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    This is nothing but a rant regarding the staff team. If something that I am about to say offends you then I suggest clicking the red button with an X that can be found on the right up corner of your browser. /solved. Now that we got that aspect out of the way, let's start this lovely story of mine. When I joined the community, I thought this place was great, I loved the RP and overall I had a lot of fun. I started to get active on the forums and I ended up in the staff team, which was a great experience. Fast forward a bit and here we are during the PSI wave with me having my app for staff in there for like a solid 3 months. I am finally chosen to go back to staff along with other people and, again, it was a fun ride until it stopped being fun. People began to make mistakes, I did some myself, but some sort of staff “hate” started and people were mad with some of the decisions we made. Now I believe some of those concerns were 100% valid and some that I believe were pushing things over the top, most of it being the so called “staff biased”. But it wasn’t this that was the problem, the problem lied within the team. Every single day it felt like I was going in Vietnam with people having no idea how to discuss things, every single discussion was slowly turning into a flame war and that happened while the admins were looking at it. Nothing was done, regardless of how much feedback you would give, no one would listen and then people that were making problems got what they deserve...nope, that never happened, what they got were promotions to a position they simply could not handle. But it was all fine, nothing we couldn’t overcome, so I thought. In the meanwhile, I was trying to improve things, I was working with staff members to make the permadeath rule a thing, I was working alongside community members in order to re-write some rules that allowed grey zones and I made suggestion after suggestion in the staff forums and so were other people like Castiel. And this is where I said enough is enough. After countless tries to improve things, the admins simply did not do anything about it, because they stopped caring about this. It took weeks to get admins to read 3 paragraphs of text and that was because you pushed it down their throats otherwise they wouldn’t even read it. And on top of this frustration, I was talking to a now gone member of the community and what I found out was the cherry on the cake. It was such a surprising thing that would have never came up my mind and it was just too much, so I left. During this, both Dax and Caeser were brought back and people thought that the staff mistakes would go away. This was nothing but an assumption as nothing changed. I told the admins to read the suggestions before taking my leave, that hasn’t changed at all, but what changed was the fact that after a couple of weeks the server had 107 fewer people on it, because of a god damn chicken tendie. Mamba got banned over such a ridiculous thing that people finally said that’s enough and took their leave in a brutal fashion some which I had no problems with and some I thought they were over the top. And here we are today. Mistakes still happened, nothing was done to improve but instead, people from the staff team start calling both me and Castiel names. Why you may ask? Because instead of watching this place burn or just leave as the rest did, we decided against it and we still wanted to improve this place. But you know where this got us? We are a living and running meme along the staff team slack, our names being associated with diseases such as cancer or just plain stupid jokes such as “meme lords”. The feedback we give is completely ignored and mocked in this lovely channel, while I am sure there are people in the chat that want just to rule 4 us. See, the thing here is that no matter how much cancer you think both me and Castiel are, you will never be able to take away from us the fact that we tried and we are still trying to improve this place. We care, but some of the admins don’t. There are people in the admin team that I don’t even know why they are here because they don’t play on the servers, they don’t care about them and have no intention of improving this place. The funny thing is after almost one year of staff work, Rolle did not even thank me for it. Instead, his staff team is calling us cancer, while they don’t do anything to improve this place and would shit on us privately because we are actually trying. End of rant.
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    When Akraisa tells you to come RP
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    *Slow deep breaths can be heard as Joffrey leaves his radio on broadcast, a small rain patters on the steel roof of the grain towers in Chernogorsk.* I have failed. I have failed my brothers, and my sisters of the Khasavyurt facility.. I have failed my people in the Kingdom. And now.. I have failed in trying to kill all of you in South Zagoria. The writing is on the wall, if half of the army you were using to accomplish your goal goes to the dust... it is over. I know now I am not a man who can accomplish great things.. I tried to save S. Zagoria in my own way.. I have also tried to destroy it. Failure.. all of it.. It must be me. *Joffrey looks at the edge of the 300 ft building roof he stands on and starts to lean forward, then stutters back a step* I can see now I am mad, The Mad King haha.. I will follow my own creed now, realizing I am weak, and the weak must be culled. I will jump from the tall Grain Towers of Chernogorsk. I now go to join my fallen brothers and sister of The Maker. I only have one final wish.. Bury.. whats left of me, in the cemetery behind Novy church. Bury me with my family.. *Wind whistles and roars as Joffrey takes a solid step forward and tumbles into the air. Gushing air fills the radio waves until a wet meaty *SPLAAUUGHSSHTT!!* is heard at the end.* *Joffrey lays bleeding at the bottom of the tower. His body turned to a lifeless jelly.*
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    So some people know, some people don't. For those that don't I'm going to take up a few minutes of your time to fill you in. In October I lost my mother to a long battle with a brain tumor. She'd been fighting it on and off for a few years by that time, about 5 years. After multiple surgeries and treatments, remissions and all that, there wasn't much else they could do. So when I've said in the past that DayZRP and being staff here has helped me with distractions in my life, you now have a better understanding of with what. Now, on to the main point of this post. Throughout the month of April, I'm going to donate anything I get from streaming to a cancer charity for a hospital that my mom benefited from. Similar to Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, my mother too sought treatment from the doctors at Toronto's Sunybrook Hospital for her brain tumor. All the donations I collect will go here, and donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Feel free to donate directly if you'd like as well. There are other reasons why I chose to do this in April. For one, my moms birthday is in April, and I thought that was fitting. Also, in Canada, April is daffodil month, where daffodils are sold by the Canadian Cancer Society and the proceeds of those sales are donated to help with life saving research. Honestly, I'm not expecting anyone to donate, and that is perfectly fine as well. I'm not doing this make anyone feel the HAVE to donate. I myself will be making a donation anyways, but it's just one way I felt maybe I could lend a hand and help draw a bit more attention to something important in my life and I'm sure many others. Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for now, but stand by, I'll have more information up soon and throughout the month!
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    This server is down harder than my syndrome Any ETA On when its going up?
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    *Sara raises an eyebrow and holds down the transmit button* oh, I already thought I felt the ground shaking, must have been that fat American falling off the stairs. *she chuckles and shakes her head slightly* what a way to go, 2 and a half years into this hovno and he gets killed by some stairs. *she lets go off the transmit button and leans back in her chair*
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    Okay... Here we go, You lot pretty much know what this is about, the banner you're seeing above this thread. A few things I want to address: 1) The forums honestly look bad. Looking at this banner, all the person who made it has done is got an old dirty Union Jack, stuck a photo of Uncle Sam in the middle, and just stuck a load of text over it, honestly mate I could do better in paint at this point. You can't scream " We want the forums to look professional " with that eye sore on popping out of the screen for everyone to see. You know, we changed from the old forums ages ago... Legit it was last year. I gotta admit the forums look a lot better than they used to, but this just make's these forums look like... MinecraftRP Forums. 2) What's the point of having people such as @Nihoolious that has paid over $200 to have the " Disable Ads " feature, just go have a big ass fuckin' eye sore pop up on his page. I understand they're " internal ads " but... They're still ads. To be honest I'd rather have an ad about " Single Arab Women in my area " than that... (Yeah, I got them ads on here) 3) These " Pay For Advertising " just make's the groups into memes at this point, that might be just me... It might be just me. 4) At least have a feature that says we can " disable internal ads " or something. Thanks to @Phoenix for making a great point about spelling issues on banners: Okay fair enough I didn't pass my English GCSE'S but come on.... This is like B-TEC Standard. So yeah, if you want the name on the petition say something like " Yes I do " or something in the comments... Or something along those lines, also, for those who have paid for this feature, you should be refunded. Innabit boys. Petition List: 1) @Beni 2) @Grimnir 3) @Doc Holiday 4) @Redbond9 5) @Phoenix 6) @Austin 7) @Buddy 8) @Mellstrom 9) @PatZ 10) @Crash 11) @Babyface 12) @The Spartan 13) @Castiel 14) @King 15) @Roach 16) @Oisín 17) @Blackfyre 18) @Solo 19) @Western 20) @Hebi Kotei 21) @Pado (Odap) 22) @JAMMIELAD 23) @Ghostbuster 24) @Mexi 25) @Randle 26) @Alexsys 27) @Declan McGovern 28) @Strawberry 29) @Lucass 30) @Razareth 31) @Markos 32) @Erik 33) @Pontiff 34) @Jetwells 35) @evanm23 36) @PCJames 37) @matusmanis 38) @Daddy 39) @Rogério SkyLab 40) @Brady 41) @Chief 42) @isocade 43) @Mark 44) @Brutus 45) @Lord Dynamitae 46) @Nihoolious 48) @Alex Vivian 49) @Saunders 50) @Pontiff 51) @Hollows 52) @DocofPinewood 53) @Crim 54) @Methias 55) @LoneStarrr 56) @ToeZies 57) @AlwaysGamer 58) @Vorobye
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    I've introduced a new Premium model today, a Premium Subscription which allows you to get higher Premium ranks for a low monthly cost. Think of it like a payment plan. There are three subscription levels, you can upgrade between them too: Premium Small Subscription 5€ / month Gives you access to Sponsor rank (worth 60€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 12 months (12 x 5€ = 60€) you will get the lifetime rank. Premium Medium Subscription 10€ / month Gives you access to Hall of Famer rank (worth 100€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 10 months (10 x 10€ = 100€) you will get the lifetime rank. Premium Large Subscription 20€ / month Gives you access to Tycoon rank (worth 200€ lifetime) for the duration of the subscription. If you keep your subscription active for 10 months (10 x 20€ = 200€) you will get the lifetime rank. If you cancel the subscription your rank will return to what you started with automatically. You will then have to submit a support ticket and we will manually set your Premium rank to whatever amount you have paid so far in total, rounded downwards towards nearest Premium Lifetime rank. For example, if you pay 5 months of Medium Subscription (5 x 10€ = 50€) and cancel it, you will receive the Contributor rank worth 40€, as that's the nearest lifetime rank lowered downward. I think it's a nice thing to have for those who want to test out the Premium perks, people who want them just for a limited time or those who do not have a lot of money to put up towards more expensive ranks all at once. There's also new additions to paid account services, you can now rent the top advertisement space for your own group or thread advertisement (internal links only). There's more services coming there soon too.
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    Thumper threads have always been controversial yes but many times they have made enough impact for a response or even change to occur. They were rants mixed with suggestions. What I see here is just an attempt to farm beans and stir the pot. So allow me to ask a question for staff, why are rant threads with no substance allowed? What do threads that follow this example do for the community other than divide it? There is no reason for them to exist whether it's a rant about lost gear, a rant about bandits or a rant about staff. Unless the thread tries to actually push for change, it should be locked and forgotten. Andrey and Castiel, I like you guys. It may not have always been that way but you two are genuinly good dudes that are trying to hard to be like Thumper, Shark, Rampage and the like. Its not an insult, I like those guys even if they may not like me anymore. But they put themselves on a path where they eventually said fuck it and checked out permanently and I don't think we need history to repeat itself. We don't need to loose more people because they get pissed off at staff.
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    Hang on I'm looking into it
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    maybe you should get more often ingame and leave the general "RP" areas like Gorka before you judge all textrpers and make absurd suggestions.
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    If I would create a group like Alba could I pay for a banner saying “WHITE PRIDE“? It would obviously only relate to the IC mindset of the group, but since groups can apparently choose the banner they want to put there it seems like a possibility to me.
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    So @Rolle you are telling me my 200$ donation that allows me to disable ads doesn't disable someone's 5$ ad for their group? Its bad enough Western goes around spamming but at least I can ignore that. You can't get rid of this shit.
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    I bet you all saw this coming. Today is the day in which I have decided to end my term as a staff member. I have been on the team since October and a Moderator since the beginning of December. It’s no secret that I lost a lot of my passion a few weeks ago when I took my break, and I hoped that I could come back refreshed. As you can tell, no, that was not the case. The passion isn’t there and (I’m sure you’ve all heard this before) staff just isn’t the same as when I joined it. There were some fun moments spent in the helpdesk and in slack, but I can’t keep doing it. I fought the good fight and, unfortunately, I lost. There’s a lot of problems within the staff team and the community that need a lot of fixing. I could go on in detail but nah, you can come talk to me privately if you’re interested or just pay attention to the forums. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” - Gandhi Peace out.
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    I very rarely visit the character page, but last time I did it looked mostly like this.
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    I have this sudden.. undeniable urge to join the Heathens now... Hey it's their money, let 'em spend it.
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    Me and a few other community members have talked about in the "Rant" thread by @Andrey and we have taken it into our own hands to create said meeting. We have a set of topics that we would like to discuss, and until that date are up for discussion and additions according to what people discuss on this thread. Your topic may be added! We want this to be a COMMUNITY meeting. we wish to have a set amount of time to speak on each subject for the sake of time and seeing as many subjects as possible. roughly 15-20 minutes per topic, and 'umbrella' topics to discuss. The meeting would be in a room with talk power, policed by me and a few others and any staff who decide to attend. There will be a system to if you wish to have talk power you will poke the mediator and they will put you in a queue to speak max 3 minutes per person per turn. We want to be as fair as we can and try to give as many voices the floor as possible. here is a time table link to see the times around the meeting time in your time zone (server time is 9:00 in the Uk on the table if you don't know for reference). Someone will record and post the entire meeting and I will post it here when it is finished for any who couldn't be there and wish to see what came of said meeting. Current Topics 1.What are we doing lore wise currently? What does staff plan for a lore wipe/Loremaster team? (Extended topic because of depth, 30 minutes) 2. Desolation/Redux and what will come of that being introduced 3. A Realistic discussion on ways to make moving the focus of DayZRP to another game such as an in house developed DayZRP mod for Arma 3 viable (such as back in the day) 4. What is staff's view on groups who are involved in rule breaks/reports. Does staff keep a closer eye on groups who systematically get involved in sticky/fishy situations and if so do they do anything about it? 5.Discussion for a Group Approval system. Possibilities of a dedicated staff team to approve and provide feedback on groups to take the weight off other staff members. Please RSVP and I will add you to the list for this meeting. Drop-ins on the meeting are encouraged if you don't RSVP but it's good to see who is attending for those who view the thread. Please give any constructive feedback, thank you. Current Community Member Attendee's Chief Stradic Austin Shroud PCjames Roach Crash Joules Realizepc Moody20 Markos Oisin Nihoolious Willsky Rogerio Skylab The Traveler Chaostica Decendents Buddy Puncture Joffrey ToeZies Datbluewolf Welden(Ghostbuster) Hebee Lt._Grimstein John Ronin Current Staff Member Attendee's Shane (support) Cid (support) Oliv (admin) Chawy (support) Elmo (mod) Eagle (GM) Ender (GM) _____________________________________________________ Outcome Community meeting (Shorthand) -don't have any current opinion, no hard decisions for LM team and none anytime soon "Staff Priority list April 2017" (growing pains) aka: people flaming everywhere openly, new mods, new gms, stabilize staff team. LM team/staff based in lore position, LM rank possibly removed? -Desolation may make a comeback but side pro -Group approval system will stay as is, no changes made. There has been slacking lately but it will pick up again soon. -Groups are being watched especially ones in reports regularly, if your group is in a lot of report trouble, expect to be acted on/forcibly archived -Signing at the end of the reports may become a thing soon (Recording of entire meeting here) Timestamps for your listening ease: 00:00 – 24:00 Intro/Lore discussion 24:00 – 40:30 Desolation Redux discussion 40:30 – 51:00 Group behaviour moderation 51:00 – 1:05:00 Group approval system 1:05:00 – 1:50:00 GM’s signing verdicts/Outro Credit to @Austin for the recording and timestamps. He didn't get to contribute to the discussion but goddamn is he a good human tape recorder
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    Just a place for me to share some screenshots, artwork and graphics. SIGNATURES AVATARS Group Threads: Paintings: \\ Drawings: (Mostly figure drawing so can't post here!) Woodcuts/Prints: Misc Digital Art: I'll make this pretty later.
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    How deep is your tongue right now tho?
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    Unnamed Individual- "If you want RP, comply and take our hostile RP, otherwise it'll be a firefight every time." One week later, unnamed individual is banned for not complying to hostile RP... Hypocrisy at its finest?
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    Hello, Community of DayZRP. As seen by the title of this thread, we will now be starting an agenda for you lovely people to see. We hope that this will give you more of an insight into our focuses and you can comment on whether you agree or not. We will take your comments into consideration and adapt if we think necessary. If you believe we are focusing on the right goals, let us know below. Current Priorities 1. Lore - As seen from multiple threads, most of the Community were hoping for a Lore wipe whilst the old LoreMaster team was present. We noted this down and are now focusing on the best way to achieve this because the Lore is a big part of the Community, without a proper functional Lore our servers would not be as enjoyable as they should be. However, don’t expect a Lore wipe tomorrow. We are looking in the future as we want to prepare for Beta, as soon or far that may be, and when it comes closer to that time we will release the new Lore. But in the meantime, we want to start making sure we have something solid to release to the Community and the best way to achieve it. We will start the process of looking for new LoreMasters. This will not be a fast process, since we want this team to be functional unlike the last few attempts. We want to make sure we pick a solid team, since the role is very important. We will judge them by the previous work and what we believe they can bring to the team. We want to make sure we get it right this time. They will also work with the Admins so we can closely monitor their activity, and make sure that progress is being made. In the past, we allowed the LoreMasters to work on their own, which did not bring much joy, and resulted in poor communication. We hope that with this approach we will make sure it works this time. If you are interesting in applying, chuck in an application. 2. Rule Changes - As seen from recent threads, there are a couple of rules that need tweaking. We have a list of rules that we believe need changing and tweaking for the better. We took a look at your suggestions, including a few from Andrey in the private staff forums, and are working to incorporate some into our rules. One that we recently changed was the Vehicle initiations. We saw from a recent report that the adjustment to this rule did not work efficiently, and seemed something very petty to punish. We changed the requirement of both Voice and Text to Text as a minimum, and voice being optional. The rule was put in place originally to ensure that the opposing party received the initiation loud and clear. When initiating via text at a suitable distance, this delivers the message loud and clear. This also does not add limitations to Text roleplayers as it did before. This change was needed and a good addition to the rules. We will review other rules that need tweaking or adding where necessary. We are still discussing other additions which will be announced when concluded. 3. Fixing the Team Morale - This focus is more for staff only. Due to recent events, the general morale has been quite noticeable. People join staff to help out and assist the Community as a hobby, it isn’t a job. Recently, this has not been the general case. Some staff members have had a negative outlook on their role and we are hoping to rectify this and make it a fun hobby again. We are working on implementing a designated Games night, which was suggested by previous staff members. Even though we are not all friends but more colleagues, we believe this would improve the general work ethics of the team. It’s still in discussion, we will see what arises from it soon. 4. Training the Team - We have noticed recently that a few mistakes were occurring from within staff. May this be through incorrect points or missing points on verdicts. This should be a rare occurrence, but we have seen this happening a bit too much. We have been discussing on the best route to take to ensure that these mistakes do not occur as frequently as they do. It will be impossible for them to never happen, we’re all human, but we want to tone it down to a minimum. Currently, when you receive an invitation to staff, you are greeted by the Admins and are run through the initial training program. It’s a brief talk about duties and what we expect of them. This also applies to promotions. Once the initial training is finished, we tend to take a step back and it’s a case of learning as you go. We have decided that this is not the best approach, and we are going to get more involved in the other ranks and train them over a period of time, passing our knowledge on to them. Since the team is still fairly new, things can easily be misinterpreted or mistaken, and we believe that working much closer with the Moderators during reported posts, GameMasters during verdicts etc. This will cut the mistakes down to a minimum. 5. Connecting with the Community - Something we also want to focus on this the feud between evil shitposters and the nasty staff members. This is clearly a problem and has been for a while. We want to change that mentality throughout the Community and make it so we can live in peace. We want to be able to operate and work with the Community and not be a constant war. The reason we do this is to make sure the Community can succeed and make it an enjoyable place for everyone who plays here. We are working on making the Twitch Q/A a regular thing. This was very successful as it allowed the Community to share their views on certain issues which we were able to note down. It was also fun, since people can have a laugh and a joke. We want to turn this into a regular thing, perhaps monthly. We will draft up a timetable and post an announcement for when these will occur. Something we also noticed worked quite well are the Community meetings. Alike the Twitch stream, Community members were able to get more involved and air their issues via voice and speak to us on a direct basis. We were able to see people’s thoughts on particular issues and the best way to rectify them. We will most likely run this along with the Twitch streams. Also after the big wave of players being removed, we are taking an approach of leniency on the forums. We instated cautions to first time offenders to allow them to learn from their mistakes before repercussions were given. We have noticed that this is working as intended and believe that this was a nice approach. This was also instated to show that staff are not attempting to be power hungry mongrels that want to give points to everyone. We would like to remind everyone about the caution procedure. This is only in effect for posts that are unnecessary or perhaps a mistake. This does not come into effect for posts that are flaming/flamebaiting. We have seen that people are attempting to push the boundaries as always, thinking they will receive a caution. This is not how it works. If you attempt to abuse this system, we will act harshly with it being completely justified. We act the exact same for posts that break the flaming rule, so keep that in mind. We hope that this has given you some insight into our goals. We will produce these on a 3 month basis and alert everyone of the announcements and steps we have taken. This also allows you guys to tell us any problems that we can work on. We also want to be more transparent to the Community on the work we do. Thank you for reading. Let us know if this is a good idea or not. If yes, we'll try and push one out every 1-3 months. Jamie & The Admins. :^)
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    Most people just use it like this: "This is your last chance! Surrender to us! You fucking cucks!!" "Haha no way, fuck you pussy!" "That's it, we're gonna kill you all!!!!" "Haha, we killed you all. Get dunked on maggot" "You missed we're all still alive. Better luck next time morons!"
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    - Do not carry your weapon in your hands in or near the compound - Do not enter the compound without permission from an SR - Do not go in any of the tents without permission from an SR - Stay on the groundfloor, first floor and the roof is for SR's only - Do not impersonate an SR - Obey the instructions given by an SR - Do not move any of the tents - Do not steal - Do not start hostilities in the compound, take it outside. - Known enemies will be shot on sight. - Chernarussians enter for free, good foreigners are allowed to enter after paying the tax, bad foreigners will be send away. Failure to comply to the rules will result in being shot or exiled from the compound. Thanks to @Phatal and @Blackfyre for writing the lore!
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    CONTENTS: 1: Intro 2:Setting up a Griefer resistant settlement 3: Day to day running of your settlement 4: Extra Tips 1: Introduction Another article written by an OG with way too much time on his hands! Settlements, Camps, Trade posts.... It seems every time someone wants to set one up they keep running into the same problem. Griefers! (See Image 1.0) They come into the town you've set your settlement up, take all the stuff out your tents, hell maybe even steal one or 2 of them, and then go on their merry way. But you see the common Griefer is a species that has been studied for generations by expert Survivors, Bandits and Traders alike. And there are certain ways to get around these annoying pests and the havock they cause to growing settlements. But this knowledge, it was passed down through word of mouth, and in turn been lost to the ages. So this guide will be a general guide of how to set up a decently griefer proof settlement, whilst also making the settlement more enjoyable (which in turn will also slightly reduce the amount of Griefers you have) . DISCLAIMER: Griefers are troublesome creatures , if the people of old had fully dealt with them they would of become extinct long ago. Just as a garden will constantly have weeds growing, no matter how much you do to get rid of them, so too are the Griefers resourceful, and eventually you will still have Griefer problems. In the eventual case of a Griefer incident, we recommend going down to the local drug store and getting a big dose of "Deal with it, it was bound to happen eventually" AKA: This guide is to reduce Griefer problems, not extinguish them. (Image 1.0: Accurate Drawing of the average Griefer) 2: Setting up a Griefer resistant settlement: The key to setting up a greifer resistant town is 2 fold : Reduce the chance of Griefing, Increase the amount of stuff to do in town. This is a small list of things, in order of importance (most important at the top) of what you should probably have in a settlement to reduce the boredom, and decrease the chance of Griefers coming and ruining your fun. Stashes: Setting up a settlement nowadays seems to be the age old routine of "Get a bunch of tents, put them in a town, hope for the best" This is mistake number one, whilst having 1 or 2 tents inside of a town may be a fun idea for a settlement, the main bulk of a settlement's supplies should be kept outside the town, say 2000m - 3000m away (depending on how "safe" you wish your stash to be). This is to make sure that the supplies of the town (Medical supplies, Farming equipment ect ect) is safe from the wild Griefer attack. In this "Stash" should also be a completely empty, stored away tent or 2. These 2 tents would be the ones you take to a town / settlement every day as the place to store things when occupying the town. It is hard work, but at the end of the day it is certainly worth it in the long run. Image 1.1: An example of a "stash" set up by me a few months ago, the stash lasted for round about a month before even being discovered, said stash being less than 1000m from Cherno.... Trading Area: If you wish to actually have a purpose to your town, perhaps setting up a Trading Area would be worth it? An area with lots of room (centre of a town, inside a big church or warehouse) where survivors and members of the town alike can set up trading stands (either with small tents or backpacks) where trading can be done between players, perhaps even tax people to use this area, meaning the town itself gets some resources back from setting this up. Also it allows for people to set up shop and trade their services rather than just items (Mercenaries, Repair shops, Sewing services ect ect) bringing a bit more variety to the town, "Damnit my tire is broken on my sedan, oh yeah! Ol'd Jacob Mcree sets up shop in Gorka, could go there to get it fixed" <---- If that is the sort of stuff being said about your settlement, you are doing it right. People coming to town for a purpose as opposed to the fact it's "just there". Whilst not making Griefers any less likely, it encourages actual activities at your settlement, so in turn less chance of people getting bored and hence reducing the amount of potential griefers (but only slightly, this is more a "for fun" option to add to your settlements). Recreational Area: Be it a bar, a town hall, a diner or even just a campfire in a church, have an area designated for general hanging about. Not only does it give people a place to go visit if they happen to wander into town for no reason, but also it gives for a good place for civilians to hide in the case of a firefight. A bunch of fun if you get the right people there, find musicians , find the comedy acts, find the people who can tell good stories of their times in the apocalypse. Not only will this make the area enjoyable, but also it can keep people informed of the big events going on around in Chernarus. A new war has started? You will probably find out about it through hearsay in a bar like this. Image 1.2: Trade Post Bar in the mod days, with live singing entertainment 3: Day to day running of your settlement Start of the day: So your group has just logged on. At this point you should all be at your stash or halfway between your stash and the town / settlement you call home. You get all your members to head to the stash and grab what you think you will need that day (X ammount of medical supplies, farming supplies, trading supplies , tents ect ect). And then YOU DO NOT all go to your settlement in one big go. First you send 1/4 of your guys without the big gear (mostly just stuff in their backpacks) to scout it out, then another 1/4 of your guys come from another direction into the town , and you keep going like that, entering from different directions until all you guys are in the town. This makes it harder for randoms to figure out where you came from, and more importantly makes sure the settlement is safe before you move in. This should take around about 30 mins to do if you are doing it right. Day to day dealings in Settlement: So the settlement is set up for the day, and now you are sitting around. This time should be spent having people patrol the town, interact with survivors visiting and letting people know of the days going's on. You guys in the settlement need to be having as much fun as people coming here so why not get involved? -Maybe one of your group today is IC ill and needs looking after? -Maybe you want to host a little competition for the chance to be a new trade partner of the town? -Perhaps maybe you intentionally OOC ask a bandit group to come start trouble of some sort (it doesn't even need to be a hold up... maybe the bandits come into town with a wounded man and force your settlement's doctor to treat them, or maybe if you treat them they won't attack you for a few days, so there is a morale choice to be made!). Either way it's both your job and your right as a player to make the day to day life of a settlement interesting, or else of course it is going to get stale! Trips outside the settlement: So intersting things are going on in settlement, but it's getting a bit crowded, people have flocked from all over the land. Well now is a perfect time to start sending people out on errands, maybe even propose the surivors who come help you out get pay? -Need more livestock meat? Go on a hunting trip! -Heard a rumour that a stockpile of weapons has been set up nearby, let's go investigate (Maybe even OOC set up this stockpile on your own and make a mini event out of it, maybe even invite a bandit group OOC to try hunt it down too and have it be a race to the stockpile). -A man comes in and is in dire need of some advanced medical equipment that can only be found in Berenzino hospital? Embark on a rescue mission to get the equipment he needs! The point is settlement life doesn't need to be secluded to just the settlement. Sure, in game you have everything you need to "survive" ... but in character do you? Settlements are big places and need a lot of stuff to keep them going, and little events like the ones above give your settlement more life to it, aswell as getting survivors going out and doing stuff, rather than just campfire RP. End of the day: So it is the end of the day, and your group is about 30-40 mins from logging off. So get 1/4 of your guys to start ferrying stuff back to the stash, or even keeping it on their person for the time being and logging off. If you take the former choice, make sure each 1/4 that leaves takes a different route back to the main stash, even going out of their way to go the opposite direction for a while, just in case someone follows you. Once everything have been put back in the stash area, have everyone apart from 1-2 guys log off, have those 1-2 guys stay for another 10-15 minutes, hidden in a tent or a bush or something, just to make sure you weren't followed and some arsehole isn't about to try and steal from your tents. 4: Extra Tips : -Bandits: Now your settlement will be properly raided eventually. It's a way of life... but a way to reduce the cluster of raids is to make the bandits less interested to raid the whole settlement itself. By influencing people to travel from the settlement and to the settlement (Trade routes, missions and hunting parties as described in part 3) it makes it more likely they will target these parties outside the settlement, rather than attacking the whole settlement itself. Also , and everyone say it with me kids! BANDITS CAN BE DEALT WITH NONE HOSTILELY!: Make Dirty Deals with them, Prove your worth to bandit groups that respect strength (Challenge their leader to a fist fight?), offer them shit to leave you alone, give them alternative places or people to attack who are a better target. The main point is that you don't have to firefight your way out of every bandit situation to be a successful settlement. If that was the case you will just end up being PvP'd out after a few weeks of the same fight, different day. -EVENTS: Your Settlement, if made right, will be important, it will be one of hopefully several hubs on the server for people to come to. So make events! Have competitions, resource drives, battles and all and any other such events you might think of for your settlement! What's the point being on the DayZRP map if you ... well are not gonna put yourself on the map -Trade Routes : (Just follow the Hyperlink ) So I hope you enjoyed this little guide to settlements, my personal opinions from both running and seeing settlements over the 4 years I have been here, and I can't wait to see more proper settlements being set up reallll soon Please post below in the comments if you found this useful / if you have any amendments and additions you think the guide could do with
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    I just realized this morning that I've been in staff for a year now. I joined March 30th 2016. At times it feels like it's been a lot fucking longer, whether that has been because of internal staff issues or (if I'm going to be honest) the shit you guys put me through sometimes. Yeah, it shouldn't be a big shock to hear that, that the community and our members can be a large part of our stress. Or at least mine, I don't speak for anyone else but myself here. I've been doing my best to try and be personal and candid with you all. Whether I do it through TS chats directly with you, PMs, or these open letters, I've been doing my best to try and give you some insight into who Oliv is and what goes through his head. So here goes. We had a community meeting a few weeks ago. You guys remember that one? There was also a smaller meeting with a few individuals the following day. In both meetings I mentioned we want this place to be fun for everyone. We all want this place to be a relaxing escape from our shit we deal with everyday. The escape from the bad day at work or school. Somewhere to come and have a laugh and forget about some responsibilities or more productive ways we could be using our time. Anyways, many of you have taken to this really well, and things are going great. Others, not so much still. In that same meeting, I mentioned that if things didn't get better on your end there would likely be action taken from staffs stand point. I wasn't joking. There is a quote often contributed, though debatable if this is actually what was said, to Al Capone. It goes "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me." I've always wanted somewhere to actually use that quote, and this seems like the perfect place and time for it. We are all adults here. We are all expected to behave adultish. Those who don't will be reminded how to, and it won't be by me saying "Knock it off" anymore. I'm tired of seeing people who think it's my responsibility to tell them how to be an adult and figure out what is or isn't appropriate to post, say, or do. That's not part of the job description. Now that the rant portion of this is done, lets get to the good shit. I have to say, it's really nice to see a few people coming back to the community. We had a couple familiar faces return and it's really nice to see. They are some damn great RPers too, so the community as a whole benefits from their return. I also honestly feel we have had some great improvements (despite my earlier rant) in community and staff relations. Things are still far from perfect, that's for damn sure. We honestly need to get in game with you guys more often, I know I don't get in as often as I should. Again, I don't like to speak for anyone but myself, but my in game activity is not what it should be. I'll keep trying to work on that too. Honestly, this past year in staff has had its ups and downs. There was times I never thought I'd make it to a year, but here we are. I can honestly say though, if things keep going they way they have been the last couple of months, I know I don't have another year in me. Hell there are times when I wonder if I have another month in me. I'm just going to keep taking it day by day until those days roll into weeks and month and see where this goes. Shout out to those that made the mistake of letting my ass where some colours, and here's to the day by day. Thanks for taking the time to read this. There are probably things I said that I should have kept to myself, and things I should have said as well. But, fuck it, gotta say it while people still think I'm important enough to listen to. - Oliv
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    I'd be fine with a meeting in all honesty. I think there are some misinterpretations on both sides which can easily be cleared up by a quick chat. I was disappointed when you left. You always had a positive attitude whilst in staff and always working to improve the rules and fix up grey areas. Even now whilst not being in staff, you question a lot of things that we do and pick out on mistakes. This is good, and personally, it's nice to know the Community care. I'm not gonna speak on behalf of the other Admins, but I can say my memory is the equvilent to a tadpole. It feels like you left staff a while ago, and the suggestions that you put forward most likely slipped behind to the back of the priority list. I will look back through previous threads and find your ideas and put them forward to the team. I am personally sick of this "Evil, cunty, powerwhorey staff VS whining complaining community members". This isn't how it should be. We should all be able to co-exist in peace and work together into improving the Community. It's clear you guys still care for it, since you didn't go out with the others. We have the same goal, but it seems that we all aren't on the same page. I am available Mon-Thurs after 10pm. Fridays I'm off and I'm available on Saturday in the evenings. Sunday is also an option during the day. Feel free to let me know when you guys are free.
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    Hello community, While I am aware there is some severe opposition to this idea from certain sectors of the community I wanted to bring it up for proper discussion. As it stands it seems the current team has gone back to the system for ONLY punishing for one rule break in a report. This is regardless if someone breaks multiple rules. Firstly I want to ask why does this make logical sense? The Arguments. Firstly I will argue why it doesn't make sense to ignore rule breaks. Laws without enforcement quickly become meaningless, when enforcement fails it quickly becomes apparent that people find way to push the limits of what is, and is not possible. We saw this with the push for leniency, people started to break forum rules and threads quickly popped up about there being no leniency. People came to expect leniency in whatever they were doing wrong at the time. What is stopping me from logging in tomorrow, committing KoS and then logging out early? I have already committed the worse offence, I know breaking more rules isn't going to give me a worse punishment. We do this in no other situation, however, we take it as a given that if you break multiple rules you should only be punished for one. If you don't punish for each breach of your own rules, why do you punish for any at all? Why isn't breaking multiple rules considered worse than breaking a single rule? It creates inconsistency. Because there is no set standard for when someone should be given an additional punishment it leaves it up subjectivity, unfortunately you cannot get rid of this entirely. The basis of your system should be based on clear and enforceable standards, something that I advocated for while in staff. This is further complicated by the fact that aggravating for multiple rule breaks is not based on logic to begin with. If multiple rule breaks are punished they should be punished based off a clear standard rather than deciding which multiple rule breaks are worse than others. The system is internally inconsistent. If I break two rules in a night but they are reported separately and not merged then I can be hit with 20 warning points + the combined bans. However, if these two rule breaks are in a single report, I immediately get my punishment essentially halved. This involves a large degree luck and circumstance playing into whether or not I get punished twice as hard for perhaps similar circumstances. Now I have heard some arguments against giving people harsher punishments for multiple rule breaks including: You can't give X points to people just because they had a bad night. I would argue that having a bad night is universally disregarded as a reason to not punish someone. I have had plenty of bad nights and I would not expect this to impact my punishment for a rule break in any way. If this is a good reason, why should we punish for any rule break. Why don't we just allow bad nights to be a defence? If someone breaks rule A and then commits a totally unrelated rule break (B) then they need to realise that breaking the rules is not acceptable. I finish this section with a proverb: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!' If we give X points (e.g 15) they will be halfway to a permanent ban. My contention is if they break multiple rules, by our system they should technically be 2/3rds the way to a permanent ban. While this may sound harsh let me remind you of how our system works. Our points are not a permanent blotch on your record that will forever haunt you. They are designed to act as a warning so that you stop breaking rules. If you do this once you only have to wait a month before you have your points removed. Depending on the system you will not even be permanently banned for committing another in game rule break. Instead by allowing this, you essentially allow people to commit 6 rule breaks in a month to get permanently banned. The standard is of course three. If we use a system like I propose the max you would be allowed to do in a month is 4. 4 in game rule breaks is already incredibly generous compared to what the standard states it should be. The system can be made to make it less punishing than what it technically should be without ignoring additional rule breaks. If we are too harsh people will leave. It is true, theoretically someone will leave if they get 15 points rather than 10. However, what is far more likely is that a new player will leave if he gets banned anyway, not to mention we still enforce the draconian whitelist revocation in certain situations. So you see we already punish more harshly for rule breaks, not even multiple rule breaks. But by the current system that is alright because they are new members. The logic goes they should have the rules fresh in their heads. I would contend that experienced members should through lots of practice know the rules even more. Apparently it is ok to have a double standard, as long as the older members who have more "sway" are left unpunished. My Proposed Solution. Preface: Firstly I would like to redefine (or rather use the old definition of double dipping). Double dipping occurs when the GM/Admin team punishes someone for breaking multiple rules when they have only committed one set of actions or actions where one rule break directly caused another. This should be discouraged and only situations where multiple rule breaks are separately committed should someone actually be punished. In all circumstances the most appropriate rule break should be used, not necessarily the harshest available. Examples in action: Example A: In this example I am taken hostage, I have complied up until this point and my life is spared. After developing on some roleplay I decided to antagonise my attackers by calling them names and trying to infuriate them. My captors give me several warnings to stop my attitude but I ignore their warnings. By doing so I have likely broken the NVFL rule, however, it can also be argued that I have broken the Bad RP rule. In situations like this the most appropriate and relevant punishment should be chosen. Since in this case there is a rule specifically for this situation (NVFL) that would likely be chosen. We would not punish for both here. Example B: In this example I have just met somebody in game for the first time. In this situation I decide to go up to somebody that I don't know and cluck like a chicken. There is no reason or context for my actions beyond me thinking it would be funny. I do not stop when requested. In this situation two rules can apply, they are trolling and Bad RP. Depending on the case either punishment can be used and this would be determined by any ancillary facts to the case. However, in no situation would the suspect be guilty of both. We would not punish for both here. Example C: In the following example I have just shot and killed somebody invalidly. I killed them without any kind of interaction or acceptable reason by the rules. After this I have stayed on the server for an additional 10 minutes and then proceed to log off to play another game. In this situation two rule breaks have occurred, however, unlike the other situations these two rule breaks were from different and unrelated actions. In this situation I have committed an invalid kill and combat logged. Because one rule break did not necessarily lead to the second (I could have stayed online) they are deemed as seperate offences and both punishable. We could punish for both here. Aggravation: This is a much simpler concept that frankly need much less explanation. If I have committed a rule break in a way that is particularly bad or egregious than the staff team may decide that the standard punishment is not sufficient. At which point the punishment will be "aggravated" and a good reasoning will be given. Extenuating circumstances can be used similarly to go the other way. Multiple Rule - Breaks: In cases where multiple rule breaks have been discovered the following will be standard procedure. Please note this can be modified by the aggravating and extenuating circumstances modifiers with good and proper explanation. The rule break with the highest punishment is always used as a baseline. From here the additional rule break gets an extra 5 points from the original ban strike. Giving the person a total of 15 points for both rule breaks. The ban time is decided based on the standard punishment for that rule break and modified. For the extra days for the second rule break they are reduced as seen below: 7 days > 3 days 5 days > 2 days 3 days > 1 day If three rules are broken, manual review by the admins would be needed. They would decide on using their discretionary rule 4 powers as they usually can and do. If they decide against it for whatever reason we can leave the punishment at 15 or continue based of this system. Example A: If I am punished for both an invalid kill - on sight and combat log my punishment will be as follows. 7 day ban & 10 warning points (for invalid kill) + 1 day & 5 warning points = 8 days & 15 warning points. We can possible not add extra points for punishments that would not otherwise incur a full ban strike, such as FF KoS. In this case a day increase in the ban might be sufficient. Calling @Rolle, @Jamie, @Aiko, @Ender, @Lyca & @Oliv for their PoV's.
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    Another, hopefully not too ranty, post from your resident big mouth Traveler: A smaller suggestion this time... erm... relatively. The DayZRP map, it's an amazing feature to the website ... however I feel it is a bit bare. All it has on it is settlements. Now that isn't a bad thing, but something that has caught my eye is that Heaven, for obvious reasons, has been removed. It got me thinking, what things could we add to the map to make it more interesting to look at, whilst not metaing too hard. But the huge things that would of been found out through word of mouth anyway: Such as: -Destroyed Settlements and what happened to them -Sites of massive battles and who won them -Areas where significant events happened -"Outposts" The Gorka like settlements that are not official, even if it means they get removed a few weeks later due to it being raided or destroyed. And I am sure there are many other suggestions that all you wonderful people could come up with If the problem of adding all this stuff is time and effort, hell give me the job and I will do it :L If there are any other problems you can see , or any additions you can come up with, please put them down below Suggestions from others (Because I listen to you guys ): -A side bar that you can tick on and off (a bit like DayZDB) to avoid clutter -A "slide bar" / "Timelapse" where it slides back through RL dates and each slide shows settlements that were around at that time -More than one person keeping maintenance on it (maybe even community maintained rather than bothering staff with it?) -
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    So, the reason we included in the rules that we should use text is to deliver the initiation more clearly and effectively, since obviously vehicle engines can be loud and produce some nice ear rape. What kinda stumped me in this particular report was that the initiation was clearly delivered and the OP acknowledged it but resumed driving. The reason he was reporting Dusty's group was due to the lack of time given to him showing compliance. Now, that bit may be slightly debatable. He had roughly 6-7 seconds and I personally think that he had no intentions of stopping with plentiful time given. Perhaps the staff involved in the report thought the same since it was not addressed in the verdict. The OP was aware of the hostile intent, he was given a clear initiation to stop his vehicle but resumed driving. Just to state the point again, we have this particular rule so that initiations are properly delivered. When the report received a verdict, they were then banned on the account that they did not provide both text and voip. I think that's bullshiesse to be honest. In the past, we have given people false report verdicts for trying to get people banned that did not use text to deliver it. I'll have a root but the OP of the report received the initiation via voip and it was clear as daylight, but he used the rules to his OOC advantage because he knew it wasn't a valid initiation. In this particular case I'm addressing, he received the initiation and did not comply. Why is this classed as invalid? Not all people use VOIP to roleplay. With this verdict, you are limiting their actions in-game and preventing them from initiation on vehicles. And besides, from a roleplay stance it would be pretty retarded to type ingame "STOP YOUR CAR AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" in text, then just repeat yourself again in voip. You're saying the same thing twice, and you should not have too. People will think you have tics or something. I think the rule needs to be amended ASAP so that text initiations are the minimum when it comes to initiation upon vehicles, voice is optional. Even through my time in staff, I was always under the impression that this was how it was to start with, not sure why this limitation was added in the rules. I understand that the people involved in the verdict were only following the rules, but the outcome is crap. I hope that the points are addressed in the appeals and they are accepted. I didn't realize there was a thread already. Just copied from my old thread.
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    So, you're like me and you hate having to see cringy adds people paid $5 for to get displayed on the website, even though you're a Donor-rank and shouldn't / don't want to see them. Well, I've got the solution right here: https://i.gyazo.com/4163a078029ff02631bf60fa80c35108.mp4 Saves you some cringe. Do what you will with this information. Sorry for the low quality, I don't know how to improve it on Gyazo. Regardless, you get the point. If another add pops up, you do the same thing until they're all gone, and when they're all gone they remain gone until someone else unfortunately pays another $5 to refresh it, or whatever. But, you'll wind up winning because this doesn't cost you any money, and they'll eventually run out. Yay!
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    I gladly accept your petition, the internal ad is now called a promotion to distinguish it from regular Google ads, to prevent any misunderstandings about the Premium perk and the promotions will now only appear on the home page. I think that should satisfy most of the users, both those who plan to buy a promotion (home page gets most hits of all pages) and also those who do not want to see these images everywhere.
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    Sometimes all you gotta do is take some time to appreciate your pals You guys have been great friends to me lately since I got back. You made me feel welcome after I thought I had to get to know everyone again. @Boston <3 <3 @JAMMIELAD I remember when you were a little whitename and got reported for underage You're a great friend, never change bud! @Crash @Lyca @Roach @Keira @Oliv You are the most relaxed admin by far and the nicest person I have probably ever met. you have a huge heart & always have time for me. <3 @Bran I've known you for over two years and we were friends way before we even joined the community. We've never argued or fell out with eachother. You're a good guy @SpaceCowboy Lots of memories there <3 You made me ball yesterday. @Ghostbuster <3 I just love you man Special thanks to @Buddy for becoming a great friend in such a quick time and the only person I can admire Moana with @Austin Your bird is definitely a chicken, deal with it! @Redbond9 @King known you for a couple days and you're all awesome guys and I am glad to be rp'ing with you! @Raptor Love your character and the RP we had the last 2 days or so! Same goes to @RogueSolace you're a fantastic RP'er and I am glad to be able to hang around with you Also massive thanks to @Chief & his crew for taking me on after I got back from my break and didn't really find any good RP anywhere. You guys rock @Randle you're a nob. Love you all <3
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    20:46:16 | "Donald Trump SHOT Bashar Al-Assad by Tomahawk_Missile into Airfield."
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    Im not fighting anything, Im explaining to you why I think you are wrong. If you feel like you have to pull the "im an admin and im right, do what i tell you" card to win a discussion, so be it. It seems like I somehow personally offended you, if I did I apologise for that but to be honest... I expected more from you as an admin. I checked the group requirements again and I do not see a requirenent about the length or any rule at all of that part of the description should be. It even says "short description" above the text area. I already explained to you above why the description is accurate so I wont do it again. Let me know what the other admin(s) think before the 24 hour timer runs out. edit: I would also like to point out that this group has already been reviewed and accepted (as seen by the little green star next to the name). Nothing has changed since then besides members leaving and members joining.
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    After all the hate IC'ly for each other for months, Tony and Tate make up with a handshake after the final intense hostile RP session together. Always forgive OOC'ly for IC'ly things. Remember folks, it's just a game. @Hollows Picture by @Ghostbuster (Welden)
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    Suggestion: Double dipping in report verdicts and aggravating firefight KoS, and why it is a cancer that will drive people away. Why should we use this as a topic?: Literally with all the talk of leniency along with the rest of everything trying to be relaxed it would not make sense for a community member to fuck up in a report and get yeeted because we suddenly feel the need to increase punishments. It should be brought back to the old system of having some sort of fucking human understanding for firefight KoS also the fact that people fuck up and this isn't an authoritarian state where if you fuck up you need your hands cut off.
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    I swear! It's not what it looks like... really, I swear.
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    Just a Zombie checkin' out dat ass.
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    Literally every character page picture: Black and white picture of a tattooed model that is smoking half the time Picture of a russian or american soldier on the battlefield Walking Dead characters Celebrities Stock photos This fucking survivor picture that everyone fucking uses
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    "...you ditched me..." "...ditched me..." "...ditched..." Like Fronk dead? What a shame... Now I will never know how to hunt.
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