attacking me. I knew that now is the time that would decide my future. If I would deny everything, they might find out anyway and kill me. If I tell them the truth, they might kill me too. Rushing thoughts and a screaming voice. Not able to think straight. Not knowing what to do. I closed my eyes... just for a second. I took a deep breath and looked at them. I knew that I dont want to loose them. For once, this felt right. All I want is someone who will stay, no matter how hard it is to be with me. Now I have to pay the price for what I did in the past. Now it's time to own up. It's time to focus on what matters. It's time.
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    Welp. So, I'm the fella enjoying your hunting backpack. You seemed absolutely fine about our roleplay until I took it, so you can imagine my doubts about your dubious claims that this is nothing to do with gear. Bandits rob people for their equipment. Especially when they've just fought to overtake a settlement and are in the process of recouping the losses from said engagement. After all, we're fighting a war. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess. I felt the roleplay was fine, and you better believe that we robbed you for the gear. That is what robbery and banditry is, fella. Sorry. We sent you in the direction of Severograd, so you were hardly left without a fighting chance. After all, you did try to use your KOS rights on us after you posted this thread, so you obviously didn't have much of a problem finding gear. I believe you had an AK when you tried to kill some of us. Anyway, sorry you didn't have a good experience buddy. Hopefully next time we will win you over.
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    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time in this community and good luck with speading your crazy religion across Chernarus. Nice name btw.
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