DayZ Standalone Factions

89 Factions

Factions are groups of 15 members or more who have been active for more than 30 days. For more information, please see here for the requirements surrounding Factions and Settlements. All faction must also follow group requirements.

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DayZ Standalone Groups

90 Groups

* You must be whitelisted for at least 1 month, not have created or lead another group in the last 30 days in order to lead a group. Individuals cannot not be in more than one group.
* All groups must be based off serious and realistic ideas along a with detailed and accurate description explaining your groups activities, history, goals, not be offensive in nature, fit current lore, and posses a minimum of 5 active and whitelisted members. New groups are given 7 days from date of creation to find 5 members or will be removed.
* Group ranks and roles have to actively represent the hierarchy within your group and must be in character related (no banter, jokes, etc). Groups must have a members list kept up to date and including full IG name and linked to their forum account.
* Admins reserve the right to disband and archive any group at their discretion at any time. Work in Progress (WIP) groups will be archived.

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