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    • Of course, I never stated it was broken, only that isn't as efficient.  Maybe there is more to your statement than I am inferring this early in the morning, but if someone get's banned for breaking said rule in one report, then it would be expected that every person who breaks that rule is going to be banned as well. Of course everyone has opposing views on new members and rules they may break, but members who have been through the ropes and have a clear understanding of what is allowed and isn't shouldn't be given a slap on the wrist for rules they break.  For instance, if someone talks OOC over VOIP by accident as their computer crashes vs someone obviously talking OOC over VOIP knowingly, that is a case by case judgement. That is a go to moment where you judge them differently.  However, if one person is knowingly breaking forum rules and not receiving punishment, yet someone else is receiving punishment, then that should not be a case by case judgement - they should both be handled in that they both broke the rules and receive the punishment for it. Every situation is different and is under different circumstances, yes. That does not mean the rules are different. If I kill someone in Novy after a complex dispute broke out and the kill was on someone not even involved vs I kill someone in Balota and I did it thinking they were following me to kill me, it doesn't change the fact I KOS'ed/RDM'ed someone and will be punished. Different circumstances, same rule breaks. I would change the system firstly, as Para suggested, in having Staff decide on one set way to judge cases. It is apparent some verdicts/appeals are handled by what is stated in the rules and some are handled by Staff jurisdiction, and some of those cases did not need to be handled by way they were handled, but rather the other. There are always cases that require case by case, I've never stated otherwise. BadRP is one of those, but I will say it's a nice help to view old cases of BadRP and find verdicts to help justify new verdicts.  This is an issue of Quality > Quantity. If opposing views are why some cases are handled with Staff jurisidiction when its clearly in the rules and vice-versa, that is something that needs to be handled in Staff.  As for your statement of amount of points and bans, quality players have been punished for various reasons that could've been handled much better. Just because the amount is the same doesn't mean the quality is the same.   Sorry if any of this is incoherent, I'm pretty tired.
    • Holy shit. The suspense is killing me. You need to write more. Like...right now! I really like how you explain his thoughts and feelings. I can see on my inner eye how the circle closes around Alex...I really need to know what happend next! Thank you!
    • Hey there HardHat, The servers appear to be online. I would suggest changing your filters, such as the max ping, allow passworded servers, etc. If that doesn't work go and restore your game cache. This can be done by right clicking DayZ in the steam library>properties>verify integrity of game cache. Hope this helped, if you have any more questions please ask
    • I was having this issue last night. If your "ping" box is checked, try unchecking it. You're going to want to write the IP followed by the Port of the server, seperated by a colon-  This thing :  Make sure your ping's set to 0, try and search then, and you should see the server you want. Just give it time.
    • Ohh boy , this is great. ^^ Keep it up!
    • protecting the natives from dirty English crossbow guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ get fucked
    • *Chris hears Dragan voice and presses down on the PTT* Dragan! So good to hear your voice again. God how long has it been 2 months?  So much has fucking changed. Im not exactly the same person..... *Chris pauses for a few seconds* You know what you see. Come to Grishino we can have a nice cup of tea and have so much fun! *Chris releases the PTT* 
    • tasty
    • 1. Even if something works, it's not about fixing it. It's about improving the current system so it works better. keione even stated maybe it isn't working efficiently.  2. If it's borderline why is his punishment still the full punishment? Why wasn't it lowered to 3 days or verbal warning because that would've resulted in them keeping their whitelists. You shouldn't be giving full punishments for something so borderline like the situation in the report recently for badrp. 3. If every situation is different, you shouldn't be viewing things objectively. If everything is based around the circumstances of the scenario then the way the staff team needs to view it is subjectively from the viewpoint of the accused. Objectively viewing things implies a standard applied to ALL scenarios regardless of context or circumstance. Subjectively viewing things is case by case basis. The staff team either needs to decide to go subjective and stick with the viewing things case by case, aggravating or lowering punishments when they see fit (like in borderline cases), or they need to have a set standard that they apply to all scenarios. 
    • Song It is hard to remember what happened after Alena and I got away from those people in the woods. Back then I did not reach anyone of the Milice. The only person who came running  was Anya. We were around Pustoshka. I was dragging my bag after me. My back was covered in blood and silently walking next to me was Alena.  Putting hand on a woman,  fucking burning her skin. Those people... lowlife cowards. Nothing more than that. People these days have no fucking respect left. At least they did not do anything worse to her. Maybe my try to get their attention on me prevented her from that. I don't know. At that point I was just happy that it was over. Anya helped me and wrapped a bandage around my upper body and put me on morphine. She grabbed my bag and led me and Alena to that fucking camp. That scum went to that direction. I did not want to go there. I did not want to see those people again. Not without pomoc... support of my bratři.  As we arrived, Anya started talking to some people. She tried to get some medical supplies. Alena was smart. She started looking through some tents and kept an eye on what belonged to the Chernarussian Defence Force.  While the two of them were busy, I was just standing in the middle of this little compound, feeling the skin on my back burning like fire. I was glancing around. Broken down walls. Barely any people on over watch. How did this even work for? It did not. I found out when I took a second look. Clowns hanging out. Those sadistic little fucks. The existence of those rats simply disgusted me. I was rushed out of my thoughts when I heard. what I believed was a familiar voice. I looked to my left and saw him. Alex. First I thought it was the side effects of the morphine. But when I heard Alex speaking to a woman standing next to him, I knew it. He looked different... ruffled... but it was him.  That voice, the glasses, the look on his face. I was sure. To my surprise he was not carrying his crossbow but an old rusty AK. I felt stunned. I did not even walk towards him. I was just starring at him while he moved past me.  "Alex?"  He turned and looked up and down on me. The look on his face told me that he did not recognize who I was. It has been such a long time. Back then I helped him and his people out. A bullet hit me in the arm and he patched me up, gave me his jacket and took care of me for a while. I looked down on myself. I must have looked very different. My clothing was full of dirt and covered in dried blood. Same as my face. I looked back at him repeating myself: "Alex is that you?" He glanced at me with a distant look.  "It's Jaroslav." I actually don't even remember if I told him my name back then. I was so sure he would recognize me. He just stared at me with this look on his face that I was a cizinec... a stranger. "It's Jaro. Remember pritel? Back in Zelenogorsk?" Finally Alex eyes started to widen as he seemed to remember me. After a quick hug which appeared to be more like a pat on the shoulder, he looked at me again and told me that I looked like shit. I started laughing. I was so happy to see that guy again and hearing what he said, he did not change a single bit. I have really missed his company. Back in the day, it was a nice thing to run into an old friend. Someone you did not expect to meet. But lets be honest, these this time.. being able to call someone a friend is a rare thing. At least if you define a friend as someone you can trust. Meeting someone you haven't seen in months felt more like a present than anything else. I accepted his death since he disappeared but here he was. Anya seemed to be happy as well. When she smiles, it always makes me feel warm inside. Here we were, the three of us standing in a circle talking to each other like the first day we've met. After the shit that happened  to me the day before, I felt like things were finally getting better again. How could I have known that this was the last day of my time in the Milice. How could I have fucking known that I was about to lose everything I built up over the last months. After laughing together and having a short conversation, Anya pushed for us to get to a more quiet spot so she could take care of my back. We told Alex where we were going and he promised to catch up. Alena seemed a bit confused but I told her not to worry since he was an old friend and I trusted him over anyone. I really did. He was one of the good guys left around this area. We made it to Bashnya when I had to stop. My back was in such a fucking pain, it knocked me off my feet. With the supplies we got at the foreign camp, Anya cleaned my wounds. I was rushing down the vodka I had left as she was doing it. While she was helping me, Alex caught up to us. I explained to him what happened, that those people had mistaken us for bounty hunters... that I needed to catch up with my people, the Milice. He asked to tag along. Of course I said yes. At that moment it did not even cross my mind that there could be any potential trouble. We met with up the guys at the tent camp on our grounds at the air field in the north west. I remember Marian went into some trouble at one of the old barracks, calling in support over the radio. Alex was one of the first one to run and be there. The situation was handled well. No need for the use of guns from either side. I noticed Marian and Alex slightly bitching at each other but did not really think it would cause any big trouble. We started to make our way towards Vybor to catch up with Sara. I actually wanted to talk to her. I've told the others that Alena and I got into trouble but I wanted to give her the details. I simply wanted to see her. Even though the fact that she denied me was still sticking with me, I just wanted to tell her that I am glad to be able to see her again. I really thought those guys were about to kill Alena and myself. I got interrupted by noticing a hostile tension between Domek and Alex.  Domek started asking him all these questions when we arrived at the factories in Vybor. Questions about what he was doing in our country and pointing him out as a useless foreigner. I glanced at Sara, why was she not doing anything? Domek's behavior was disrespectful towards my friend and with that also towards me. He talked to him like he was one of those foreign thieves. He was no thief and me introducing him should have proved that. I thought my word was enough for Domek, telling him Alex was one of the good ones. As a Bratr, you trust each others word. Apparently it was not enough for him. Thinking back to this day, that would have been the first chance for to tell Alex to leave. I judged the situation so wrong... the situation and my own people. It was my fucking fault. Even today, even after Alex told me that he forgives me, I am still not able to let go of the thoughts about what I threw him into that day. I was the one leading him towards them. I was the one who failed getting him out of there. Sometimes I don't understand why he calls me a brother. Brothers are suppose to give their life for each other. That's not what I did back then. I noticed Anyas look towards Domek. She was walking a bit further away from everyone as usual. She must have recognized it too. I should have told him to leave. I know Alex, he has a big mouth and of course he did not shut up when Domek was talking to him. He was digging his own grave and I did not see it. I can't believe I didn't. Saying I was on morphine, saying I was too distracted by my old friend being around again... it all sounds like a cheap excuse. When Alex was talking back to Domek, he stopped walking for a second. I took my chance to speak up and tried and clear the situation: "What the fuck is this about? I told you he is my friend and not a thief!" I was confused and mad about Domek acting like this. Alex gave me medical supplies and offered help to one of us at the airfield. Why did Domek not step back and simply moved on? I was standing next to Alex and looked over my shoulder. Then I saw it, I saw her glance towards him and I saw my bratři closing the circle around us. The way we always did it in the past. I was such an idiot. Sara stepped towards Alex and me. I will never forget that look on her face. Cold and hostile. It felt like a punch into my stomach to see her like this. I looked at her and back at Alex. I turned around seeing all of them staring at him, before I heard Sara's voice. "Tell me, cizinec. What do you know about a Chernarussian named Joseph?"      
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