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    Dear Community I will have to leave Staff at this point as my priorities have changed in RL. I thought the three weeks break would give me the time to get everything done, but sadly that is not enough and I have to change my focus. It was a blast all those years and I dont regret anything. I had much fun and I got to know so many lovely people. This Community is still my home and I wont leave, since I enjoy hanging around and of course I enjoy playing and roleplaying. There are so many people I would love to thank personaly but I cannot name them all. In general, I would love to thank you all for your support, your feedback, may it be a pat on the back or criticism, for your nice words, for discussions and suggestions. Without you, you active players and members, I would have not been able to do this and without you DayZRP would be long gone. Thanks to the people I was able to work with during my time in Staff. I know your good intentions and you all work(ed) hard to keep DayZRP going. I will absolutely miss the time. Again, thank you all for your support in every way. With much love, Terra
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    I have no words to express how much I do not want you in this community. Okay, so your friend was banned for combat logging. Yes, he was, there is no difference between that and "emergency logging". You log out before that 30 minutes is up, you get a CL ban. Onto your next line of though, no one has ever been banned for 2 days for KoS. KoS is 7 days, RDM is 3 days, attempted KoS is 3 and Attempted RDM is 2. No one is lying about standard punishments, this community has been around for 4 years, we have a lot of things in place that don't change. Castiel is not a part of the Kindred group nor is he biased. You sound pretty mad that you and your friend were legitimately banned. No one who is in the group of the accused or the OP can handle a report, ever. And finally, what the hell abuse of power are you talking about? Let's get this straight: You use an IC hate as a justification for RDMing someone, claim the GM is bias because you don't know that Combat Logging and "Emergency Logging" have literally no difference, and then you start flaming people in your own discussion because for some reason you're too mad to realise that you've gotten every single part of your point wrong? Reviewed, permabanned.
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    Gotta say, the majority of the admins haven't been around much on the forums. I definitely realize that more work goes into being an admin than just posting in ban appeals, but I've seen a shockingly small amount of work out of some people. Not to mention, TeamSpeak presence. Now before I go getting anybody defending themselves about their TeamSpeak presence, it would help my observations if people didn't hide out so much in the locked channels. I'm talking about you, Jamie. So far the work I can see being done goes as follows: Ban Appeals, based on a full month (December 23 - January 23). Total Appeals: 108. Total amount solved by Admin's: 95 (all percentages based on such). Terra: 54 (56%) - Alex: 14 (14%) - Rolle: 11 (12%) - Jamie: 10 (11%) - Aiko: 3 (3%) - Oliv: 3 (3%) Now, Terra's been on break since the 19th of January, meaning people were forced to come out of their shells a little bit as far as verdicts go. But, I'm curious to see what the activity is like on average with the full staff team around, and not when people are forced to do more work because their big hitter is on holidays. Before Terra's break (Dec. 23 - Jan 19), the numbers are a little more shocking. Rolle: 11, Alex: 7, Jamie: 7, Oliv: 2, Aiko: 0 In an ideal team, with 6 admins, each person should be able to pull their own weight to a tune of 17% (100 divided by 6, rounded up). It looks like Terra is literally the only person pulling those kind of numbers. And then some. Actually, if we do the math... she's pulling 3x her weight (56 - 17 = 3.3). Now, I better wrap this up, because I know how daunting it might be to already read this through. But, I know Terra, and I've worked with Terra. I know that she's not only doing appeals, but she's likely one of the most active people in the Helpdesk, in staff chat, and in the whitelists. I honestly won't believe that by some miracle she's not touched a whitelist and the rest of the team are the only ones handling those. No way would I buy that. Because that would pretty much be one of the only scenarios I could see to defend the inactivity of some of the admins, and that isn't even very likely. All of which leaves me with one major thought, "No wonder that poor woman needed a break." I want to end this by saying you've all done a lot of work to get to where you are, and that's admirable -- but don't let the top of the ladder lull you into this false sense of security. If you can't make yourself available to do ban appeals, or be a presence in the community... step aside for someone who can.
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    I will be reading what I find dramatic, well written posts from the community and narrating them live to a small audience of peers. I love what the people in these videos wrote, and I support them in their efforts. Today is Episode 1, Cipher. A friend of mine who recently posted Introductions and Farewells, and I felt it needed to audio OOmph added to it. -Love you Cipher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTE9PjKs71M&feature=youtu.be For Episode 2, we delve into Radio Chatter. I selected a particularly hostile post, that I felt truly coneys what it means to post in the Radio Chatter thread. This was read live, with no prior practice, so I apologize if I slaughter pronunciations, or names and jargon. Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynUUGLA_-9c&feature=youtu.be For Episode 3, Deadplex gives us a heartfelt goodbye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4Of-ZR0zwU&feature=youtu.be (this killed my voice.)
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    Welp. My time in Staff has come to an end. I don't have the passion for it anymore and the team just isn't the same. Beyond the all too frequent mistakes and the fact I feel nobody is willing to listen, learn or see reason I have lost all motivation to continue on trying. Should be fun to actually play the game again. I'll still be around, not leaving the community. Goodbye Staff, thanks for the laughs. Special thanks to Jamie, Oliv, Terra, Andrey, DarkSide, SpaceCowboy, Shadows and Staggs for making it such a great experience. Love you all.
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    After that firefight
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    The children. The girlfriend and I. Been a while since I posted pics figured why not.
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    This. Not to mention its pretty hypocritical of him to post a picture of a fat guy trying to roast someone but I guess that's none of my bidness.
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    Here you go, @Aiko All I really want as a community member is to see change. I feel your responses were pretty vague and not very thought out. You’re an admin, you are not going to any higher unless you have 10k we don’t know about. If you have ideas that you think would better the community, then you should be pursuing them. If you think this community is toxic and harmful to new players, then address it, and have a plan to change that. Don't tell me it's a problem, address the problem. Even if I believe your idea is completely loony, at least you came forward with something rather than doing nothing. I can’t hold it against anyone for trying. The community entrusts you (staff) all. We hope you are steering the ship with new ideas, addressing concerns, feedback, and improving the server overall. I don’t care how many appeals you do. I don’t personally care if you do one appeal or three hundred appeals. I don’t put value in that. I do put value though on how involved you are into the community, how invested you are, and how much of a voice you have. You should have ideas, you shouldn’t turn around and be asking, “What are your ideas?” My name isn’t red, I’m a community member, I do my part, and my part is very limited. Your part is not. As I said don’t be afraid to take chances. Some work, some don’t. You shouldn’t have the mindset that because in the past some haven’t worked out that we have abandoned the idea of new concepts. I know I come off as hostile, but deep down I do not try to be. My issue is that there’s 52 players online right now between both servers, not even enough to fill one server to capacity. That’s not good, and it feels like many are complacent. That it's just a-okay. Just a teenage phase. I feel there’s way too much blame being shifted on the game because that’s an easy escape. It’s easy to say it’s a poorly developed early access game, and rely on the next patch. What are you going to do for the next several months though before the next patch? What are you going to do when the patches stop? I agree the game is bad, but I don’t think the game has any weight on the decline of quality in roleplay today. It may mean less players, but it doesn’t take away from the other core problems in the community. DayZ =/= DayZRP. Not all the problems relate. There’s player retention, and there’s player attraction. Those are two different things. Do we need new players? Yes. Do we need to retain players? Yes. One is not greater than the other, but there always seems to be a greater demand on finding someone for PR, find content creators, and bring in “waves.” I don’t agree, I don’t feel that buying content creators who really don’t have the interest on their own to play here is a solution. PsiSyndicate’s work was rushed, it was sloppy, it contained several rulebreaks, and it send the wrong message. In one of his videos someone even goes OOC in VOIP and says, “Is that PsiSyndicate!?” Psi is a businessman, this is his job, but he was never that immersed. Sure, his work brought in a lot of people, but is it really the people you wanted in a serious roleplay community? Questionable. The problem is though even with those waves, where are we today? Did those people still around? Did we retain them? I think a bigger issue than finding new players is keeping people in the community. We have a poor turnover rate, it’s actually kind of alarming when you look at how many members we have. You have to start asking questions. That’s a part of business and success. Metrics. You have to look at statistics, you have to gather feedback, you have to monitor what does and does not work. How do new people feel about our system, how many new players return after a ban, how many members that have their whitelist revoke return, how many unsolved reports happen from members that were inactive for 3+ months on the forums, what is the most common rule break, or what is the average amount of appeals overturned? I know it’s not a job, I get that, but you should still be looking for ways to improve the server from the past. You should reach out to people, get their opinions. I did, and I’m not even staff. We lose 40% of 2016ers found guilty in a report in December. It’s easy to say, “Whatever, they don’t want to try again, we don’t want them.” However, how bad could anyone’s experience be that they wouldn’t be willing to even try again after such a rigorous whitelist in one of the largest roleplay communities? Something must have gone bad enough to cause them to quit. My list of concerns and suggestions go so far that I could write a novel, Aiko. The thing is though it doesn’t mean a thing if the people at the top aren’t wanting to change. If you feel this community is peachy keen and alive and well, don’t bother reading. Frankly that is the image I get off most staff. I’m honestly really tired of having to play the forums games more than play the actual game itself. If there’s one thing that’s killing my motivation to play on this server, it is the long process of reports. So much time, both community members and staff, is wasted into putting resources into reports. In the past two months, I have been involved in several reports. In none of these reports have I or anyone in my group been found guilty. In fact, two reports that I was involved in turned out to be false reports where the accused was punished. I’m seeing a lot of false reports and not guilty verdicts lately, which should be a sign that there’s a big issue with our system and rules. To me personally, RP should be as uninterrupted as possible. If you watch a lot of streams and content creators like me, you will know there’s one thing that keeps a lot of people away. It’s the fact that this community is almost built on the foundation of rules. Your actions, your creativity, your roleplay, even your very character is constrained by the rules. You cannot tell me that this is a perfect system, and in contrast I cannot tell you there is a perfect system. However, that does not mean there are not improvements that can be made, and have yet to be tried. To the point. My first suggestion is a pretty easy one. I thought this was already a feature on our forums, but I haven’t seen it in a while, and not sure what happened? I thought this idea was good. We should be required to reconfirm our whitelist status on DayZRP. Too many players leave this server for several months, return one night because they’re bored, kill a few people, and get banned. The report goes nowhere because they never respond, and have no inclination to return. Happens a lot. So why are we letting people inactive on these forums into the server? There should be intervals where players are required to confirm they are still active here to hold their whitelist status. It’s not that crazy, it keeps people that have been outside the community for two months (or whatever time frame) to rejoin, re-familiarize themselves with the rules, and play again. Rules change, if people aren’t keeping up, let them whitelist again. No lore story needed, just the questions. To me the truth is every report is different, and should be handled different. It’s just like any crime and trial, punishments are never the same, verdicts are never the same. Do I honestly believe that new people should be treated differently than veteran players? Yes, of course! I wholeheartedly believe that not everyone can be handled equally because there is a point and time where players should know better especially community members that are ex-staff. Let me throw you a situation: Situation one: Me, ex-staff, two years of experience here. Someone is getting initiated on in front of me. I intervene, and shoot the aggressor, and save a person. Situation two: A new player joins January 1st. Two weeks into the server he’s witnessing an initiation in front of him. He intervenes, and shoots the aggressor in the head to save someone he felt was in trouble and at risk of dying. Are these two situations the same? Yes. Is it RDM/KOS? Yes. Should these two situations be handled differently? In my opinion, yes. The answer simply lies in who is being accused, and how the situation unfolded. You may argue, “RDM is RDM, doesn’t matter who does it.” That’s not the point. The point of the report/punishment system should be that new players be receiving a better understanding of the rules, and taught. They shouldn’t be getting incriminated to the point where they feel unwelcomed. My point is that there’s a very big difference from someone not understanding, and someone knowingly breaking the rules. A lot of people who break the rules aren’t bad people. They aren’t lazy, irresponsible, or uncaring. They just simply made a mistake, and their first impressions of this server shouldn’t be threatening. It should be welcoming, understanding, and assisting. What really does banning someone for three days from the server for combat logging do? I don’t see how taking someone away from roleplay, an environment where you have to immerse yourself in to learn, is effective. So, here’s my proposal: For first time offenders that are new to the community (<2 months) that are found guilty in a report still receive points, and are banned from the server for standard punishments, BUT if they join Teamspeak for a short conversation with a Moderator/GM they can be unbanned directly after the conversation. I know what you’re going to say, “Whoa! What!? That’s too much work. That's no punishment!” Not really. It's not about punishment, it's about helping new players understand. Statistically speaking for reports filed in December (only created, not given a verdict), there was really only 5-10 reports that would meet the proposed criteria. Each converstation maybe 10 - 15 minutes? It’s not that time consuming, and it offers us a better chance to speak to members, explain the issues, listen to their feedback, and have a better understanding of what we could do better and what they can do better. I view it like this- Would you rather punish a guy and hope he knows the rules, or ensure this person has been spoken to, ensure he knows the situation, the rulebreaks, what he did wrong, at the cost of a few days off the server? Banning for a few days off the server doesn’t mean a thing. I spent a lot of time in that helpdesk, a LOT of time, and I know from experience there’s a lot of people that benefited from having a nice sit down and chat with. A lot. I would bet you that a lot more would be receptive if you spoke to them rather than throwing a big old GUILTY verdict in their face and ban, and hoping they understand. Make them understand. DayZRP isn’t easy, it’s not. It’s not easy to know every single rule. For example, there was a guy banned for hitting Respawn, and it was considered NVFL. He’s not a bad roleplayer, he’s not a bad community member, he’s someone who just happened to have a misunderstanding of a very long set of rules. A simple polite warning would have sufficed, but banning someone for misunderstandings just makes this community look so totalitarian when it comes to our policies. There’s no personal touch. I think you lose a lot of people because of how harsh the system is, and statistics show that too. This whole community sometimes revolves around waiting for others to fuck up so you can report it. Just recently I watched a report video, and the minute someone heard a gunshot in Teamspeak they were all saying, “That’s it, we’ll just file a report. We will put up a report.” What? That shouldn’t be how we react to things as roleplayers. We shouldn’t have the mindset to look for rule breaks, we should have the mindset to roleplay out situations right or wrong, worry about what is occurring IC rather than what rules are being broken OOC. The people in the community are far more fixated on what rules are being broken than what’s occurring IC. We been advising people of the wrong thing since the git-go. The old line, “If you feel a rule has been broken, you may file a report.” You’re just encouraging people to make reports. Of course they feel like a rule has been broken, they just want confirmation. We should be telling people, “If you really don’t feel you could take this IC, and it was greatly infringing on your OOC experience, you may file a report.” A rule break =/= bad roleplay. There’s plenty of rules out there that can get bent and broken to provide good roleplay. People are literally hunting for reasons to report others for trivial things. I don’t have all the answers. Hell, truth is my ideas may suck completely, but at least I came forward with something to build off of. I can't tell you if my ideas would work better than the old system because you all don't keep track of the system, there's nothing to reference or compare findings to. I may not like someone's ideas, but I rather see ideas proposed than to see nothing at all. I can’t respect the lack of trying.
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    -User was warned for this post-
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    *Jan sitting with Vaclav in Johnny's villa takes his radio* Hmmm you sure about that? Pretty sure we beat your ass way back. *He throws up a 100 emoji sign to Johnny and bools out in the villa*
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    So I was reading through this appeal: and stumbled upon this: You also did insult someone if they reported it, and should also know better than posting anything that could possibly offend someone. Be it lyrics, video, or a picture. Now I am not arguing that the verdict is wrong as I have not seen what Vapor posted but that comment alone gets me a bit confused. If I understand correctly, it states that Vapor using the word "nigga" was insulting someone because the post got reported. This is simply wrong, as the only way that word would insult someone is if Vapor would have directly called that said person the n-word, then I could understand it being an insult. What really grinds my gear is the reported part. Here is one of my questions: Why does it matter if a post is reported or not? A post should break a rule regardless of it being reported so why does it state in the appeal that because it was reported it is deemed as an insult? Moving on to this is what concerns me the most: should also know better than posting anything that could possibly offend someone What? This makes 0 sense. It's 2017, people are offended by every moving thing. If I report the verdict Aiko did because I am offended by the comment above would that mean that she should have known better? When I post something I don't care if someone is offended. I look if it breaks the rules we have. So saying that people could be offended is just beyond reason. Which leads to my other question: Why does someone being offended matter? To my last and final point: Be it lyrics, video, or a picture. My song has the word "nigga" in the first 5 seconds of it. I have also seen a lot of people posting videos where such language is used. Now I know there were no warning points given to those, but the verdict written by Aiko states otherwise. So final questions: Are videos, songs, lyrics containing such language allowed? Yes or no. EDIT: Don't move this to general discussions until I get an answer to my questions.
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    *Doc holds down his PTT button and transmits. He would begin going on about a fake diagnosis.* "Moody, I just got your test results back, they aren't good. It seems that you have contracted several venereal diseases and you're going to need some medication to help with your problems, radio me here so I can tell you where to find the medication. Oh, and that rash needs to be treated as well, for the toe fungus I would recommend using some apple cider vinegar or maybe some ENZYMEDICA Candidase capsules. As for your prostate exam, everything looks fine, I'm sorry for my abnormally large hands, but these days you can't pick and choose your doctor." *He releases the PTT button and awaits a response. He would then think and look down at his radio dial.* "Shit, this isn't my secure frequency."
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    It's very simple, I shall explain it to you now. The toxic attitude has been lately getting too much for my taste. While the regular staff does not have authority to do much about it besides giving some warning points here and there, I can make a real difference. I can remove those who clearly do not enjoy being a member in this community and are here to try to drive it into the ground by spreading their toxic views and constant negativity, putting the community in negative light and discouraging new players from joining. Prime example being Wendsill above, who attempts to rally up the staff to leave, so that the authority chain collapses. I'm tired of low key flaming and shitty memes like Chernov posted. I'm tired of me, my friends and my staff team being ridiculed and being made fun of in my own community. I won't accept it any longer, I refuse to host you on my website while you attempt to destroy what I've created over the last 4 years. Therefore, you can expect more bans like this in the future, given to those whose only contributions to the community are memes, low key flaming and constant negativity. If you're unhappy with how things are done, you can't discuss it in a normal way and have to resort to flaming, personal attacks or memes on your profile updates, I recommend you to leave the community. I won't have to read your toxic posts and the community will once again have a positive vibe to it. I'll gladly trade the drop in activity and players online for a more friendly community and better attitude on the forums.
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    Every bean I get I'll be taking a shot of Tequila.
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    This is not a rage thread. This is not something I'm pointing towards anyone. I am not out to get anyone. I am simply voicing my own opinion because I gave good money to this community. Therefore, I'm not sugar-coating anything, this is black and white. Facts are facts that rules are rules here; however, leniency is absent just about anywhere on DayZRP. I do not know where to begin with my opinion on how the staff handles certain situations so I suppose I will get right down to the nitty-gritty of what (to my understanding) has happened to an individual in this community. Siorre has been permabanned for saying "issa knife" in response to a previous post from another user, Rocka. I understand how you may justify this by saying "Well there wasn't enough to this response and therefore is legally irrelevant to the topic.". Where, yes, you are in fact correct; however, like I said before, leniency is absent. What I mean by this is that you don't take the scope of the situation into consideration and you simply look at the smallest thing that could be considered illegal and jump the gun by permabanning someone for not even an almost minor offence. What about just telling the person verbally like "Hey dude, you're on final and I really don't want to perma-ban you for something as saying 'issa knife' so please watch what you post, thanks.". Where is that kind of attitude? Where is the "I want people to look back on me as a fair and just staff member who aimed to make the community a better experience for all." Now it's like this "I want people to look back at me as someone who got the most permabans and was feared by those who dare say a few harmless words on the internet.". Take a moment and realize what you just did by perma-banning this player. Siorre is a well known player in this community and is liked amongst several people. And when you erase him from the game completely you not only piss the player off, but those who liked him as well. Knowing now that anyone could potentially be perma-banned for saying something like "issa knife" has now led me to believe that the majority of staff are essentially intolerant of anyone with nothing being taken into consideration. Not only that, you shut out someone permanently who gave over 200 euros to this community because he cared enough to share some of his hard earned money to you. At this point everyone may as well be walking on pins and needles. So take this thread as you will. If you're triggered, sorry dude I'm just giving you feedback and not targeting anyone because I give a fuck about this place because I put money into it and I want my opinion to be heard, not snipped. Thank you.
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    Can't believe @Andrey got two warnings on his OP for using the *WATCH OUT FOR TRIGGER* N-WORD!!!! in quotation marks to use as an example. Yet Rolle did the same thing in his status update (Nothing wrong with the usage of the word btw), which was used in a fucking ban appeal verdict. What a fucking joke.
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    Lookin' at last night's footage. Damn you guys are good! I am so proud of what this season turned out to be and it's all cause of every single person involved. Everyone made a massive difference in the telling of this tale. This week marks the last stretch of filming for this season (2 more sessions to film and it's a wrap). 4 months of intense RP and many bumps in the road but I cannot wait to show everyone on DayZRP and Youtube how fantastic you all are. This is the best, raunchiest, heartfelt, scariest, most action-packed season ever! The conclusion to a trilogy made possible by passionate and extremely talented DayZRP members. A very special thanks to @Buddy @descendants @Levent @LightGhillie @Chief @Killerwelden @leviathanapsu @Rampage @Undead @Hodgie @BlazerPazer72 @Dusty @Pebbles @Poro @Mental @Earthwalker @Charlie @Fox @Riggsee @Roosky @The Marshal @Shikaka @Gamine @Alpha- @BunDem @Bruce @Rocco @Cid @Beni @Oliv @Oyface @Joules @Coreena @AFluffyBrick All of the Horsemen, The Vigil, Nomads and every other person I may have missed, there were so many this season to name em all. But thank you all for making season 4 "Sam Bauer's Story" a god damn memorable one. ❤
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    You MIGHT adjust? Nah thanks, we're not going to try our best to run this community and work our asses off just so you MIGHT adjust your shitty attitude. Bye.
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    Nowhere in their rules does it say it's a KoS zone though? I don't know where you or the other people who got upset got that from. It's basically the same as all the other settlement rules, KoS may be used if deemed necessary. Which means when they think it's needed and it meets the game rule requirements. There is no controversy here, stop jumping at conclusions.
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    How unexpected, eh? I’ll say it here because of the bombardment of messages I’ve received. It is hard to know what you can and cannot say because of TOS. I also do not like to leave in bad form. Especially in this situation where being given the opportunity to return required a lot of favors and pull, and I do appreciate that. It sucked having to have done so much work as LM, and that watch it die in the last several months. The short and simple answer would just be creative differences in agendas for the LM team. DayZ Standalone sucks, I do not disagree, but I do not think a poorly developed game is the root cause of the standards and quality in roleplay diminishing over the past months. The large majority find roleplay stagnant, redundant, and really have a lack of anything to do. For me, quality matters more than numbers. If you want a better experience, then you have to make some changes or at least make the attempt. I would rather try than complain. I believe the concern is there for the lack of both players and quality, but the approaches to it are far different. I am not saying my/our ideas are the best, that these ideas would save the server, but there are few alternatives to choose from. There are no decisions will please everyone. You do nothing, people complain. You suggest a change, people complain. The best you can hope for is that the choices you make please the majority, and those that disagree will hopefully come around, try it, and change their minds. I think a lot of things need fixing, and these are issues that will not be fixed simply by a better DayZ patch. You will see the same problems in the next patch. In the end, I do not have the time to do LM work, and then also fight for these ideas. There feels to be a lack of trust, and a lack of understanding of the player base, concerns, and complaints. The very core concept of the LM position has change so much from my time. I appreciate the admins for the opportunity, I am happy to see less mistakes by staff members, more support in the HD, but I think my outlook just doesn’t fit what the LM team is being asked of right now. Oh well. See you in game.
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    Throwback to a couple months after my enlistment back in 2016.
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    -User was warned for this post-
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    *Magnus equips his radio and begins to speak in a sarcastic tone* Wolverines? What the fuck is this Red Dawn bull shit. Kindly escort yourself to the nearest roof and jump from it. Thank you and have a nice day! *Magnus puts his radio down and shuts it off*
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    Moral of the story - Don't fuck with Bosnian's.
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    *Johnny picks up the Pork Chop for the Ham radio in his office taking a breath with a short sigh afterwards* "A week and a half. That is how long I will give this to work itself out. After that week and a half I will be arriving in the area to check in on my people. Now it's everyone in here's choice if I come with open arms and a loving heart or if I come with more men to put a end to this war. Let me make one thing extremely clean the gamblers will remain on the top as they always do. The house always wins baby." *Mr. Denver sets down the pork chop while looking up at Wallace who is sitting in a leather chair in the far side of the room. "Start making the call for the good old boys we are going to need some veteran guns. Also find me where the fuck Rogers been!"*
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    I never was or never will be a person of long texts and all that shit so I'm gonna try to keep it short. I joined this community quite a long while ago (March 2015 to be exact) and since the time I joined I've been playing here and hanging out with all the great people I met here with some breaks as well but I've always decided to come back here because I have always enjoyed all the time when I was being either In-Game or OOC having some of that good old banter with them great boys and girls from the community I am really happy for actually finding out about the community (tbh can't even remember how I found out about this place xd) through the time I spent here up to this point. I've also managed to have the chance of being part of the staff team which was I think for about 2 months if I'm not wrong. Being part of that was one hell of a great experience for me and I really did enjoy it thank you for that along with getting to know a lot of people from the staff team you guys are all great. After quite a while of not being In-Game and generally being inactive on the forums or teamspeak I've decided that I could just post this to just say thank you for everything DayZRP Community and all the people in it and to say goodbye as well since I am not sure when I will be back with all the IRL stuff coming up for me (Family, Friends, Some shitty IRL problems nobody gives a shit about and main reason is school for me currently). I've also decided to tag some people that I like or always liked here, so yeah... @Earthwalker - You man, you know your stuff from me, there is just no need to say anything here other but <3 for you. @Solo - Great person, great friend, always there to listen to my shitty problems and always trying to help...you will always have special place in my <3 @PatZ - Always liked you, and I'm happy that we are friends for long time already (basically same as Solo for you my man ^^ ) @Gowbe - You are one of the people I know the longest time in this community and all the fun times, RP experiences & banter we had together was great. Thank you @Charlie - Still thinking of my good old whitename names when I got to know you, you are a great person and I'm really happy to know you (I guess there I've got some top 5 people for me from the community and I would love to tell every single one of my friends something but that would take ages, so I'll just tag the most of you guys in here...if I forget anyone I'm sorry...hard to remember so many people even if I try hard :c ) @WulfeGirl @ThatRyanGuy @TartanGalaxy @Strawberry @Steck @Marcoooz @Doc Holiday @Grimnir @Spooky88 @Ron @Ramon @Puddin @MrRasta @Lyca @Lemons @Keedz @Jabba @Giraffel @FrostyCat @Cthuluz @Cloudy @C-J @Beni @Bauglir2011 @Xero3451 @Conor @fletcho1 @Karolis @MapleMooses @Taig @Hebi Kotei (yeah well...too many people to tag sorry people cba anymore...still love you <3 also yeah it's not really short how I wanted but whatever... I'll still stop by teamspeak from time to time to chill with some of you)
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    I tried to quote everyone of you guys (hopefully i did not forget anyone), without breaking the forums. Thanks a lot for reading what I wrote, it really means a lot. The first 'book' of Jaroslav's story came to an end with the 15th chapter. The second story or part -whatever you want to call it - will continue in this thread with a new layout and some little changes. Jaroslav's story goes on, after his time in the Milice ended and he met some interesting new people. Dekuji. More coming SoonTM.
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    hey guys just chiming in i was nearby in the area (full ghillie in a tree no way you could have saw me) i agree akrasia was slaughtered from my perspective
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    Welp, i've been thinking about this for a long time. But now that my home slice @Jabba has abondoned ship recently, I'll probably be doing so too. For a while, it had been a good run. I met lots of great people (list coming soon) and had many great times in rp. But as it stands right now: > RP in game is very dull and boring (which is due to the people in it mostly). The amount of times ig people don't speak at all to you when they pass you, then you say hello and you can hear him and all of his friends talking in ts. This is not RP and it's killing the vibe. i haven't been in game properly in weeks. >My time in staff proved to me that the staff team quite literally ignored change. Some newer members may be able to prove that statement wrong but from what I tried, nothing changed. I posted good, constructive feedback time and time again to better the staff team and nobody acted on it. You know who you are, pull your fingers out. >It's become increasingly obvious that this is not really a community at all. @Rolle sometimes i love you man, but recently you've proven that your word has say over everybody elses in the community. I get it, it's your community, but you can't call it a community if it's got a dictatorial head. You've made it obvious you're not open to discussion sometimes and just do what you want. If you want to run your community like that, it won't surprise me if it's gone in the next 6 months. You have the option to actually listen to the people you lead, lead them. Don't abuse the position you have because people will only end up feeling like it's pointless trying. Copy that. On the positive side, I've had many, many great memories from this place before it stagnated so heavily. So in no particular order: @Jabba: I know you're permed (you fool) but you were easily my best pal here. Met you early on and haven't stopped speaking to you since then. Love you man! (ho homo i swear). @Staggs: Honestly one of the best guys you can ever meet. You took me into Liska openly and you're always supportive of everybody. You're caring and we had some good laughs here and there. Don't change. @Sofie: Another person I admire a lot. I met you fairly early, you were always a solid RPer and somebody anybody can get along well with. Don't change ^^ @Ron I don't know how to word it differently from above, but you're awesome. The RP with you back in the wolves was fantastic and it was always a laugh OOC with you! @Jamie yu fat fam. Jk don't ban me pls. I love you jamie, you're a great guy! Really enjoyed my time in the wolves and OOC with you! @Kris No more border patrol pls. You're too funny my friend always a great guy to be around. @Keira had to include you otherwise you'd msg me about it . Jk, you're great, don't change! Had many good times in rp with you. >_> <_< >_> shh. @Daddy Such a great guy. You come across as a quiet guy in RP but when needed you're amazing to be with. OOC, fucking hilarious to be around you man. @Methias Great guy OOC! Pity i only got around to talking to you properly rather recently. @Terra of course you deserve a mention. Amazing RPer, the backbone of the community and somebody who was always willing to talk anything over. Hell, one of the few staff members I ever saw change their opinion and think maybe they were wrong. The heart and soul of the staff team that has now gone, working with you was always a pleasure! @Lyaria Haven't known you for more than a month of so but your rp is fantastic. OOC you're a laugh as well. Great lass to spend time with ^^ @Castiel, @Hebi Kotei, @Jade, @Vector, @Oliv, you guys were easily my favorite staff members to work with and / or just do really good staff work in general (aside from those above). Figured you guys needed a mention somewhere because you guys are awesome! There are many more than i can count that i've had a great time with at some point, you know who you are too! I might be around in ts sometimes just to speak to a couple of my good chums, but now:
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    Some dude tried to fuck me without buying me dinner first, what a fucking pig. 00:49 for nudes
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    fuk u @Shadayo I'm not a ginger
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    In my opinion posting a picture of a dismembered baby anywhere isn't really a laughable joke by a stable person with a stable reason. But that's just me and my opinion on the fact doesn't matter.
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    *Miller, confused as to why the broadcast is necessary given that the conflict is already happening, presses the PTT* Yea no shit. If you want our formal surrender meet us in Hell and go fuck yourself. See ya around. *He releases the PTT*
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    This whole thing just stinks. You know what Jim, This would have been a great time to gain some respect by showing some mercy on this dude. I mean you did fail the whitelist more than the allotted amount plus have been found guilty in a few verdicts that were overturned. I don't bring this up to be a dick but bring it up because you were shown plenty of mercy. It was an honest mistake that he admitted. He has had his beans taken away and now on a vacation for almost a week. Every last shred of respect has been gone. And the fact that the staff team again has proven their incompetence is even more frightening. I truly hope @Caesar and @Dax can restore some sanity back to this place. Hope you feel good getting that person banned.
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    I thought about putting it nicely, but I'd rather be honest than subtle. The other LMs should be dropped or at the least admins need to set expectations, and determine if they're being met. A team cannot work when all members are not equally motivated to work. I sympathize greatly for Staggs as I was in a similar position early on, and undertaking large initiatives is hard, and even harder when there's no one to even bounce ideas off of. Any staff position should have a presence, we as community members should know your name and role. Rachael and Undead seem non-existent, one is away (for 2 weeks+ vacation?), and the other I just see always at the bottom of TS with Vic. I think admins took a chance hiring more new people who have less forum activity believing new people may have ideas, a good idea in theory, but it's just wound up with very little results. There's no real excuse for it either. All I can do is judge off the work I visibly see, and what I've seen in the past months is extremely little for a large lore team. I think Kattica put it best when she said if you don't have the motivation to do the work, step aside and let someone else. I hope to see more work soon, but more than that I hope to see better choices.
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    Instead of posting some funny shit or some awesome music on here today, I'm going to take the time to post about something serious. Today is a day that we like to highlight mental health in Canada. If either you or some one you know is or has previously suffered with mental health problems then you know how hard it can be. Things are getting better, people are opening up more, but some still feel they can't. Today and all days forward, try and do your part in ending the stigma against opening up about mental health problems. A simple action, just sharing a hashtag, can be a great first step. Share the hastag #Bellletstalk on social media. When you do that, a Canadian company called Bell Media will donate $0.05 every time to mental health initiatives in Canada. It's something simple to do and won't take long. Either way, if you've read this You've already done something, because maybe it will help open yourself up to ending the stigma against mental health for you and those in your life. Take care of yourselves, Oliv
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    This is baby Addison, born at 8:04pm today. 9lbs 4 ounces, 21 inches long. The emotions hit me like a freight train when she was born, I am blessed to be her father!
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    "Thanks for the feedback." *Sweeps it under the rug* If we're expected to leave substantial feedback with the new system, then the staff member should have to reply with something that has some fucking substance. Because this "Appreciate the feedback" the fakest answer a staff member can give someone. I'd just rather not get a response at all than that.
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    Hello there Community! First of all we have to apologize for not doing this for a while. There is no excuse for not keeping you updated as this is something we pushed for very hard but I let a lot of the weight get to me and completely forgot about this. So, we will be trying to keep this updated as much as possible so you guys are informed about "What is going on behind closed doors". Since We haven't done an update for a while the only respectful thing to do is go into detail into what we have been doing the last 2 months behind closed doors. So we are going to split these parts into: The team and internal affairs/structure, Mentor program/Issue's, Event team and bringing back events, current work on the continuation series. With that said, we best get stuck into it: Team: It's been a rocky few months in all honestly, first with Roger leaving the team and just a few days ago Lankin has left the team along with the holidays that slowed down work things didn't start picking up again until after new years. Once the new year hit we set up our new Agenda and pushed our focuses into fixing these goals however we are still not working on full speed. Currently Undead is on holiday and has been for the last 2 weeks so we are only two people working at the moment. With that said, it does not mean we are not working, we are trying to push things to be done daily and getting shit done. With this said, we are looking for people to join the team as the objectives we have set out are for a 4-5 man team that includes management, writing, mentor program etc.... Event Team and events: Now, here is some good new's. Since the beginning of the year we managed to form up the event team and since then we have been able to reach our goal of weekly events. Now, these events are dynamic mini events (Well not really mini, we need nearly 10+ volunteers each time we do event and it takes time to organize) and they are not advertised on the forums. But for those that want to know when we roughly do mini events they are mainly on the weekends (Friday, Saturday or very latest Sunday) and we try and aim them at 9pm server time. These events that we had are connected to our main event series that we are hoping to have threads up soon on the forums on where you can whitelist for these events. We are using mini event's atm to gain interest of the community in events again and hopefully spark interest high enough for big events. We also use these events to introduce factions/future lore events and leave them completely in control of the community. Now, we was hoping to make this announcement with some video's of the actual events that happened however I will have to update this post with links to them once the people that recorded them are up however we can provide you with the documents that explain the events and how we planned them. But we do plan to provide video's once we are able to get links to them. I also tried getting the lore for the stories but it would require some serious editing to not give away much of the storyline, so what was decided was to do an event "Recap" page every time we finish an event. There will be a link here once we get them up. We do plan to continue these events and have one written up and ready. We are just waiting for Rolle to return from his break to help us make some accounts on the forums for certain groups or characters so we might have the next event delayed till next week. Here is one links : Mentor program: Ain't going to lie, it's been a rocky few weeks with this project and it did die out after we moved to the new site. We hardly got more than 1 app each day and our vast overestimate of a team of 15 people was a bad idea. Originally we were getting 3 apps daily but once the site switched over that number dropped drastically along with desire within the team. By the time we moved site and Christmas came, we were not getting any apps until the new year but by then most of the people involved had moved on to do other stuff. So what we are doing currently since last week is open up recruitment to recruit new members for the mentor program. However this time it will be a lot smaller to suit the demand we have. We have gotten a few apps and within the next few days (Before Friday) we will have a new team and will be on the roll again to get people mentored again. We are hoping to get this working again, if not well....we will sadly have to abandon the project due to the lack of interest from newer community members. Continuation series: This is something that we are trying to get kicking off the last few weeks. I myself have been focusing on writing lore explaining what happened Post-War and pre-infection in Chernarus. For those that want to read (Take in mind, I write this in my free time when I'm not busy) here is a google document giving you access to few and comment on the lore that I am working on: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tje9BNrRimXRIQ9H6Zq5oSFw-mOzoCaW3Tg09y3iC04/edit Any feedback is welcome, it's not much I ain't going to lie there as it's something I just sit back and work on when I have free time. The pointers are stuff that I want to be working on and get into the lore. Any idea's, concepts or criticisms that you want to give about the idea are more than welcome as I want the community to give as much input as they want on the matter :). After this we are planing to get the taki lore done and the regions of southern Russia bordering the Chernarussian Peninsula for the continuation series. I personally wanted to do so myth/legend/child stories for what happened within Chernarus but that will be a project for a future date as the commuity wishes us to focus more on country lores. Fox also has some interesting stuff that he presented to me a few months back and that is something I personally want to work with him about to make Canon. Now, in regards to factions. The main faction that we have planned is ready and it is something we have already introduced to the community through IG events and activities however we aren't going to be providing the lore until a lot more information has come out. We want to keep some stuff surprises but once out you are more than welcome to give feedback and be critical about the faction itself. Past projects: We wanted to try and document all the events/groups/factions and important stuff that happened IG for the community to read and enjoy, in a form of a time-lapse. This proved to be a lot harder than expected, this was not one of our main projects but as time went by we found it almost impossible to get a neutral perspective of what actually happened and to make it fair for all the players. Now, of course if anybody has any idea's to solve this issue please bring it up as it's something we still wish to do. But as it currently stands we will have to wait until a lore-wipe happens. As we touch upon the topic of lore-wipe we have not been given the go to start planning that end. Once we do get the go from Rolle and the Admins it will be something that we can touch upon and be as transparent to the community as we can be about what we wish to change, do and how the wipe proceeds. But until then we are not planning anything for a wipe. So yes, this is a long document with a lot of well...in all honestly realistic new's what has been happening behind closed doors. There has been other stuff we have done like getting highly more involved with reading group lore and the groups being accepted into the community as the standard's in group lore has dropped fanatically the last few months. We informing the admin team as much as we can on that front and trying to help them out as much as we can there. As stated before, this is a realistic announcement, we are progressing on the event side and we have noticed that people are enjoying what we are churning out for the community. We wish to have 1 event each week exchanging time-zone's so our american players have a higher chance to experience them also. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm the LM's and we will do our best to reply to any of your questions/concerns that you have. Once again, sorry for the lateness of this update as it is something we really should have done a while back. Steggs- Loremaster
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    I'd like to point out that you came to the settlement a week prior looking to fix the issues, and the killing of @evanm23 was supposedly settled. Also, The Saviors had no reason to take to hostilities as there had been no hostile encounters to my knowledge since they were taken from our camp by F11. As they were both executed at that time, they had no encounters capable of seeking revenge (In accordance to rules 9.3-9.4). I'm not posting here to stir up anything, simple expressing the concern that I and many people have of this new 'Irish' group cropping up and causing so much unrest in the area it inhabits. And not in a good way. Much more experienced RPers with much more time in this community have tried this 'ultimate bad guy group' you're trying to accomplish, and it's only going to end up in one way from what I've witnessed. You're going to initiate whenever you feel like it, often times with what may seem like a good reason at the time but falls short when written out in the report, you'll end up ten reports down the line after three or more of your members get permabanned for mistakes made that may or may not be their fault, and your group will be force archived by staff that are tired of seeing what this group has tried and failed to bring to the table. I'm not calling you incapable, but what you're trying to achieve is far from being even remotely easy. Especially for someone who admits they aren't Oscar winning RPers. My advice, keep the hostile RP, but initiate LESS. People are more likely to enjoy your hostile RP if it ends up in both parties walking away. It you know it will be a firefight, WALK AWAY. Or push it a little bit to see where the other party will take it. If you DO initiate, take little to nothing from them. Don't strip your victims of everything they own otherwise you'll leave them wondering why they even cooperated at all and think twice about hitting F2 the next time they come across you and urge others to fight you as well. I play hostile characters every now and again, usually with my closer friends. We arent interested in firefights or killing, we want to give RP and let them go. We drop an initiation only when we have numbers of at LEAST 2-1 and we have firm control and knowledge of where the soon-to-be victims are. We don't drop inits on people spread over a compound of several hundred square meters with blind spots and hidey holes because thats not RP, thats a kill fest where nobody wins and it's down to the last man and often a report because people on both sides are salt about something. Another thing, focus on the RP, not their physical inventory. When you pat down people for radios and the like, check their pockets for RP items of interest. Lockets, books, journals. Papers, wallets, items that tell a story or show who they are, where they come from. Things to talk about and further character development. Most good RPers have these items. "*Pats down John Doe* //Do I find any items of interest? Weapons, Radio, or character items?" Have someone in your group that has an affinity for something that exists outside the game files. Say EvanM's character Bear or someone else enjoys collecting rings from someone, you can extend the RP for five minutes just by ANOTHER member of your group checking the victim for jewelry and talking about what they do with it, why they enjoy it. Maybe they melt it down, they feel the economy will bounce back one day. I know of one bandit that would collect ANY credit cards he found and made a bandolier out of them because he believed the world would come back and he'd be the richest man alive. Have fun with it! I'm writing this to be read, and taken to mind as constructive feedback. My one last point is to cut down on the radio shitposting. You want to play the strong bad guy types? Be known, then have one person talking to a particular radio thread in a way that's not perceived as just spewing garbage at whoever is listening and bragging about bodies... One person on a thread representing the ominous bad guys and actually being able to formulate a decent response instead of three-five of your members talking over each other gives a better view of the group and offers more space for an ardent experience.
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