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    March 1st will go down in this websites history as a day of mass suicide. People who were fed up with the way they were treated on here going out with a bang, and people hopping on the bandwagon to look cool. The headcount may not seem that high (30 something at this point) but these people were known contributors to this community. They were staff, award winners, and great roleplayers who collectively came to the decision to abandon ship while taking some final jabs at people on the site. That was there choice and instead of talking shit about them behind their back when they have no ability to defend themselves, remember them not for how they went out but for all the good they did in their time here. So those of us still on this site have two options. Go out with them. Or stay and try and pick up the pieces. Personally, I'm staying for now. I've invested too much time, money and made enough friends that I cannot justify just up and leaving in such a manner. I still care about this community despite all the bullshit that has happened and is still going on. I want to make however long I have left on here as enjoyable as possible and you all should do the same. Instead of making ridiculous reports on each other, trying to get other people banned when we can't even fill the one server on weekdays and then flaming each other on the forums because of it, move on. Talk with the few people left here about any rulebreaks or complaints instead of instantly jumping to the forums. Put some fucking effort into the things you do in game and try to actually care about the potential consequences of your actions. And just in general stop being cunts to each other and grow the fuck up. We are here to have fun with each other, not start petty drama over the internet. There are alternative sites for that shit. To the staff team and Rolle, look at the catalyst for this mass suicide. This all started because Mamba and Rampage were making jokes you saw as "offensive." Now look at the mess you have to clean up. Sure, they shouldn't have gone out in such a fashion but lets look at why it all started: ridiculous forum rules. I get it, its a business and you need to make it look presentable for new customers. I don't know if you've looked, but we aren't getting any new players. Instead of trying to change the rules to cater towards new customers, how about you stop alienating the people that already play on here, already gave their money and time and still want to support DayZRP before they jump ship and you have no playerbase left. This experience should be a wake up call to stop campaign of censorship and being the fun-police on the forums. There is my rant and suggestion for whoever is left. I'm just speaking from the heart here and needed to say something.
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    I don't think anyone here is arguing that there was no reason for them to leave. They clearly disagreed with how things are done on DayZRP, how it works and what direction it is heading. They wanted DayZRP to function in a way that I as the owner disagreed. Does that automatically mean that they were right and I am wrong? No, it simply means that we had two different outlooks on how the community should function and we had different plans for it. If I don't like how things are done somewhere on the Internet I simply leave and find another website that fulfills my requirements. Leaving is fine. The only problem here is the way they left, which as you probably know left much to be desired. I think them leaving in a normal way would as you say "prove a point" that they disagreed with things just as much, but without the toxic fallout and ruining their reputation. That's how I see it personally, I know that many people will disagree with me and defend those who left, they see them as martyrs of some kind who fell fighting for something they believed in, that they wanted to change the community, but I don't see them as such. Yeah, they definitely tried to change the community, just in a way that I didn't want it to change. Who's to say that their ways would be better for the community? Nobody can say for certain. Anyway, it's been a few days now, we've still got quite a few players on, I personally can't wait to get to know all people whom I previously didn't know that even were members because they kept on the sidelines. I've got some rule changes coming up soon, I'll post an announcement about them tonight. Stay positive!
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    So, I don't know if this is actually going to bring about change or not... but why not try? Right now I have little reason to play the server. I get in and the first person I see robs me and kills me. This is the norm, but I have an idea that I want to try and I hope you think it over. This is something I have been wanting to try very badly in an rp scenario. It will mean stricter rules and a tough effort made by the community to make sure this works. But i know we can do it if we try. Since the massive ban wave recently of the 'banter brigade' I have thought about rejoining. It was really annoying to jump online and find people that literately ran the triangle, ran up to you and robbed you the second they saw you. Or those that just sit in Kab and talk about stupid stuff all throughout the day. Now I have not played in a while, so maybe I'm talking out of my ass, but I wanted to ask if people are willing to at least 'try' and change the way DayZRP is right now. Not fundamentally, like rule changes and such, but instead changing the value of roleplay in game. I understand everyone wants to build up gear and reck scrubs, but why not make it a valuable action instead of something done consistently? What I mean is simple. Right now people jump online and run about looking for others to sit next to and chat, maybe run around and fight, run around and loot... its the same thing day to day. I have an idea that I want to bring forward that I feel could change the way DayZRP is played at the moment and I want to know peoples opinion. The Idea So the idea is to split the map into two factions or something equivalent to it. They will need to be factions that cannot be dismantled or removed. Now these factions will be built of player groups that are used to govern the territory of that faction. The groups will make a sort of council or division that separates the territory to different groups. For example, Faction A has groups One, Two, and Three. Groups One and Two will govern Vybor and Lopatino, while group Three Governs Pustoshka and Myshkino. Group three being larger has a little more area to defend then groups One and Two. Now I personally believe that we should limit the amount of players in each group, I will go more into that later. Now we move to Faction B which is an enemy of faction A by territory. Maybe making an rp reason that they don't like the look of each other... maybe make one faction hardcore bandits and the other a defensive military faction. Or having one faction be a militarized government, and the other controlled by the people. This will need to hashed out through several discussions and obviously the final decision made by the admin team and Rolle as to what the issue is between the two. Really the rp could be limitless. Sort of like the game planetside two. One faction being the Terran Republic, the other being the New Conglomerate. There is not much lore there, but enough to be real. Now what happens if one group passes into another territory... that really depends on the groups holding that area. Really we could make this like a risk game that consistently changes. So say Group A and B that are holding Vybor decide they want to move into Kab to ensure no enemy pressure made on the NWAF. So they begin moving forces into Kab. Faction B gets word of this move by the red coats (Faction A) by some of the Unaligned faction (Survivors). So faction B sends out a call for all available members to report to Stary Sobor. After group A of Faction B calls out for all available faction groups to send members to Stary for Support, group B, C, D, E send maybe two to three members each. A small force of Faction B is then built to retake Kab. However Faction A has a spy or sniper watching Stary and warns those in Kab of the incoming group. So faction B members of different groups move together to Kab, some over watching and others pushing into the town, all wearing their blue coats. They however will not be together in teamspeak as sometimes that will get to toxic. As they go in they confront a Faction A member and demand to know why they are in Kab. Faction A says they are moving in to stay, so Faction B initiates. Fighting ensues. The difficult thing now is knowing what happens when the battle is won or lost on either side. For example, if Faction A wins and Faction B Is unable to remove them from Kab, I believe that Faction A should take Kab and it will be a new position for them, basically extending their lines of support and military access, such as protection for their traders. This is the idea in sense of factions that I want to see, now lets iron our some details that will need to be sorted out. Stuff to consider and discuss 1. What is the reasoning for the faction war. This needs to be discussed pretty heavily and decided on before this could ever be done. People have to know why they are fighting in order to roleplay it enough that there is value in the actions. We need to decide if its military control vs freedom of will. Freedom groups being consisted of Canables, religious people, racists, band of hoolagins. While the military control would be very strict over its territory and what people are selling, keeping weapons from survivors in their territory, strict trading, taxing, so on. 2. Specific groups in each faction. Now we need to have inner faction conflicts. So say some Cannibals of faction B come across a religious group. There would be some heated conversations there, there might even be some arguing and bloodshed, however both groups would fight over their reasons for being or if they needed loot items. Now lets say the Cannibals attack the religious group frequently. The faction will see this aggression and either as a whole move to stop this infighting, or the faction will suffer when the Cannibals stronghold of Novy gets attacked by Faction A raiders. Thus when the call is made for assistance the religious members that have been hurt by the Cannibals will not answer the call to help. Now if this situation continues obviously the faction might start to fall apart. So the council of the faction will need to step in and stop the Cannibals assault before their territory is removed as punishment and their movements taxed heavily. The faction council could weigh heavily against a group causing them a lot of issues. "Why would people play if they get heavily taxed or restricted?" I believe this needs to be only seen as a punishment. The faction council has to have a way of punishing groups under them if they are refusing to behave and work together. However it doesn't need to be that specific punishment. I personally believe that the council should decide as a unit what the punishment will be... but it should not be a permanent punishment, maybe a few days at most. 3. Conquering territory and the benefits The question is how to grain and lose territory. Obviously you will need to make an aggressive move against the other faction to take their territory. Now my thought process is if Faction A moves into a town owned by Faction B and there are defenders there, if a fight ensues this does not grant the territory to the winner. I believe that only if the actual Faction B builds up its groups and forces to confront the Faction A attackers and lose will the attackers take the area. So fighting over Kab, Faction B loses, then for how much ever time passes before Faction B can muster enough forces to push back, it remains in Faction A hands. Once you have territory, you then have your trader lines increased. Meaning traders of Faction A can freely move up to Kab and loot around there without to much fear of being attacked or robbed. Granted there might be some taxation, but why rob those that are supplying you with gear, weapons, food, medical supplies... so on. 4. Trade Zones I understand peoples hesitation to adding a trade area or trade zone. This will need to be an area probably in the center of the map that is a conflict free zone normally. I don't believe conflict should be outlawed, but I do believe that there should be groups given priority of protecting traders inside the zone, a slight cooperation between the two factions in this area allowing players and traders of both sides to exchange gear and keep each other supplied under heavy cost. Maybe this could also be a place where groups have members that go to chit chat with their enemies and drink beers together, have stories and share experiences. A haven for both factions that both fight to protect, so if a survivor comes in and causes problems both factions deal with the issue and do their best to keep the peace there. Not a required peace, but I hope ingame roleplay requires it. This also brings up trade routes. I have never done much trading ingame but I know there are some players that love the idea of just walking along and trading their wears and such. It would be cool to draw up routes for traders to travel and gather equipment while meeting other players or traders along the road. 5. Why not three factions? This is simple, there is not enough players on a 60 person server to have three consistently warring factions. However, instead of a third faction that holds territory, there will be unaligned survivors. They might be able to have groups, but personally I don't think they should. I believe that if either faction learned of a survivor group setting up shop, they would quickly move to either absorb the group or annihilate them so they cant cause them problems. Though I would see value in a mercenary group being formed from survivors. A nonaligned group that will fight for either faction based on resources. They will need to be wearing the faction colors that they are supporting at the time though. 6. Non-aligned players These will be players that choose to not join or support either faction. They move through territory without colors and are either taxed or let through territory. These might be traders, drunks, fishermen, people that are not interested in territory gains or fighting. That just want to live. This also can be the Mercenary group that we spoke of earlier, but we will see. Now as it stands, Non-aligned players will not be able to take territory. They might move into an area and hold everyone up, but the map cannot be altered to show survivor held area. This will just be a problem for the faction holder of the area, and they will send soldiers to deal with it accordingly. 7. Persistent map. I believe there should be a map added to the website that shows areas controlled by each faction and perhaps the specific groups that reside there. Now this means that if a group is online they will need to have a presence in that specific area if they are not actively raiding. Meaning people can actually go to Vybor to find the groups A and B that are defending it. I believe that the map should be updated regularly, maybe every day if territory is won or lost. This might add out of character issues on the website, but of people saying that this territory belongs to us, but honestly I believe it won't make much of a difference. Because if Faction B cares that much about retaking Kab they will go there and fight for it. I also believe that they will warn their group leaders that Kab was lost. So someone going on to say they didn't take it legitimately wouldn't really make much of a difference. 8. Factions Each faction will need to be made up of groups, three at least then more added in. Each group that is made should have to decide which faction it will fight for. If new groups are added to factions after the start then it will be up to the council of the faction to decide if that group should have a seat at the table and own territory. There should be a discussion as well to say if groups should be limited to X amount of players. Maybe 10 at most. Why? Because it will decrease the likely-hood of a single group dominating the server, it will also allow for groups to have inner rp between each other and make it so players aren't always running with the same people. Generally if you are doing an aggressive raid you will want more then 5 people if that's the size of your group. And since the normal group you go with isn't available or busy in their own territory, you ask another group of the faction to join you, to bolster your numbers. 9. Faction Colors If we do this idea, we need to implement faction colors. It doesn't matter if its a specific coat, bandanna, arm band, so on. This will make things so much easier if there was a required color to wear if you are in said faction. Say Faction A being the Republic, demands all groups to wear red type arm bands... so orange, red, pink, purple. While Faction B, the freedom fighters use Green, Blue, Yellow, White, This will have to be a rule. Each faction once decided by admins will have X colors to use for their groups. Then the council of that faction can decide which groups use which color. This can work with items too, this is just the best example. Now using faction colors there are benefits and downsides, which means that people will have to be prepared for spies and subterfuge. People using the enemies colors to their advantage. Which means the groups will need to be aware of whos in the other groups on their factions. This also means that if Faction A has people wearing Faction B colors, they are likely to be killed in a fight by other groups of Faction A. 10. Rule enforcement There are very few rules that should be created / added to the current rules or those changed because a lot of this should be roleplay controlled by the council of each faction. One rule or whatever you want to call it, is the changing of lore to fit the two factions being in the game. And then forcing groups that are created to join one of the two factions. Another is limiting group size. Last I can think of is ensuring the persistent map remains updated. For example, there should be no rule against Faction B members robbing their traders, it should be up to the council to stop its people from robbing their traders. 11. Teamspeak My recommendation for ts is splitting the ts into the two factions, and adding sub rooms that are the groups for each faction. That way its easier for each faction to access their other faction groups with messaging and so on. Keeping people up to date or requesting assistance from different groups. 12. The Lore Personally I would like to see little to no lore. Our current structure sets up the lore leading to present day which lets the players loose to have their own personal stories and move from there. However this is I feel the problem. There is not enough reason for people to play besides gear, rob, campfire rp and so on. With the idea of factions there will need to be a limited lore reason as to why they fight. This could be as simple as one being militaristic, and the other being free thinking. I very much however do not want people to play based off of the lore. I believe the lore should be written based on what happens in game. For example : "Today it was a spectacular event. Both Faction A and Faction B members swarmed the trade post, there was laughing and games, betting and tire throwing. Friend and foe stood together laughing and enjoying drinks while the land remained quiet. Though it was not without turmoil, A few select bandits known as the crimson tried to cause hostilities outside, stopping those few survivors that remained from entering the trade post. Upon hearing that their beloved trade post was under threat, both sides sent members out to stomp this group causing problems for new survivors. There was cracks of gunfire and explosions that could be heard for miles around, but in the end all those who left eventually returned together to continue their celebration, today was a day that would forever be known as the day of Peace between enemies." If people know their decision carries weight, I believe this will fundamentally change the way roleplay is done in this community. Why do this? DayZRP is not the same as it was. When I first played this it was a blast, the admin team was different, there were different rules, different ways players played, the game itself was different. But now things have changed, I don't want to poke blame at anyone, but this community needs to see change. I go ingame and no matter what, the first people I see are just after my gun. There needs to be value in the game, there needs to be a reason to roleplay, an objective or common goal. With this players can freely work together and have assurance that the roleplay will be of value. Faction A taking Faction B territory and some of them hostage. Then maybe hostage exchanges going on instead of just massive groups hashing it out with no roleplay at all. I don't know if anyone will enjoy this idea or if it will ever be allowed, but I hope that some of you do want to see change, This is an idea that will fundamentally change the way the game is for a short while at least. I want to see if it will work. I want to jump into the game and see people guarding their territory and making friends or enemies with their neighbors. I want to go to a trade zone and see friend and foe smoking together and talking bullshit to each other. Then parting ways to kill each other later. This is an attempt to add roleplay. Sorry for this being so long, I hope some of you got through the entire thing. Sorry for any rambling or random bits. When I get typing it runs away from me. This is all subject to change, and It probably wont happen straight away. I hope the admin team decides its worth looking into and even building some scenarios or at least willing to give it a try. Please leave any ideas that you guys have to trying this and what you think will need to be worked on or added to ensure this works properly.
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    *With a heavy heart, Joffrey grabs the PTT and broadcasts off the Altar Tower* I.. am your enemy. make no mistake about that.. What happened today at Gorka.. was nessacary. The lives lost, the blood spilled.. surely it is a tragedy. Certainly a tragedy that could have been avoided. We heard... whispers...yes.. from a little bird.... that the people of Gorka were... unpleased with the Akraisian Empire.. Unpleased with our hand of friendship that we extended.. I warned you.. didn't I?... that my brother were quick to anger.. and after your whispers were heard.. they marched. The deal we offered you today is no longer on the table. You will have no honored seat in the empire. I.. am now your enemy... we will come to Gorka again, and discuss our new terms. Should you ..disagree with them.. as you did our first deal... we will attack Gorka every day until every single one of your citizens is dead.. I.. am your enemy. Appease my brothers and I... and you shall survive well.. in South Zagoria. We.. will talk to you soon... I am sure. *Puts down the radio and sighs.. knowing it will be a very busy week.*
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    So some people know, some people don't. For those that don't I'm going to take up a few minutes of your time to fill you in. In October I lost my mother to a long battle with a brain tumor. She'd been fighting it on and off for a few years by that time, about 5 years. After multiple surgeries and treatments, remissions and all that, there wasn't much else they could do. So when I've said in the past that DayZRP and being staff here has helped me with distractions in my life, you now have a better understanding of with what. Now, on to the main point of this post. Throughout the month of April, I'm going to donate anything I get from streaming to a cancer charity for a hospital that my mom benefited from. Similar to Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, my mother too sought treatment from the doctors at Toronto's Sunybrook Hospital for her brain tumor. All the donations I collect will go here, and donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Feel free to donate directly if you'd like as well. There are other reasons why I chose to do this in April. For one, my moms birthday is in April, and I thought that was fitting. Also, in Canada, April is daffodil month, where daffodils are sold by the Canadian Cancer Society and the proceeds of those sales are donated to help with life saving research. Honestly, I'm not expecting anyone to donate, and that is perfectly fine as well. I'm not doing this make anyone feel the HAVE to donate. I myself will be making a donation anyways, but it's just one way I felt maybe I could lend a hand and help draw a bit more attention to something important in my life and I'm sure many others. Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for now, but stand by, I'll have more information up soon and throughout the month!
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    I find it mildly entertaining that a game, which is based on a world where people get infected, and then voilently eat other humans alive, whilst they scream and feel the very worst kind of pain.. pretty much the most disgusting, and vile way to die...imaginable.. ALSO the ability to murder other humans..right? Take a gun, or knife and voilently smash out another persons soul (digitally). This game is NSFW. it is NSFW in the most obvious way, it can't get any more NSFW than what this game is and what we play. Yet uh... a picture of a dog with a phallic pattern of hair is too much for ya? ... like wot? Some Kentucky fried phallic chicken is Ooooo too much?.. yet we.. uhh play and support a game with.. murder.. getting eaten alive.. world ending.. yeah.. it makes literally no sense.
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    Can... can you just go away... pls? As a filthy Akraisian I feel I can counter a few of the points posted by OP. Welp. Dick move here. Call out something you don't even know is truth... and..no proof... and... yikes... nice mang. 2. Stale Bandit RP. I would counter that stale hostage RP is even more prevalent. I would say I have a fair knowledge of basic roleplay, and I've only been back maybe 5 days.. I've robbed maybe 35 people in those 5 days. I've given a new experience to all I've robbed rotating from: Implied rape Slavery Kidnapping with randsom demanded Humiliation involving eating fecal matter and drinking urine Making our captive sing, and entertain us, lest we kill him. Implied execution. 95% of the time the hostage is either: Silent.. salty, or boring. Giving one or two word responses, telling us how big of trouble we are in.. or telling how tough they are.. all VERY EXCITING SHITE amirite? Think about us poor bandits.. just wanting a fun experience from a hostage.. we just have to keep taking more and more.. until finally that rare unicorn hostage gives me some fantastic RP. lewl.. I basically told a lass that we were going to take her to a house and do..awful things, and all I got was standard stall RP so her friends could catch up.. and so we could shoot them. Cool story ya know?
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    -snip- Had my baby boy! He's perfect <3 The reason I haven't been around much lately. 7lbs 8 oz 12:12pm February 8th, 2017. Never been so in love in all my life.
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    Day Humanity Hello, some of you may know me as the Gorka doctor. I'd like to talk today about the state of roleplay on DayZ RP and the apparent decline of the community. I'd like to clarify that this is not in response to a character death or any sort of salt. This is my first attempt at trying to change things for the better. I have heard a great deal of people across several groups that complain of the decline of RP within the community to be replaced by people whom "Do the bare minimum not to get reported". While I believe the rules have been the corner stone of how this community has survived for years I also believe things can be improved upon or added too if it adds to the roleplay on DayZ RP. What is the true end game for roleplay on DayZ RP? This of course is a matter of opinion depending on your individual roleplay. However after years of living in constant fear and conflict the old world ideals are now void, police departments are not police departments anymore, not in any true way. People have changed and adapted to the new world blurring the line between friend and foe, I see a great many people drawing from pre-infection hatreds for a reason to attack. While I understand racial hate i.e Russians and Cherno Russians, I believe establishment feuds would have died with the government and faded over time example a surviving police department and a group of surviving drug traffickers. So what does this mean for society in such a desperate world? A world people have been forced to change and adapt into? By this point people would (In my opinion) start to look at the benefits of attempting to find common ground to establish some sort of society. Even the hardest of bandit groups would be finding it increasingly difficult to survive on taking the odd tin of beans from the people they rob. The biggest problem in my opinion in that regard is food and resources are quite easy to find in-game and thus people never feel the need to roleplay like things like tins of old world food being be in sharp decline. Conflict resolution currently boils down to one group winning a firefight and then the other group attempting to find any instance they could report the other for breaking rules, this has resulted in a toxic and split community in which people would rather get one over on each other rather than progress Roleplay or build upon the community as a whole. I've been told since returning that DayZ RP is not suppose to be about roleplay, its just a little roleplay thrown into the middle of PvP. I disagree, and I want to change it. However one person, one group cant change a community it has to be changed by its people as a whole and it is my hope by reading some of my idea's that you may be inspired to have some of your own. My idea is not to change any existing rules but to introduce a new type of roleplay for the server one that is designed to last rather than fade and can be solidified by the support of the community and secured by a new set of rules on-top of existing ones. I have heard many people talk of "safe zones" and how they where a great place on mod servers to meet, roleplay and even hold peace talks between bandit groups. While I don't think the implementation of a true safe zone would work for several reasons, I do think we can attempt to implement rules and role-play that mean a town cant get mass initiated on for instance without a true and valid reason. Events could be set up in which hard line bandit groups roll into town and perhaps the towns people are made to accommodate them and true roleplay can take place without the risk of a storm of reports and bad blood once its over. If we can work together and put aside our OOC hate that has been building up towards one another to rebuild and reforge DayZ RP into a true roleplay community once more I believe the best days of our community are yet to come. The further we take idea's the further we roleplay story lines the more we can accomplish. Conflict brings tense firefights and a quick fix to the mundane looting spree but we do not need to let it overtake roleplay in our community in terms of importance. This type of thing, I am sure has been tried before and I'm sure many sign it off as being unreachable because of past failures but if the leaders of the servers large groups can come together and communicate OOC to develop real and long lasting story lines great role play is not only possible but probable. Thank you very much for reading this and please bare in mind that I hold no hostility towards anyone but something inside me will not let this untapped potential go un-fought for. Day Z has been and gone, Day H can come if we only work together.
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    Hello, everyone, In lieu of recent events, I decided to go on a protest and raise awareness to inconsistencies within Staff that were detrimental to the community, and this wave of people tossing themselves willingly over the edge proves the force of how powerful one wrong move is. However, I am not being forced to resign for this, I am being forced to resign because someone took a screen-shot of the topic in Slack, and leaked it out to the public, which is a breach in Staff ToS. To this day, I maintain my innocents, and say I was wrongfully punished and removed from my position. Now, Moderators+ do not worry, as I am not committing forum suicide, or making a leaving thread, but mostly posting general Staff Feedback to you all, because I was unable to do so in the Staff Forums section, where it would've been subtle. I do hope this doesn't warrant points, as I have no intentions to go out as a 'Salty Ex-Staff.' Yes, it might get heated, but I'm going to do as I see, and blow the whistle if needed be. I hope you all realize why I did my protest, even if it wasn't the best move I could've made. At least my heart was in the right place. Owner @Rolle - When I joined the community in 2013, this place had everything I could only dream of. Every day I logged onto one of the mod servers, was a new adventure with new faces. Sometimes I didn't see the same person for weeks because of the different variety of people on the server(s). I can tell you that this isn't the community it once was, and it started to decline pretty hard. I hope you use this as a learning curve for VineRP, because, 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.' Don't plan on sticking around long in that community if you plan to do there what you do here, as many of the people will hesitate or flat-out not make the transition over. You need to listen to your Staff team as a whole, not just the Admins. You should've probably played this out more professionally, and like the owner of a sports team: Someone who had coaches (Admins/Staff) run the team (DayZRP) whilst you sit back and just enjoy the prosperity and profit. You stuck your fingers in the pie too often, and it spoiled it. We won't 'bounce' back, and removing me from Staff highlights this, because to me it seems like I'm trying to be 'silenced,' for not being a Yes Man. Admins @Aiko - I hope to hell you were (probably) the only Admin to go against me getting removed. You of all people should know my innocents. Regardless, it's too late, now. You need to be more active, period. Start going out on a limb and answer more than easy questions. Also, increase the forum presence. I don't see a lot of things but you posting on Bunny's wall from time to time. @Castiel - Make Castiel an Admin, now. Make it happen, I don't care how but find a way and do it. @Dax - N/A. Didn't get enough time to get an accurate and total summary on things. @Jamie - Don't see you at all, but you are EU. I don't know what goes on the inner workings of Admins and stuff, but you probably should increase some forum presence. If I wasn't in Slack all those weeks, I'd think you to be totally inactive. Also, nice job dealing with the dropbox link I, and another Staff member gave you a week ago. Really consistent. @Oliv - You're all talk, and no action. You need to step up and fix some shit while you still have some credentials left. However, I don't have much faith in you, seeing how you and @Jamie were made aware of Mexi's behavior towards the Co-Owner in the dropbox link. Great job with being consistent. Game Masters @Caesar - N/A. Didn't get enough time to get an accurate and total summary on things. @Ender - You and @Ramon are in the same boat. All I'm going to say is you need to have thicker skin, man. I know you're an amazing RPer, but you can't let shit get to you OOCly, and you sure as hell can't White Knight every female friend of yours when they're backed against a corner. They're all grown adults, and can fight their own battles. @Lyca - You need thicker skin. During the first and second waves of forum suicides, you sounded like you were just devastated someone called you obese on the forums. They're just words, Lyca, and this is the internet. @SpaceCowboy - Have seen less and less of you, but you were fun to talk to and hang out with in TS, even though I was probably baked on the Nth Dimension whilst chilling with you 98% of the time. Pick up on your activity, and keep on doing what you can, man. @Speedster - You seem alright when we talk on TS when I rarely see you, but when I do I literally debate on purchasing a lottery ticket, because it's rare as shit. You are inactive, man. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. Resign. Save what face you've got, and just step down. Allow another member the opportunity to prove themselves and ascend to the rank. Moderators @Eagle- Known you since the early Regulator days. Don't have much feedback, because you're usually around when we needed you for Mod shit. All I can say is try to work on keeping calm during heated debates in Slack. Sometimes you go off on a tangent and rant about. @Hollows - I'm pretty much DayZRP's Edward Snowden, I guess. Wasn't perfect, far from it but god fucking damn it I tired. @Jade - Don't really know you too terribly much. I usually was in a room with you when stoned off of my ass, but you seem chill. @Ramon - Honestly, I like you as a person Ramon, but you shouldn't be in a position of authority because I feel you are too sensitive. Every trivial matter that occurs on the forums, you are on the immediate 'Point/Ban,' side of the fence, from what I've seen at least. This is the internet, Ramon, and I know you live in an environment where it is sort of a general Leftist view, but at the end of the day it's a gaming community. Let some people have their fun or post their memes. Remember, it's literally pixels and light. It cannot hurt you, unless you choose to allow it to offend and or hurt you. Be a man, dude. But seriously. You need to stop getting offended by everything and for other people. It's annoying. @Shadows - You and I were Staff-Buddies since the day we got brought into Staff. Yeah, we disagreed on things, and you do need to act more mature from time to time (I know, hypocritical coming from me), and you'll do fine. As a person, you're pretty laid back and chill. This is good. You're a smart kid, I know you'll go far in life. Keep hitting the books the way you do, and you'll do just fine. Community Helpers (Because fuck 'Support,' I don't work for Dell Tech Support) @Boston - I consider you a friend, but you need to get thicker skin. Don't try to be a White Knight to people like @Lyca in certain situations, man. I was in your TS comms when you were talking about not wanting Pinkerton to join your old group for certain reasons. It's the internet, literally nothing could or should hurt you. Other than that, I still hate you because you KO'ed my ass when I had tech issues. @Elmo - I like you, because you seem chill when I talk to you. I like how you RP, and enjoy it. I don't know much about how you operate as a Support, primarily due to a US > EU timezone, but from what I can see, you fucking revived the #CH section on Slack. That's an achievement. Keep it up, you're doing good, kid. @Mexi - I'm a laid back, and chill stoner dude. I hate being mad at people, but you've got a really fucking shit-tier attitude. You are the only person who has legitimately got me to yell or get into an argument in Staff, and it was when I made a half sarcastic comment after the first wave of perm'ed players. You claimed it was a jest, but your tone of voice and mannerism declared otherwise at the time, which is why I came at you the way I did and not shrugged it off. Also, Staff -Snipped- Censorship'ed* my post, so ignore what I @'ed you for. It's irrelevant, now that you won't see the whole thing. -Staff Censorship- @Will - You need to keep up what you're doing, but don't really talk to anyone besides @Shadows. Someone framed me in Staff to get me the boot, so there's snakes everywhere. Tread carefully, and you should sail through the ranks. Miscellaneous This goes out to all of you people posting flame-bait things about the perm'ed players- It, and you are pathetic. If you don't have the gall to call someone out to their face, then shut the hell up, and go sit in the fucking truck, and don't touch the radio while the men work. Honestly, guys. You aren't slick, brave or witty posting," Kek glad X and X is gone. No more toxic/PvP!" Good for you, now you can go back to being irrelevant and running between VMC, NWAF and Tisy for the precious SVD or M4s. Also, to the people who make salt-reports. Seriously? You're going to waste everybody in the GM team's time because you were in dynamic with a group when your friends initiated on someone and got killed for it? Really, now? Really. Come on, guys. This goes the same to people who report things when not because they're offended, but because you know someone can get points for it and that is the only real way you can harm them. Mind your own business. Stay in your own lane. Save the report button for real things, not because someone told you to fuck off in an argument. Salt much? TL;DR - I hope I'm not going to be banned for this post, because this isn't the intention behind it. I hope those whom I gave feedback to take it to heart and legitimately try to fix this place before more permanent damage is done. No, I am not leaving the community, but making a departure from Staff thread like many others do. If, for whatever reason an Admin, or Rolle decides to Rule 4 me, it's been real, everybody. I appreciate the countless hours of RP and banter my friends and I did in TS. I blew the whistle as loud as I humanly could've, and my lungs hurt from it. Hope now that this type of behavior is exposed, it can be fixed, because goddamn it I tried my hardest. Shout out to my close friends from the Regulator days and other friends who supported me if I am o7'ed to Fiji: @GodOfInternetLag @ThePoshFart @Rollin_Dice @APTerminator @Shadows @Castiel @Andrey @Hebi Kotei @Hebee @Mental o7 @Xero3451 o7 @Apollo o7
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    Rolling out a few rule updates and improvements. Most of them are just clarifications etc, no major changes to the rules would be enforced, it's more improving the wording and making it easier for you the players to understand. Changelog on rules page: There are more changes for the rules page pending that Caesar created, but for now, we shall satisfy ourselves with these. There's also two staff procedure changes: 1. Verbal warnings as a punishment will be removed and will be replaced with regular warnings that give you 0 warning points. We wanted to call these 0 warning points a "caution", but let us know if you have a better idea. This will make it easy for us to track who has been verbally warned already, for example should the person break the same rule again. 2. We are slightly relaxing the rules on the forums now that things will be a little bit more calm. For example, for minor things or mistakes like not posting with a template in a report or in staff feedback or for not following some of the radio chatter requirements (using emotes only for example) you will receive the aforementioned caution instead of warning points. We as staff will also start giving verbal warnings in threads once again, for example when we give out cautions or when we think things may escalate to a rule break. Finally, remember that you can always suggest a change to the rules on the community rules page in our suggestion forum, just make sure to include which rule you want to change and how it would look after your suggestion. That makes it easy to process such suggestions. Thanks!
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    I thought DayZRP is not connected to VineRP in any way...
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    I've introduced a new Premium model today, a Premium Subscription which allows you to get higher Premium ranks for a low monthly cost. Think of it like a payment plan. There are three subscription levels, you can upgrade between them too: Premium Small Subscription 5€ / month Gives you access to Sponsor rank (worth 60€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 12 months (12 x 5€ = 60€) you will get the lifetime rank. Premium Medium Subscription 10€ / month Gives you access to Hall of Famer rank (worth 100€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 10 months (10 x 10€ = 100€) you will get the lifetime rank. Premium Large Subscription 20€ / month Gives you access to Tycoon rank (worth 200€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 10 months (10 x 20€ = 200€) you will get the lifetime rank. If you cancel the subscription your rank will return to what you started with automatically. You will then have to submit a support ticket and we will manually set your Premium rank to whatever amount you have paid so far in total, rounded downwards towards nearest Premium Lifetime rank. For example, if you pay 5 months of Medium Subscription (5 x 10€ = 50€) and cancel it, you will receive the Contributor rank worth 40€, as that's the nearest lifetime rank lowered downward. I think it's a nice thing to have for those who want to test out the Premium perks, people who want them just for a limited time or those who do not have a lot of money to put up towards more expensive ranks all at once. There's also new additions to paid account services, you can now rent the top advertisement space for your own group or thread advertisement (internal links only). There's more services coming there soon too.
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    This community needs a jumpstart in the Lore department. Everyone that has been here and especially those who have been here since the beginning have seen some great Loremasters. Tomeran, Tamaster, Staggs all those other names that made a difference that many still bring up and say "Why can't the loremaster team be like them? What happened to the loremaster team?" The Loremaster's main job for awhile before the new site came about was managing groups and approving groups when the old group system was around (Which needs to be re-implemented but THAT is for another post.) After @Stagsview left, he was the last loremaster. We need a well chosen team that will give us the tools necessary to keep things compelling IG. The lore is the vessel for which we all are contained within. But this vessel can mold and change to its contents. A) We need to not concentrate so much on pre-outbreak but on post. A newly instated 'dynamic lore' with the lore-wipe(which I will come back to later) would be something people could have a goal towards. For instance: (btw credit to @Zipcouda for large inspiration of any ideas that sound like they came from his thread) "Group A and group B are well known to be the two greater powers on the server. Group A plans to invade and take the settlement of group B. Once planned event is over, whomever wins said firefight takes the settlement and bragging rights and gets written in the Scholar's handbook. Aka the extended lore (post infection dynamic section of lore) What is the Scholar's handbook you may ask? One of the loremasters is a character that exists in the world that records all the events from a safe place off the coast. All the events are on a radio broadcast and all the written information is from this unnamed 'scholar'. He would have his own radio thread and make the lore even more interactive. I draw many ideas from Tomeran's broadcasts in the past and how many people would use and reference those IG from before. It really helped make you feel like the whole world was still connected and that people felt like they knew somewhat of what has gone on in the world. Helps get rid also of many newcomers having a feeling of they don't know what has happened since the (pre-outbreak) lore. These are just a few of my ideas for lore after the Lore wipe. Until then we still need attention to lore so things aren't so static IG. I understand that Staggs, Rachael and others towards the end of all the loremasters existence and Lad-D-day were having events here and there and attempting to use Arcon to broadcast IC radio messages to everyone and create events on the spot and give people more of an objective than they already have roaming around. More of this and other things would really be great for everyone IG. I understand it is a good amount of planning but a lot of it can be scripted and left to GM's to send on Arcon whenever they would like even if a LM isn't around. Many things can be pre written and applied as Dynamic events and it just has to have a team behind it. Good lore and events now to help hold us over until a wipe comes. Because let's face it a wipe is far away guys, So we should stop acting like it's tomorrow and prepare for a long haul. We need Lore masters back. Loremasters like the ones that many out there still remember their mark of the old days of standalone and Mod. That are willing to take risks and help try to better the community and its role playing experience as a whole. Give us Lore Masters. Discuss, What have you seen change since all the loremasters are gone? What ideas did you like here? Who would you like to see become lore master? Can Admins take on all the Lore master's duties? Do we not need Lore masters anymore? Let's talk.
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    Anytime Jabba.
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    Closing this thread since it's once again just a bunch of shit posting and patting friends on the back with no meaningful discussion. Bottom line is: DayZRP will stay online, we have plenty of active players left and new ones coming every day. I have said it many times in the past, I'd rather have one half full server of respectful members than 2 full servers of memers and shit posters. DayZRP has had less players than this in the past and it did just fine. We will rebuild and become stronger after we gave got rid of people who didn't want to be here or were here for the wrong reasons. Anyone who isn't happy with how DayZRP functions is free to leave to find something else that suits them better. Good luck! Blaming staff because these people got banned themselves is retarded, we didn't force them to do anything, we didn't write that shit for them, it's entirely on them. If Caesar haven't issued the warning to Mamba, I would have. I put him on final warning which I hope he had some basic understanding of and if I had the chance I would not hesitate to do it again. I don't plan any major changes to be done due to this event, the rule changes that are scheduled for release were made before this whole thing. But there's also one small thing that will be changed in regards to the warning system, stay tuned for announcement. The people who were banned are never coming back, so whether they want it or not it doesn't matter. The only way now is forward, without them.
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    To me its a pretty simple formula. Simple to write but in this current state damn near impossible to execute. My man Rampage said it best before he peaced out of here. Give people a reason to get in game and they will get in game. Its really that simple. This game has been busted as fuck for its entire life, nothing has changed in that aspect but if people have a reason to get online, a reason to want to RP they will, its that simple. Hell this game has been even more busted than it currently is in the past and people have gotten in game ignoring all the bugs just because they knew they were going to have a good time. That concept is lost. So what I can say is Ive compiled a small list of neatly organized things I see needing to be changed. Dont be scared to be original: Whether this be your character, group, etc dont be scared to change the game. Some people may say your edgy or youre too soft but you know what? Fuck them. This is a video game and a community based on user creativity so be fucking creative. This copy paste bullshit that I see in group pages and this broad spectrum "my character is a bad guy" is not only boring but gives no one a drive to interact with you. Be creative. Do something new. Stop placing memes over RP: Ive done it. Ive memed on the servers. Shit weve all done it. It needs to stop. In no way shape or form should your memes and plethora of overused inside jokes take over your RP. This "fight for relevancy" is ridiculous. Become relevant for being a great rper not for having the dankest meme of the month. Accept and learn from criticism: Take it. Reflect on it. Better yourself. Criticism is there so that people can in hopes have you learn from an experience. Dont treat criticism as a personal attack. Im not taking your Crayons Im trying to make you a better artist. If you feel the need to cry about good criticism well Im sorry but grow the fuck up. To the people that are criticizing, be constructive. Dont come off as flaming or just being an overall cunt and people will take your opinions more seriously. Welcome new players: Theres not many of them anymore. Stop being fucking assholes and throwing around whitename like its some disease you have to avoid. Take them in, teach them to better themselves in this community, watch them flourish. Its that simple. Stop the endless reports: This honest to god cracks me up. If you report people because youre upset something didnt go your way guess what? This is a game with other real life people that dont know who the fuck you are or what you have planned and they are reacting to it as they see fit. Stop reporting people because of a small rule break that could otherwise be talked over through PM or TS. Also stop this senseless flaming and back and forth in reports. It doesnt make you look better. Post your POVs and get the fuck out unless staff needs something else from you. Phew. Thats all. To close this I have donated time, money, and many other resources to this community I cant get back now. I have met fantastic people along the way and it would be a shame to see this get worse or continue on its current track but unfortunately... Weve seen the rate this game changes. Stop blaming the game and start making differences in game for everyone to experience. If you read this all I appreciate it but Ill leave this as well. TL;DR: Be creative, save your memes and inside jokes for the forums, take criticism like an adult not a 9 year old, welcome the new people, stop being a dickhead in reports.
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    "rping as guy who think's he's a wolf, a guy who is a vampire hunter, a guy as the gimp sex slave, a narcissistic male model who believes that ugly people should be eradicated and that sand wizards want to destroy his good looks or the guy who does haunted house ghost hunts and rp's filming it with a acog scope."
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    Well, all my friends are gone and I guess I'll be going with them. You ride for yo niggas, you die fo yo niggas. Not gonna post any vile shit or call people out, everyone else already did enough of that. I'm gonna go out on a good note. Thank you all for giving me three years of laughs and fun. I've cherished every moment of it and it was some of the most fun I've had in my entire life (pretty sad isn't it). I love you all <3 I am requesting to be permanently banned so that I end my journey with honor and on a good note.
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    3 / 6 kills I got today in our firefight. @Kevin
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    (EDIT) TL;DR: Creating a more positive environment. Make a positive change for yourself, your friends, and ultimately your community. --- Yep, people are angry. I am not one of them however. Currently, I'm feeling happy, but sad too. Some of my friends ended up getting banned that I really enjoyed hanging with. However, it was their choice and they knew what was going to happen, and I only wish that some of them didn't go out in such a fashion. --- Considering that many went out in such a toxic manner, I'm going to choose to view this change in population as positive. Less Toxicity. More Positive Vibes. Not to say, let's all hold hands and sing kumbayah, but we have the opportunity to work with each other without some of the bile clogging up the pipes. It is also on those of us that are left to create that positive something, and we all have to work toward it on the same page. Whatever that may mean for you as a reader, I invite you to give it a try. --- From my point of view this seems like an opportunity instead of an ending. To make something new and exciting for myself and for my friends that are left where previously I was content to stay with what I was comfortable with.
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    "...you ditched me..." "...ditched me..." "...ditched..." Like Fronk dead? What a shame... Now I will never know how to hunt.
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    You're talking about realism mate but in order to kill you must gain KOS rights? Is that realistic? No. You're talking realism but people are protected by rules, is this realistic? No. Yes, if this was the real apocalypse all guns would be gone by now and let's face it, half the characters would be dead within their first day of playing. People would also not go out looking for people to chat with in the middle of the street, they'd be chilling somewhere with their boys, waiting for the infection to die out, only going out to find supplies. People wouldn't be chillin' in the middle of Kabanino would they? Oh no, you lost your rifle to people who robbed your ass, live with it. People can pretty much do what ever the fuck they want, and If they want your gun, they're going to take it. Regardless of if they're a military man or not. Maybe I don't know, not complain on the forums and go get your shit back mate? Simple. Let's face it, two/three years in, majority of soldiers would've given up by now. For example, if I want someones rifle... I'm gonna take it... If they want to give it or not. Hell I'll even say " I ran the UN, that rifle is my property "... Don't mean I was/am. Chattin' about more rules being added... Nah mate. If anything we need less rules that protect players. But then again... We've gotta keep all the campfire RPERS safe from harm now don't we... You got robbed. Deal with it.
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    Looking good, but perhaps may I suggest a meme thread @Rolle
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    Alright then, So....Am I going to join the band wagon here and pull a full on Nazi Shit? Nah, that ain't how I kick the bucket in. But I am going to be honest. Seems like I am pulling a real dick move leaving just after 2 days becoming an Admin and honestly, this entire situation has made sad, all these people who I considered friends or people who I have respect for being permabanned, leaving and pulling a full on o7 kek worthy thread note that Arctic Starling would be proud off. Lets be honest here. I am not a man that joined because of power, even though I fully admit that I joined staff originally to have a bigger avatar and have free skin donations to stop being a whitename. But as time past, I really did start to care for what I was working towards. People Like @Muntz @Sumos @Terra @Caesar @Dax were people that taught me how to be staff...and by that actually care for the community. In time I grew a passion to try and make quality for the community, something that all could enjoy and be fair on all perspectives. I wanted to try and work towards a community that works together and works with each other. I honestly...and truly do care for all people here, from the permabanned players and trolls to the highest ranking members of staff. I see potential in every single person. But what has forced me to leave like I am? Simple, that community is gone for me. Over the years I have seen so many people come and go....I could name a few: Warmachine, Luna, Red, Neszy, Tomeran, SumoS...etc.. A lot of people who I really love have just gone. And thats the problem, I have seen far to many people come and go and that just makes you lose passion. You try to keep fighting to keep things running but as each day goes more and more of those people you care about go...I don't want to keep working for a community that now is no longer the community I joined nor one I love anymore.....I'm just going to relax with the friends that I have, focus on my career and look after my family where I can. To those I tried, I am sorry, I just don't have the will left in me anymore. A few notes to people: @Rolle I never understood why it took you so long to trust me and the times you kept me from being admin originally and after because of the people I hang around with or who I am in a relationship with. I almost left each time but wanted to prove to you that I am not a snake. What you said really hurt.....each time that really really hurt me and the time it took to reply originally because you where scared that I would leave hurt me even more. I only stayed to prove I wanted the best for the community that day, nothing else. I wanted to help, and generally wanted the best for everyone. I never worked for you and never reapplied to help you out. I came to help the community. I ain't going to flame you, I have no reason to but I do wish your family well and hopefully one day you will be out of the muck you are in with the debts. All I can say is...like everybody says: Please listen to your team, and if you think I'm leaving to be toxic, or to be a cunt or abandoning you to flame. Please don't, I'd rather you see me as somebody who tried to bring something rather than one who wishes to destroy. @uSx I love you to bits, you are a lovely lovely person and one who I have great respect for. Thank you for making Liska with me and god damn it you deserve that MVP tag for making that wonderful group. I know we will keep in contact. Love you xxx @Emile Play civ more you cuck. I know you got a RL now and are enjoying it to it's fullest... Don't be a stranger though xxx @Sasha and @Sunshine We don't speak much, but I am honestly so happy for you both. When I heard that Sasha was going to visit I couldn't help but smile. Make every moment you have the best...and that comes from the heart. Both of you are a lovely, kind and well thought out couple....Sure Sasha you have some rough edges but you are a soft teddy bear deep inside. Sunshine, I am sorry I was scared to add you on Steam after the ban, I was honestly scared to...but after time I learnt to be a man and accept you. Glad I did. Love you both xxx @Terra You are a wonderful lady. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. From the day I first had a chat with you drunk out of my mind praising you for your work IRL and in DayzRP to this present day. Love you to bits....Keep in contact and shout at me more xxx @Andrey My favorite Romanian. I'm glad we met by accident on that day with Whiskey. You are a fantastic RPer and a great friend. Best of luck with your school, I know you can do well. @JimRP. Dw, will keep wrecking you in HOI4 or ragequiting when I think your cheating. Best of luck with DayzRP and VineRP. @Ron. You are a wonderful lady, one with a huge heart and one that can drink me under the table. Cya as we continue our Civ games :* I loved working with you as a GM and I am glad that I got to experience working with you @Caesar and @Dax I'm sorry I'm doing this...Thank you for the chat we had this morning but I just don't have it in me anymore. I went out to the police station...trying to come back with a more positive light...but all I saw where more of my friends jumping the band wagon...and saying sorry doesn't cut it, I feel like I am abandoning everything I believed in. But now, I just lost all hope to keep on trying. Thank you for all the help, teaching and support you have given me through the years. @Jannik. Oddly enough, the bloody link thing isn't working anymore...Do I really have to say anything to you? I'm the channel with you right now. I love you to bits. Cya on HOI4. Watch those ladders. @Masulli, Gina, Othuyeg and Hagger. You guys are lovely....wonderful Finish people. Each one of you have a lovely voice and a big heart. God bless you all. Masulli...join me on warthunder as much as you can...I am actually starting to like using tanks. Darkstyle: My favourite Nazi. Keep eating those carrots There are to many names to name...and some of these accounts aren't active...so I am going to name a few people who I miss and love. Jimmy: When I first banned you and saw all your friends upset...I got a lot of hate from it...God I hated doing it and banning you......Love you to bits man, always regretted banning you when I had to originally. Neszy: Thank you ever so much with all the help in Liska and sparking my interest back into SA. You are a great Lad. Husky: If i didn't say your name, you would get hissy pissy so I am going to remember this time and say I love you <3 Shark is angry i didn't add him. Love you to Shark. You twat. Rampage,Echo,Roman, jesus the names....there are to many names of people....To many people...to many gone....To many people who I love and respect are just gone. This is why I will go also. Time to be a ghost and enjoy life. I'm sorry.
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    I know this is coming from a current staff team. But this has been suggested in a few different forms in the past. That staff rotate positions and new ones come in. Many didn't like this, because many work hard to get where they are and when everyone gets kicked out. They, like many, would say well why the fuck am I staying and why the fuck should we train the new guys when we are being pushed out. Staff isn't easy, by any means. Hebee knows this, anyone who was in staff knows this. Though I might be a Admin, first I am Aiko. As Aiko, I enjoy Anime and I enjoy talking and getting to know a wide range of different people. As Aiko, I like to know people first before I cast my judgment on them as a person. I will hop into peoples channels, if they allow, and chat with them and yes BS with them. Hell I been through a few sessions of drunk Kevin, and others as well. Yet I found it funny, and hung out and made sure they didn't get into to much trouble. But, to someone else, they would see it differently. Because they see that red badge, they think I am "the fun police." That I am a SJW, and that I don't like fun and that PVP is a bad form of RP. That anyone who PVP's is a bad person, and that I am only hanging out in certain TS channels because I am monitoring what they say. Everyone is different Viking, people will see it for what they want to see it as. I think I am a good person, and I am doing an ok job. I do have much to learn still, and sure I could post more around the site. But to me posting on the forums isn't where people will give you their honest opinion. Its not where you get to know people. Its on TS, voice to voice. I am saying all of this, because each staff member is different. We have a wide range of different people already. I am different than you, my views are different than you. Now if someone who hasnt been trained in staff, I think it be extremely difficult to write a proper verdict. Along with other things which I will list here. Issuing points, Issuing IG Bans, learning RCON, Pulling Logs, Knowing WL questions front and back, how to deal with Passphrase, Question threads, Trouble shooting threads, Appeals, Alt Accounts, Finding double IP's, Suspicion steam accounts, Lore/Backstories, underage, emails, and much more. What sucks the most, is watching some of your friends get banned by fellow staff members....Knowing they did wrong, being disappointed in them. Sometimes it has to be you doing those bans. Making certain groups hate you, certain people hate you. Making you seem like a bad person, when you are simply doing your job. So its a lot to learn, a lot to handle. Not everyone is cut to be staff, and some shouldn't be honestly. Would you volunteer to be staff? If it meant you might, one day, have to ban someone you respected at one point? Take the heat, so others didn't have to? Get people saying horrible things about you, when you did nothing to them? Anyway, these are my thoughts on this. If a bit scrambled you get my drift.
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    Jesus fucking christ. Can we go a day with us not getting into a fucking argument about some stupid shit. We have way more problems than this right now. We need to hold this place together and improve it. Yes, some of them were tired of not being listened to. They did what they did, now lets move on, keep this place from falling a part long enough to make some actual god damn change and improve it.
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    Well, after all of the threads and posts from the majority of the members banned, I'm actually kind of glad they're gone. If you think about it, the numerous suicide threads really showed many members' true character. Posting pictures of your balls on an online gaming community, extreme / severe cyber bullying towards others, sentences that made absolutely no sense, and simply just immaturity. I'm not saying everyone that left the community or was permanently banned was toxic, the ones whom made the disgusting and immature threads I believed proved were. Needless to say, I'm kind of glad. Time will tell if they were the source of the recent toxicity. Judging by their character, in my opinion, I believe they were. Well, that's my 2 cents.
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    It's my time. Real life is too hectic, I've been thinking about this for weeks. Peace out for a few.
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    You know what? I'm gonna finally say it and I don't care if I get hate over it. @JimRP is a great fuckin' guy and if you all think since he's been here, that the community is dying or things are turning for the worse, then you are wrong. It is not Jim's fault at all. All he did was save DayZRP from being shut down, all he did was bring in much more roleplayers. He has no say in anything else. People have to stop blaming him for anything and everything. So Jim, thanks for allowing us to continue roleplaying here since you've arrived. Thanks for all your attempts at bringing in new blood to RP with. Thanks for helping out many community members in their financial ruts and then they turn on him like wild dogs (I did not get ONE cent from Jim just FYI for everyone asking). I am saying all this because this man is genuinely a great guy trying to do good for people and all he gets is hate. Time for someone to say something good about the man. Keep being awesome Jim.
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    I'm sorry, but ever since this community basically went "corporate" with JimRP, it has lost its value and integrity for me. This corner of the internet used to be an escape for me while I was dealing with the hardest time of my life since I have existed. My divorce was intensely disorienting and broke me to the point of giving up. It was only DayZRP.com that kept me sane because of the friends I made, mostly due to the sensation of community, and the fact that it was a place I could disappear to with like-minded indivuduals when I needed it most. It is no longer this anymore. So many veterans that were around and great long before my time have left for my same reasons, and I didn't understand why: This place has become a cesspool of diluted business and power-drunk younglings who lord over their own positions. Instead of a community, it has become a Facebook with prison guards who lord over their power without realizing the depth and time people have invested over the years to contribute to a community that should have more involvement from the higher-ups. This community was a creation of play, not work. And so, the tables have flipped. So, so, so many great RPers have moved on from this corner of the internet because of the absolute pollution. Goodnight, and goodbye.
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    *Apply directly to bullet wounds*
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    Holy shit so much WAAH. Look, I too used to hate bandit rp, always getting held up, having my things stolen, etc. But then I did some fuckin' campfire rp as some may call it and realized why people played bandits. I can only sit around on my computer, to sit around in a town, to talk about made up stories that 9/10 times are incredibly boring. I just came back to the community maybe a week ago? almost? and one of the first things that happened to me was I ran into Akrasia, it was incredibly fun and it's why I continued to play. Joffrey played my mind, making me believe he was on my side, we ended up getting initiated on and I got taken into the ACT, they took an axe to my prosthetic limb, and thankfully my character was deep enough into the story at this point that they questioned me about my past affiliations and such, with mack james, Mobius, etc. Anyway next thing I know I see Joffrey walk up the stairs all like howdya do and I realized I was betrayed. Joffrey then taught Jake a lesson that day, that to survive you must ally yourself with those that are strong, the weak have no place in this world, except to be taken advantage of. It gave me this whole new look on bandit rp, and the intricacies of it. Long story, but what I'm trying to say is people usually are much nicer and smarter OC than you think, don't get salty because they took your things or did this or that to you, it's part of the game. To seriously claim Akrasia is just a group of banter boys PvPers literally is just an act of ignorance, and it's not your fault, they don't go around telling you their intentions and making sure you understand why they're doing what they're doing, like some bond villain, they let their actions speak for themselves. P.S. Excuse my shade, enjoy whatever type of rp you want. It's just not for some people. But don't just cry about it when someone comes and shits in your cereal, maybe ask them why they did it?
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    After being embroiled in a bloody war for weeks on end, Akrasia needed to find a place that they could fall back to. Some place that they could call home. They searched around the country, trying to find a place that was easily defensible, slightly out of the way, yet still central to the areas they traveled. They finally decided on the Bashnya compound after a few days of debating and searching. The compound proved to be a good choice. With a military building, walls, a gate, a well and apple trees, they could become more self sufficient. Not only would the well, apple trees, and location help them be efficient, they could turn a profit off of it. With the well and apple trees being some of the closest sources of food and water to certain parts of the airfield and the surrounding area, people would travel to and from the location. Now that they were in control of such a valuable location, they could charge a tax for entry, a tax for picking apples, and even a tax on drinking from or using the well. It was a perfect place, a place that they could soon become comfortable enough to call home. This is not a friendly or safe settlement. You enter at your own risk. This is Akrasia's HOME, not a trading compound. You may only enter the compound if you are a member of Akrasia, have explicit permission, or have paid the entry tax. Any attempts to enter the compound without permission/paying tax, or trying to sneak in will be met with death. If given permission to enter, you must enter through the front gate. You may not enter the compound if there are no members of Akrasia to let you in. If you enter, you may be shot. All members of enemy groups/factions that attempt to enter the compound may be shot on sight. If you are not allowed entry, and still attempt to enter, you will be shot. Anybody caught impersonating Akrasia will be thrown out. All weapons must be holstered inside the settlement, as well as all faces must be uncovered. Using the well/apple trees requires a tax to be paid. Refusal to pay the tax will result in you being barred from using either services. Destroying the apple trees or tents without permission will result in your death. Theft from tents, or being caught in our tents, will be met with death. Theft from apple trees will result in you being thrown out of the compound. The admin building is off limits. Entry without permission will result in you being thrown out. If you are given permission to enter the admin building, you must be accompanied by a member of Akrasia. If you are told to leave the compound, you must leave. Refusal to leave may result in being shot. *Any taxes may be in the form of a stack of ammunition that we need, certain food items, and/or medical supplies* Thanks to @Shadows for the great graphics!
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    *The radio clicks alive* *The radio draws slient*
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    Asking: @Oliv @Dax @Aiko @Jamie @Rolle Q1. Okay, so this post on Jade's staff feedback directly conflicts this rule of the staff feedback section: Now, why is it still there, the post, I know of 2 times it has been reported due to the fact that it directly conflicts the rules, therefore, it makes me wonder why the rule put in place is still present and similarly to that post. The post should either be verbally warned or, the rule should be removed, especially since this appeal was accepted for doing the same thing: The post itself is not constructive, it provides nothing that Jade could use to improve and is essentially a pat on the back. My question for the admins is, should this rule be enforced or removed for the reasons I have stated above? A1. In our efforts to ease up on pointing things so frivolously on the forum we are getting a bit more relaxed on pointing things on the forum. As well, just because feedback does not break some one down so analytically and critically does not mean it is good feedback either. Yes, we look for constructive feedback, because we strive for things to work and improve on, but sometimes hearing you are doing a good job and aren't a complete fuck up is constructive, as it helps you know the path you're on with helping people is the right path. Personally, I would like to see a nice balance of both, feedback that can say "hey good job on this, but this could be better". Would be nice if we could see more of that, as all we have been seeing lately is "you fucked up" type of feedback. Just my take on it though -Oliv Q2: @Oliv Wouldn't it be better to just remove the rule then? A2: No, because then we would see a comeback of feedback like "+1" or "great staff" /Rolle Q3: @Rolle Like you got in the post above which is pretty much the same but in a longer form? A3:
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    I'm noticing a trend of confusion in the reports section. There seems to be a large portion of the community who do not understand what "Baiting" is. This leads to a lot of reports that are a waste of everyone's time. I want to help clear this up for some newer members as well as some established members who I can hear in peoples report VODS shouting "HE'S BAITING US!" "THAT'S BAITING DUDE!" when they clearly have no clue what they're talking about. So let's talk about what IS baiting and what IS NOT baiting: Baiting IS: 6.4 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defence (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions. What does this mean? It means that you can't FORCE someone to initiate on you so that you can kill them. It's important to note that it is not baiting if you provide them with a choice, it's only baiting if you give them no other choice than to initiate on you. Examples of baiting would be: Standing in the doorway so someone can't get by, refusing to move so they are basically stuck there until you log out or move out of their way, forcing them to initiate. Following someone after they repeatedly demand that you leave them alone, forcing them to initiate on you so that you'll stop following them. I believe previous verdicts have also found people guilty of baiting when Player A tells Player B to help them initiate on Group A (either to get revenge for a made-up robbery that occurred earlier, or to save a friend, or whatever reason) when in fact player A is secretly a member of Group A. When player B initiates as they were asked to, player A guns them down with their newly gained (by coercing player B) Kill Rights. Note: If Player B comes up with the plan entirely unprompted, that's another story. This example is specific to Player A telling Player B to initiate. Baiting is a bit tricky to understand, so it's understandable that there might be some confusion. However, a lot of the reports where Baiting is incorrectly used seem to be a case of salt reports where Baiting is thrown in on a hope and a prayer that someone will get banned. This is a poor attitude to have in this community and I hope this sort of thing goes away, we're all mature adults and I'm happy to see that after talking it out on TS many such reports are simply dropped. The few that are not dropped seem to be because the accuser doesn't understand what baiting is. We've already talked about what baiting is, so let's talk about what it is not. Baiting is NOT: Insulting someone because you have more guns on your side than they do. Strong arming a group because you have snipers Running around outside of a settlement, watching with binoculars, or even potentially hurling a few insults in the hopes that the inhabitants will exit the compound to confront you. If you find yourself confused about if a situation is considered "baiting" then I would suggest you ask this simple question. "Is there a choice?" If they are insulting you, you don't HAVE to initiate on them... you CAN actually just be insulted by their words, insult them back or consider RP consequences as a way to fight back against insults. If someone attempts to strong arm you, you don't HAVE to initiate in response, you can acknowledge that they have snipers and that surely there will be dead on both sides, ask them if it's really worth it to lose people for something so foolish, you don't HAVE to initiate. Finally, the settlement one is a bit situational. Just because people are acting sketchy outside your walls doesn't mean they're baiting, you do have a choice to simply ignore them or you could even go out and talk to them, you are not being forced to initiate. However, if they refuse to leave you alone after repeated demands then it is a lot like the second "baiting" example I provided, they can't just keep pestering you forever until you initiate, so there is a line that should not be crossed. Mis-ID vs NVFL The other thing I am seeing a lot of lately in the reports section is people not identifying people in a firefight. I completely understand wanting to hit people with NVFL if they run towards bullets, believe me I cringe pretty hard any time I hear someone in game say "Did you hear those gun shots? Want to go see what's going on?" so yes, it is definitely important that players understand they are NOT supposed to run into a firefight to loot bodies or "see what's going on" and doing so is definitely NVFL. Please don't do that. 5.6 Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage and threatened with death if you don't stop. HOWEVER, I am seeing the opposite extreme more and more lately. If a gun fight breaks out in Vyshnoye, that's fine, I can understand shooting anyone inside the town, it's a small town and anyone running into the town after lots of gunfire is either deaf, stupid, doesn't value their life, or is an enemy. What I'm troubled by is that people take this mindset and they apply it to HUUUGE sections of the map. They start a gun fight in Lopatino then they chase an enemy to the Airfield, then they run south to Vybor and kill anything that moves, then they see 3 people walking down the road towards Kab and spray them down "just to be safe". Always confirm your targets in game - if uncertain about a players identity it's better to hold fire than to risk a KoS. Come on people, use your common sense, if a gunfight starts in an area, don't expect every player on that 1/4 of the map to be an enemy combatant. Once you start to move away from the area where the firefight began, you should be expecting that you'll run into clueless bystanders who were well away from the fighting and have no idea that the fighting has moved towards them. Lately I've seen reports where people assumed everyone is hostile, shoot everyone with a particular color clothing or backpack (as if that's a reliable indicator of who the enemy is, a common color that anyone can wear) or just assume anyone in a particular area of the map is an enemy. That's not NVFL, that's Mis-ID and it needs to stop. Conclusion PvP is a valuable part of RP, without it there would be no tension and no fear whatsoever. However, there are rules and you are expected to know them before you pull the trigger. One thing you'll notice when you read the rules section is that there are a lot of rules that make it difficult to be an attacker, you need to be sure of a LOT of stuff and I see many people claiming "I couldn't know if they were a threat" or "I was too far to see if they had a gun" so they shot "to be safe". I hate to tell you folks, but being a bandit IS tough, and I only recommend it to people who really know what they're doing. You need a crystal clear understanding of the rules, a really good sense of situational awareness, good communication both with your allies and your victims, good aim, and good RP. It's freaking tough! However, if your plan falls apart because you didn't contain the situation and unknowns are all over the place, it's on YOU to ID your targets. If you can't do it, you need to bail, don't just shoot everything that moves.
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    Hello lovelies. Ya know what goes up here, so I'll get right into shout-outs. @Rolle You've put a ton of work into this community over the years and I'm so grateful to you for that. I've had a blast and met so many unique, creative, fascinating people from all over the world on DayzRP. It's all thanks to you <3 @Coreena I love you, you beautiful soul. I know you have a lot going on and I think about you a lot and hope you're doing well. Message me sometime, woman. @Stagsview You're one of the fucking nicest, most empathetic people I've ever met. The few times I got to actually rp with you were some of the most interesting and fucking awesome rp memories I've got. Thanks lovie. Also, thanks for accepting my steam request. I won't go batshit on you again, pinky swearz <3 @Ragnar I've missed you friend and I'm sorry I've been out of touch. I'll be in touch on steam today and lets play together Missing you, Lunar. @Terra I adore the hell out of you and remember every single rp situation I ever had with you because it was always memorable. A regret of mine is that I never actually got around to selling you into slavery after catching you Hugs and kisses woman. I know you're probably sad about the DayzRP situation right now, because I know you care so much about this community. Know that the work you did was appreciated and you are loved. @Roman Sorry I yelled at you that time. I remember rping with you over a year ago -- Coreena, me, you/ your guys and strange/highly questionable D/s shenanigans in a shed @Keith My oldest friend here. We were noobs together <3 I'll harass you @Ellie I remember meeting you AGES ago on my Rebecca Blaylock character. You tried to marry me to your buddy you fiend. Rping with you in the faith was some of the most consistently fun rp in my time here. It remains one of the main bright spots in my time here. I heart you sister. @Jack the Ripper Catching you/ getting caught by you was always something I hoped for gallivanting around Chenarus. In my mind, you were my longest archnemesis <3 @Luckydente I'll miss you! @Pinky Thank you for my beautiful artwork! I'm going to change my pic back to that before I go! @JimRP You're a great guy. @metalxtongue Another of my oldest friends. You've long since moved on to other things than DayzRP. Great memories with you and great storylines. RIP Rebecca Blaylock. Best rp murder ever @Pumpkin Okay so you've changed your name and I don't know what it is now. I hope you see this. Funeral Parlour with you was my first real group and I'll miss all the schenanigans with you. Miss you. @Rampage Start the other Dayz roleplay thing again. Try one more time pleeze. @Kat I've never actually chatted with you, but I respect the hell out of you from your posts on the forums. @Sylvester Todd @Lee Gates @masquerade2015/2016 You guys were my first rp experience. The conflict made my first several months here super fun and exciting and probably kept me engaged with DayzRP long enough to make friends and get established. Thanks for the murder and mayhem <3 @Sasha You tricked me into eating mouldy cheese flavored jelly beans telling me they were vanilla ones and then tried to make me think I was crazy for telling you they were definitely NOT vanilla. But I guess I forgive you cause u got a sexy voice.
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    Due to the recent exodus also current low population for the servers that had been seen even before that a change should be made in my opinion. I feel a reduction in the number of members required for a group to become a faction is in order. It is hard for any group to have 20 members in it when the server can barely even hit and maintain 60 people at the moment. Of course I believe it would be much more efficient to only allow approved groups (approved similar to the old system) take benefits of factions. However that is something that would require more work and simply reducing the number required to maybe 10-13 would be a quicker and easier fix for the time being. Pretty short and sweet really, I got nothing else to add.
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    I am not picking sides nor will I say what I think about everything that happened the past 2 days. I don't have time for that as I have enough problems IRL. However, I chose to stay as positive as I can about anything in life. Like everyone, I am human. I myself feel the need to lash out at times and I have. But at the end of the day, I choose to be positive. I have not been roleplaying much lately due to IRL and the series editing, but as much as I hate that some good people left with the wave of bans and I will miss some, I have but only one thing to say. At this time, there are 23766 members in this community (at this time). From what I hear 80ish have been banned (woah) BUT those 80 people were not the only existing players on this server. They were only the well-known players. Sure not all play right now (mostly because dayz as a game is dying due to lack of major patch) but when that day comes, and we get a fresh lore start, out of those members we have, there will be plenty coming back to play regular, including vets. Roleplay will continue as it was before in good time. People have to give a chance to the newer players. It's time for a newer gen of roleplayers to take the lead. And it WILL happen. DayZRP is not dead. Far from it. It only feels like that cause old friends are gone *sad*. But opening our eyes to see the 23766 members, you can clearly see plenty of opportunities to make new friends and roleplay like we always have. Somewhere along the lines, people forgot this was a GAME. They got too complicated on rules and politics of the community and upping eachother to prove points (staff or members). If you do like me, and try your hardest to ignore the OOC/Salt/bad vibes/drama etc. The game is fuckin' fun. I come here to play above all, and every time I get on, I enjoy it cause that's my mentality. Stay positive and ignore forum shit and actually play the game and roleplay and I tell ya, it's nice out there
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    Staff Problems 1- To much over thinking in reports / reported posts Solutions 1- This is honestly what i see is the biggest issue when it comes to the current staff team and honestly something that I personally had to overcome when I was in staff. You are there to moderate the forums / in game and that is essentially it. Post moderation should be simple, however it is clearly not reviewing the past warnings / ban appeals that have been over turned. Stop looking for things that are not there. If a post is flaming then point it. If it is not flaming, do not argue that it might be and point it anyway. Simple as that. Same goes for unnecessary posts / shit posts. 2- Inactive staff coupled with improperly trained staff Solutions 2 - Remove dead weight. And properly train. I'm sorry but there are people in staff that I just do not have an understanding for why. And while my standards for activity are particular high I can understand that not everyone can spend 15 hours a day on this website nor would I expect any of you current staff members to do that. However looking at all of the questions / troubleshooting / reports handled it really seems like there is a few token staff members doing the majority of the work while the rest sit around and banter in TS or Slack. This is unacceptable and I honestly hated that when I was in staff, especially during the wave. It made me resent a lot of fellow staff members. "You need to cut this dead weight, and while you may say, your team is small already" Well what does it matter if the team gets smaller when these people do absolutely nothing in the first place. I will not call anyone out because that is not my style I am not an asshole but I do like to believe the few people that I am referring to know who they are. For the properly train that is a two way street. Admins have to train the new staff members but it is also up to new staff members when they are unsure of something to get help. I always had to go and ask Terra, or Conor, or Mamba for help when i was new in staff even as an admin I did this there is no shame in it. Ingame Problems 1-Terrible quality of role play. Solutions 1- The role play right now is utter hogwash. I take part of it but I absolutely hate it. Its nothing but PvP. There has to be something done about this, and who knows maybe now that 80 people are gone this will not be an issue. However if it is the same as before the only role play that I have received since January coming back into game / the community is "Put your hands up" and the generic asking me about the groups I know in the area. This is atrocious compared to when I first joined, and I hate that cliche "Back in my day" but it is true. My only solution for this would be to have more active higher ups in staff i.e. admins and maybe tighten down on bad RP rules and the requirements to initiate on someone. That is really all I got but I urge you to think of something as well. Forums Problems 1- The only problem I see on the forums is people flaming for beanz Solution - Delete the post after you deal with warning it. that will get rid of the beanz that person received for that post thus making flaming for beanz pointless. Other Problems 1- Meme thread. Solutions - Honestly I get it. I do, It is nearly impossible to perfectly moderate something like this. But if you implore my suggestion for keeping it black and white and not trying to read into shit, you can do it. "Is it a flaming meme or is it not" That simple. This community took a turn for the worse when the meme thread was closed. people started shit posting elsewhere and getting points which led to finals and permabans and all of this kind of coalesced into what we have had in the past few days. A massive fucking shitty snowball came rolling down from the top of the meme thread mountain.
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    In the middle of the shitstorm which is the 1st March, I've decided to voice my concerns about the verdict in the report by @lukzo2024 @BTR, you lied about and withheld evidence relevant to this report. However since you admitted to it when confronted and afterwards provided all required proof your punishment will be lowered due to extenuating circumstances. For lying in report you will receive 3 days ban and 5 points. Many things about this punishment are, worrying, to say the least. I will try and summarise Firstly, since when has apologising ever warranted a smaller punishment? I've always understood that if you lie in a report, you get a 7 day ban and 10 points. I'm pretty sure this can be brought up to aggravated if there is a level of "OOC hate" shown present in the report. In the eventual video produced by BTR (after he lied to the GM team about not having it) it is clear that there is a lot of hate toward my group. We are classed as PVPers essentially, and therefore barely get any roleplay from the OP's group. If you want to apologise, you speak to the person who is reporting you, that's how it has always worked. The boss man told me that but how is lying in a report to get other people banned showing a "positive attitude"? So its more like a question, but I imagine the answer is going to be vague and its gonna turn out like a discussion. As @Rolle says here: The verdict isn't going to be changed, so I just want to know Is lying in a report okay now if you apologise to the admin team once you get caught? is punching someone in the face to try and roleplay, now much more severe than trying to intentionally get members of the community banned by withholding evidence? If I go on a mass kos spree, then apologise to the admins when they show me the logs, will I only get a 3 day ban for "positive attitude"?
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    @Cid, You know your name backwards is pronounced "Dic" Right? That's not SFW.
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    Aww. Congrats to you and Hassan. Being a parent is awesome.
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    *While looking up at the stars Raul takes one final bite out of his apple and tosses the core into a nearby stream. He then pulls the radio out of his pack. He presses down on the transmission button he lets out a quick sigh and proceeds to speak. * Señor Tani, I agree that it is pointless continuing with this little game of cat and mouse. No matter what we do, the both of us always end up losing. I understand that we may have had a somewhat rough start. Heck, I will even admit that I could have handled the whole thing differently. Despite our hostile introductions, I am willing to let bygones be bygones, but are you willing to do the same? If so, then you have my word that neither I nor my people will bring you any harm. I truly do hope that we can meet in person, greeting each other with a handshake rather than holding blades against each other's throats. *He then turns the radio off putting it back into his pack. Still having a small appetite, he reaches for another apple. After taking the first bite, he starts coughing violently. Elijah notices that Raul is choking and gives him a hard smack on the back, dislodging the tiny piece of apple stuck in Raul's throat. Raul has himself a quick laugh after realizing how ironic it would have if he had died in such a manner, choking on an apple. Tired, he sat down against an old pine tree looking up at the stars. As he falls into a deep slumber, he begins dreaming about his old life and the place he once called home. *
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