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    It was a blast hanging out in The Refuge today
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    [align=center]Introduction[/align] [align=left]So earlier today I made a suggestion for people to use macro keys to automatically type out text into the chat while RPing. Some people thaught this was a good idea and asked for a guide. In case you were wondering what a macro key is and also happen to be too lazy to Google it, here you go. [/align] [align=center]https://embed.gyazo.com/600163b90dd8fa2c4c6e9bd3ed32821d.png[/img][/align] [align=left]So imagine some clan of hard-asses is interrogating you for the location of your canned peaches stash. One dude whacks you on the head with a lead pipe. Now in the spirit of role play, you're supposed to react to such an event. Now if you're anything like me, you feel a bit awkward letting out screams of pain loud enough for your entire neighborhood to hear over VOIP. So what you would do in that situation is type in chat; *screams in pain*, or something to that effect. But unfortunately you type like my 87 year old grandmother with Arthritis so by the time you finish typing your message 20 seconds later, the clan of hard-asses is wondering why the hell this dude didn't react to a lead pipe to the noggin. "How do I get around this?" you may ask... Fortunately Scorch is here to save the day!.. or at least save you from some awkward role play situations. [/align] [align=left]My solution to this first world problem is simple. Create a script that, at the touch of a button, will type out your emotes in chat automatically. Here's a little demo of it-[/align] [video=youtube] [align=center]Initial Setup[/align] [align=left]So here's a list of things you'll need;[/align] AutoHotkey Okay now that you've downloaded that, you'll need to install it. Just do the express installation, its all you'll need. Plain and simple right? Well now its time to tell you that AutoHotkey is a very powerful tool and you must use it responsibly (don't mess with shit unless you want your computer to explode). I also take no responsibility for damage done using this tool. As long as you follow my instructions you'll be fine. So now what you want to do is... 1. Right-Click on your desktop. 2. Find "New" in the menu. 3. Click "AutoHotkey Script" inside the "New" menu. 4. Give the script a new name. Note: It must end with a .ahk extension. Ex. MyScript.ahk 5. Find the newly created file on your desktop and Right-Click it. 6. Click "Edit Script". 7. A window should have popped up, probably Notepad. If so, SUCCESS! So here comes the fun part. [align=center]Scripting[/align] I also want to preface that this is a super simple script that I wrote in five minutes. If you want to automate this in some way to make it open and close when your game starts, feel free. Just PLEASE make sure you know what you're doing. So in your notepad there's gonna be a bunch of nonsense at the top of the page. Just delete it so that you have a blank slate. You don't need it for such a simple script. Next you're going to type this in- $^i:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*shakes head no*{sleep 15}{enter} Return Ill give you a rundown on what you just typed so you can understand it. $ - Allows the script to see your inputs through full screen applications (i.e., DayZ) ^ - is the modifier "Ctrl" you can use other modifiers like [#=Win, !=Alt, +=Shift, and &=Combine two keys] Use a modifier or else your script will loop. i - is your hotkey, the letter 'I' in this case. :: - anything after this point is what your input will make the script do. Send, - is the command {enter} - is your keyboard hitting enter to bring up the chat {sleep 15} - a 15 tick delay to give the game some time to bring up the chat. *shakes head no* - this is your emote. replace it with whatever you want to type in chat. Return - this ends the command. So now that you've got that down, go ahead and save it. To run the script, just double click the desktop icon. To end the script, go to your task bar at the bottom left of your screen, right click the AHK logo, then click "Exit" Test it, if it works we can go onto the next step. [align=center]Multiple Hotkeys/Macros[/align] [align=center] [align=left]Of course you don't want just one hotkey... [/align] [align=left]Well you're in luck because this script can be stacked within the same file. [/align] [align=left]Here's an example of that- [/align] [align=left] $^p:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*screams in pain*{sleep 15}{enter} Return $^o:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*nods yes*{sleep 15}{enter} Return $^i:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*shakes head no*{sleep 15}{enter} Return [/align] [/align] And a picture for good measure- Now all you have to do is save your file and you're ready to go! [align=center]Using the Script[/align] Whenever you start up your game now just double click the icon on your desktop to start the script. Whenever you close your game, close your script to avoid any unwanted emotes being sent to your boss. Remember not to overuse these pre-made emotes as doing so could lead to some stale role play. Also try not to forget which key does what. That could lead to some pretty awkward moments. Captor: *smacks you across the face* You: *dances happily* Anyway this script can be used in many situations. Go ahead and share your ideas down below and don't be afraid to ask me any questions about this guide.
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    The question specifically ask's for the term aggravation in regards of the community rules when it comes to punishments in reports. The answer is in the rules. Reading the rules explains the questions and gives you the correct answer. I see no issue with the question or the answers. Of course our Staff team wont give out the answers to the questions. Every answer for a whitelist question is written in the rules. However, we explain and clarify the rules to those who ask for help. Matthew Helpful and nice input.
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    I agree with you. Radio chatter is too agressive, even if we are 2 years into the apocolypse. But if you look closely in the open frequencys, the ones who are actually involved are writing serious replies where there is a reason behind the hate. Those who have no idea what the situation is and just go in to write something like "shut your holes fucking idiots" are the ones that makes radio chatter aids. Some just have to hide behind the "it's only IC" shield to protect themself when they are assholes to the ones they dislike. Another childish part of this community.
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    [align=center]How to make a dog bark.[/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align]
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    Hey guys I'm here, sorry there was a long line at the pitchfork warehouse and traffic was a bi-... wait Jimmy's back? ...I need to go find my receipt.
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    Good luck! But isnt it a bit to similar to that: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Active-The-Reapers-Recruiting-Open?highlight=reaper I mean the name.
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    hefty Very Hefty. There is much confusion to be had in regards to those above us and their reasoning.
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    [align=center]*Aiden takes his radio*[/align] [align=center]Okay kiddo, settle down with your "roasts".[/align] [align=center]*Transmission ends*[/align]
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    [align=center]DayZRP Game Battles[/align] [align=center]DISCLAIMER[/align] [align=center]This is PVP / KOS event. Standard DayZRP rules will NOT apply in this event. [/align] [align=center]This event will be a team based PVP fight. The goal is to kill all of the other team before they kill you. Kind of a Search and Destroy type deal. As stated before, and will be stated again, DayZRP rules will NOT apply in this event. [/align] [align=left]The specifics of the event are as followed[/align] Teams will consist of 4 people each. Any gun/gear will be allowed. [align=center][align=left]Specific Rules[/align] [align=left] If you die, and you come back to the fight, your team will LOSE automatically. If you glitch / cheat, you will LOSE automatically (Any glitchers/hackers will be dealt with by the wonderful admin team of DayZRP) NO replacements will be allowed. If a member of your team bails and it is after the cut off date, you will only have 4 [/align] [/align] [align=left]DATE [/align] [align=left] The cut off date for entering a team will be on CLOSED The dates for the actual matches will be set once all teams have registered [/align] [align=left]Location [/align] [align=left] Skalisty Island [/align] [align=left]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-nbeKMlC2RjAMFfEt7lAhpvnDfKVw4EYTSJ_-lVsdMhskYEDop02QAYjgbQWV6xDgmuP7a_wM1177_0eurgDhSZC2QZJcxwqm6vl0KxANJEfiExvSjHSMyWb9VJb-5P7SWHyua8v[/img][/align] [align=left]How this is going to work[/align] [align=left] Each team will start on an opposite end of the island. Hopefully we can have an admin send an global message saying when to GO. Once a team has eliminated the other, they win. They will then have 1 or 2 days to regroup and have a break till they play again. The losers will be out. Right now there are going to be 6 teams. If the demand is there for more than I can add more. I plan on releasing dates for this event soonTM. I also plan on having a date for a cut off for signing up. Right now I just want to see if there is an interest in something like this. [/align] [align=left]Here's the tricky part[/align] [align=left] I dont feel the need to shut down an entire server for this event. It will be going on for short periods of time over the span of a week. I want to give winners of each round the chance to re evaluate and re gear if needed. So there will be a day or 2 in between matches. [/align] [align=left] So since its an island, we could quarantine the island during the event. It will be made public on the forums when the event is going on. It will also be made public that if you go to the island during the event, YOU WILL DIE. We could also have global admin messages on the server saying when the event is starting. [/align] [align=center]Sign up![/align] [align=center] Team Name: 1. 2. 3. 4. [/align] [align=center]Teams[/align] [align=center](CLOSED)[/align] [align=center]New Team: Pond Water 1. Jabba (Ultimate Duo) 2. Para (Ultimate Duo) 3. Boston (Close Quarters Cunt) 4. Lyca (Screaming Sniper)[/align] [align=center] Team Name: Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 1.Billy 2.Kanen 3.Hicks 4.Enigma[/align] [align=center] Team Name: Rough Riders Elite Squad 1.Cowboy 2.Pinkerton 3.Jon Snow 4.Squillium[/align] [align=center] Team Name: The New Republic 1. Smash 2. Hamish 3. DJ 4. ToeZ[/align] [align=center] Team Name: Potion Sellers 1. Nihoolious 2. Diamond 3. Shroud 4. Brandyoung Team Name: Overlord Actual 1. Wumby 2. Castiel 3. ShadowsFromAbove 4. Rampage [/align]
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    History Declaration Goals/Memoriam [align=center]Citizens[/align] [align=center]Loscham von Erdstadt (Loscham)[/align] [align=center]Paul Lee (EdgyNova) Ben Davidson (Gewinnen)[/align] [align=center]Jackson Sneegly (R1ON)[/align] [align=center]Tasha Taylor(FayeDay)[/align] [align=center]Richie Stone (CircleMike)[/align] [align=center]Cappa Joe Bavio III(kofski)[/align] [align=center]John Crane(kraag)[/align] [align=center]James Nelson (nelsonzon)[/align] [align=center]William Marokavich (willmass)[/align] [align=center]Kiluk Johansson (TheRealChief)[/align] [align=center]Damon Nick Roberts (Gewinnen) [Dead] Michael Baker (CircleMike) [Dead] Kofski Karuzka (Kofski) [Dead][/align]
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    [align=center]My IC stories[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] Whoa. It was a funny day today! Killed two motherfuckers I think. Or maybe more... So what happened is... I was walking in Kabanino then I meet a bunch of retards praising this "King Hobo". I knelt as of I thought it was Jofferey and I really wanted to talk to them. I was lucky enough. Apparently one of the guys with a clown mask came near me and said "Hey I like you, gonna say you a secret. If you wouldn't have knelt. We would've robbed you." I was extremely insulted by those words. I contacted my guys on the radio. So they would come here and we would teach them. I was talking to them for about ten minutes and then this random Asian guy came and sprayed the man with the mask. I was surprised. Their doc certified him with death. Yea I know... What the fuck I thought to myself. Then Jan came. I told him to kneel on the radio if you wouldn't want to get in trouble. He knelt. BUT THOSE FUCKERS STILL DECIDED TO ATTACK HIM! "Hey you wanna rob him" they asked "I will do what you do" I responded. I stayed in the back. I didn't raise my gun. It was 5 on 2 if I would've shot now. I waited. Jan looked nervously at me. Waiting for my actions. I knew there was a guy behind me and three in front of me. Where is the fifth guy? I didn't care. We saw three guys standing on south hill. One of them told to go greet them to a cowboy and a man wearing in black. It became three against one because Jan was cuffed. I couldn't hesitate any more. It was my only chance. I sprayed one of the guys down. The most annoying one. "RUN JAN" I yelled and we dashed towards the airfield. Nobody was shooting I started laughing. "This was the best escape ever" I yelled. Jan agreed. THEN. Two fuckers started following us. I said that we will go to next trees and I will see how they look. Once we got there. I attached a scope to my AK and zoomed in to them. It was the Cowboy and the man in black. "FUCK YOU" I yelled and opened fire. Broke the man's in black leg with my first shot and knocked the other guy out with the second. I ran into the field knowing that we have more buds in the area and if I will get shot they will end him. "GUN ON THE FUCKING GROUND OR YOU WILL DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKER" I yelled. I mean I could‘ve killed him right there. But whats the fun with that eh? He dropped his gun. I handcuffed both of them and took their radios. We took them north of the airfield in a barn. Sadly one of them was to weak to walk and died. Probably because of the wounds... Another man came. Marian. He took care of this guy. I hope he tortured him good... I left then. Angry and happy. Like always... You never fuck with me. Florencio. Later that evening we went to check out the camp bitween Lapatino and Vovlovo I think... It looked nice. We didn‘t stay there for long. I wanted to have some adventures! We went to the airfield. „What are you doing here you fucking foreigner?!“ was the first thing I heard. I looked around me. Because I thought it was at me. But it was at another man. Me and Jan went to talk to the guys. Marian was there and told that me „The spanish friend“ and Jan were nice and we can search for supplies here. We went to the south baracks and talked about some stuff there. Cannot write it here since sombody might read it and know our secrets. Later I went to sleep. Nothing really special. [/align]
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    [align=center]Fight Club![/align] [align=left]Me and my group will be hosting a fight club. This will be a fist fight where you will have to fight until you knock your opponent out![/align] [align=left]This event will be located at the big warehouse in Stary Sobor. It will take place at 21:00 GMT on Server 2. This will happen on 20th of August.[/align] [align=left]Wages can be placed on a challanger.[/align] [align=center]Rules! [/align] [align=left]#1 - Don't talk about fight club! (Sorry, had to slip that in somewhere)[/align] [align=left]#2 - No gloves or brass knucles allowed.[/align] [align=left]#3 - No hats to be worn while fighting.[/align] [align=left]#4 - It's a winner stays on. So be prepared for multiple fights.[/align] [align=left]#5 - No guns will be held in anyones hands at anytime. (Except the guards)[/align] [align=left]#6 - Once your opponent is on the floor you win, no need to keep punching him.[/align] [align=left]#7 - No looting anyone who has been knocked out.[/align] [align=left]#8 - No refunds will be issued from wages.[/align] [align=center]FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE CLUB RULES WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING ESCORTED OUT OF THE ARENA![/align] [align=left]Remember 21:00 GMT at Stary Sobor warehouse. [/align]
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    Alright, unique. Yes. Trollish... also yes. If this is a meme, I commend you for how bold you are for posting it in the first place. But the truth is, if I saw this group in-game I'd probably put up a report for troll rp. But that is just me. Imma go ahead and say a solid... no.
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    All you'd need to do is stay away from the KoS area and things will carry on without having that danger/fear. I think it is groups that put the fear/danger into the game. We need to somehow recreate that. I really think the introduction of a staff faction is needed and some damn scary groups to be made. It doesn't help that some bandit groups join together, back in the mod everyone hated each other (IC'ly of course).
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    Two snipits from my latest stream [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
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    I love hosting and participating in them as well. I'll think of some more soon. I can't fault Ark, I wrote out the messages for him... Too bad you couldn't make it for the last one, but I'm sure there will be more. Or, you know, stop getting yourself involved in shit.
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    What do you consider "night?" There aren't clocks or any easy way to judge the beginning or end. Most of the time the moon isn't even in the sky.
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    I loved the idea of using RCON to cause mini events and such to happen! I thought it was great (minus Ark messing up at first <3) I would definitely like to see more of this happening since I couldn't participate in the last one due to a situation IG. Beni's events are much appreciated and I hope to see more of them!
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    Yeah, it's a bit difficult when the male lead is busy laughing his ass off!!! Hahaha LMAO yeah it was hard not to laugh at it all!! but should RP again sometime!
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    I greatly enjoyed Shark and Johnny's RP today.
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    Not sure what to say, it seems a little vague at the moment. Maybe add some more backstory as to what/who this group is? You state as one of your goals is to show people "Your ways" but I can't seem to see anything listed as being "your ways". The very first thing says that you are not a safe haven or a friend, yet your goals state "To preserve the human lives around us. To assist by any means necessary." Seems to contradict each other. Personally, I'm getting a strong hero or even an anti-hero group vibe as there's talk about going after those who spread fear, yet then there's statements about not being ruthless or being friendly? So which is it? This is not meant harshly just would like to give some feedback and get some clarification.
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    Good luck! My suggestion to you guys is to make your own images (With good quality) or just ask some artist to do so!
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    Good day everyone, Razareth here. After a recent incident on the servers In Character, I found myself without a map and compass. Even back in Casual I always felt these two items are a must have. Anyways my character doesn't know Chernarus. His been stranded here for about two years, but during that time he hasn't really learned the land. This got me thinking a bit. How do you personally navigate Chernarus In Character (Not OOC )? I think this is more applicable to "Foreign" characters that would and should have difficulty knowing the landscape. Do you use in-game map with compass (also does the marking still work in 0.60? I can't seem to get it to work)? Do you use a 3de party map programs (is this allowed or frowned upon)? Do you perhaps use the environment itself to help guide you (stars, clouds, etc)? Basically I'm just asking what your thoughts are on how your character gets around Chernarus. Do you use the I've been here for years so I know the land. Do you have a sort of unknown trait (I sort of use such a element, my "first" time on NWAF I stumbled onto it by accident and didn't even know it was a airfield because it was dark). Looking forward to hear everyone's thoughts.
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    That's a lot of information. You certainly know your stuff! Great guide, I look forward to seeing the finished product.
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    Hey man remember, http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Group-Requiremen...015--65839 Group threads should remain clean and all replies should be relevant to a discussion about the group, feedback, recruitments, new changes etc. We no longer allow off topic content in group threads or chatter between group members. Oh shit, Havent meet this group in game yet, but im sure its GREAT time! Thank you for the kind words! You can take your leave now. Stay woke.
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    [align=center]*Holds the PTT*[/align] [align=center]"For you."[/align] [align=center]*Releases the PTT*[/align]
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    Enjoyed it man, thanks for tagging along. Thanks to all the people I met today. Jaro, Alena, Nicholas, Desmond, Wolf, Mia. Had fun today.
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    Team Name: #KonyReturns 1. Castiel 2. Forge 3. Wumby 4. Eagle 5. RyDog
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    Hellu and welcome, hope you have fun.
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    [align=center]And another one...[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Updated with signature for Forge[/align] [align=center][/align]
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    [align=center]*Jonas takes his radio*[/align] [align=center]Oh my. The peasants are getting feisty.[/align] [align=center]*Transmission ends*[/align]
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    As far as IC trading gear, you could just walk up and ask anyone if they're interested in trade. There's always the alternative of opening a shop or camp, but that usually doesn't work very well. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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    [align=center]Some ''dank'' pictures[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align]
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    I'm not really sure where you're getting a lot of this information, especially regarding the use of tents to block of areas. I must have missed this rule somewhere during my time in staff as I was completely unaware of it. Regardless, a few points. The conclusions you draw are a bit of a stretch, you have your opinion and it is that. It's completely fine to hold this opinion about the report/closing statement and I know many do. We are currently fairly split in staff regarding what to do with this situation, the team is pretty split and it will definitely require further discussion before a decision is reached. Regardless of that situation, a couple of your statements are strange here - I don't fully understand them. That is the nature of text however, generally things can be "lost in translation", so to speak. It seems to me that you're thinking that because you personally disagree with the closing statement it leads you to question other verdicts that have been done? I'm unsure as to how you think this would be interconnected. Your opinion is just that - opinion. To infer that because you disagree with a closing statement and you see things differently it's representative of the staff team "rushing" verdicts is strange and I feel it shows little to no trust or faith in our staff team. There was less than ten reports up when this closing statement was handled, there was no rush. I can guarantee that. You also ask why we didn't question the placement of tents in order to make a closing statement. I had already done this. I questioned the placement of the tents before I closed the report. I specifically asked what they did: The response I got indicated what they had done. They had - to quote - "[spent] hours doing so making sure every single space is blocked off and the spaces between the tents are narrow enough that one could not squeeze through from the outside." The comment was also made that "the only way in is through the trainstation doors". I read through the response. I'm not sure why exactly you believed I was unaware of the situation and the fact that the entire area was not blocked off. Regardless, I believed (and still hold this opinion) that the use of tents for the explicit purpose of not allowing people into an area (even if there is another entrance) is an abuse of game mechanics, as tents are not solid immovable walls in reality. The intention was solely to block people and shepherd them to a different area. It makes little sense. It also confuses me why people are acting like the RP at this camp will be destroyed due to my request for them to remove any offending structures. This is but a small part of the camp at the rear, not the main RP area of the camp, as I've been assured by multiple people. Leaving gaps for people to get through between the tents should not disrupt the roleplay that much. I understand it operates as a shop and your group is concerned about the shop being robbed but for as long as I can remember any group that has started a shop has had to deal with possible robberies and figuring out how to protect their equipment without it being stolen. Generally, the best way to go about this is place your tents with all your equipment somewhere safe and bring what you wish to sell down to the camp area. Guard your stuff, too. Generally if you have a very large amount of tents it is extremely hard to guard them all, as it would be in reality. Fill one or two tents and guard them strictly. This'll stop people from stealing and it'll also mean you still can run your shop. I feel that the opinion that the camp has been ruined or gutted is silly, the roleplay can still easily continue with gaps between the tents. It just means it's harder to protect the equipment (or easier, if you take into account what I've said here.) In the end, you'll always have people who are only in an area for gear. Blockading an area is only going to make them want to get in even more. Why not find a solution that is easier (you don't have to set up a painstaking area that takes hours to do so) and also helps with the immersion factor alongside reducing the amount of gear-hungry people (the idea being, less tents gives the impression of less stuff, and as such, more roleplay should be had because there will be less gear oriented people there, right?) Making a settlement should not be easy, it shouldn't be something that is easy to do and set up. By utilising invincible and immovable tents as walls only serves to make it easier in a way that only comes off as cheap to me. The wall was definitely an advantage. By only allowing one area of entry (in an unrealistic manner) resulted in an area that would usually be hard to control to become easy to hold and control. Why not set up gear stores somewhere legitimate with only one entrance? An area with actual walls and structure that would stop people from getting through. Again, I have to reiterate that small gaps in the tents (or a movement/relocation of the tents to make the shop smaller from the outside, even though it still holds the same amount of equipment or whatever else is being sold) would not destroy or harm the RP in any sense. Again - not a big RP area of the camp, only a gear storage place. As for the fact I mentioned Phoenix's time in staff in the verdict. I only stated that a person who has been in staff should have an elevated knowledge of the rules as they dealt with them more often and in more detail than a lot of members. However, as the current legality of the tents is still in contention within the staff team I do feel as if I should apologise for the way it came off. It wasn't my intention to make Phoenix feel bad, in any way. For that I apologise. However, to make sweeping statements that it is a "punch below the belt" and an insult to all their work is just strange, at least to me. I never claimed that Phoenix didn't do staff work, or Phoenix was terrible at her job. I didn't do so because the opposite was true. Phoenix did a great job in staff, as the majority of the staff members who have come through here do. Again, text doesn't convey meaning well so I do feel that it could have been worded better. Hopefully you have some insight into the verdict.
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    Yeah right! You were usually pretty scared! I see to recall BOTH of you being shit scared of Jack, when he was hunting your alts through Lopatino Most of my favourite scare tactics have been mentioned already, but I'll name something I was planning to try at some point. Note: this is only truely effective with at least 4 other teammates. This kind of situation is NOT guaranteed to work, and may require decent pre-planning and co-ordination, as it can make for a very lengthy RP session. This tactic is designed to give your hostages a false sense of hope and relief, before bringing the hammer down on their heads. 1: Two teammates (bad guys) take 1-2 hostages. 2: After a while of hostile and possible torture RP, a third, unseen teammate (good guy) fires off a few shots from a distance. Bad guy tells his friend to go check it out. 3: When bad guy is alone with hostage(s) You stage a mock initiation, firefight and force the bad guy to flee. 4: Offer to take the hostage(s) to a safe place where they can get some weapons and supplies back, as well as protection. (At this point, both bad guys and the good guy should be moving to the second location. More people can be waiting there as well if you prefer.) 5: Make yourself out to be a good guy as you take the hostage(s) to the second location, try to make them feel relief, gratitude, and trust towards you. 6: Once you arrive, make them aware that you had no intention of helping them, and have your men take them hostage again. 7: Engage in another method of torture of your choice, and enjoy! This idea was inspired by Ramsey Bolton from the Game of Thrones TV show. Results may vary, batteries not included.
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    [align=center][video=youtube] [/align]
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    I am currently working on the images for the members list and we will elaborate on the history of our group
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    So, there was a guy, he told me he loves to kill women and hears them screaming before they die, he was alone, we were two people. He played the smartass and wanted to seem scary. We ended up initiating on him, brought him in a forest and played russian roulette with him. We told him to count. After every number, we asked him 2-3 questions, then told him to keep counting. The closer he came to 6, the more scared he got. When he came to 3, he started actually giving us info, when he was at 4, he started getting really, really nervous. when it was about counting to 5, he hesitated, he started screaming and would have given us everything we wanted to know just not to die. When he finally counted to 5, he seemed relieved, he thought he wouldn't die cause we wouldn't let him count to six. Well, we let him count to 6. His pretty sketchy behaviour in the beginning, his smartass attitude changed completely to fear, he thought he would die. He finally counted to 6, just to realise the Magnum was never loaded.
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    Kill and then bang, and in that order.
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