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  2. I just made a new character and moved away from the hero RP to hostile RP/PvP/Banditry etc and it is probably the best thing I could have done, it brought new life to DayZRP for me and so far I haven't been bored yet and I've been playing this character for 4-5 months now, so I would recommend doing hostile RP or making a hostile type character if you want to spice it up its what I did and it worked for me.
  3. Looks like another good group is coming back, maybe that thing called roleplay is still around Welcome back guys
  4. Yes because sarcasm is even better feeback fool. People need to be kicked in the ass on occassion. They are on the LIF team because they volunteered for it, if they lack the time or drive they can step down. People want results and they want them sooner rather that later. Waiting a number of weeks is far to long considering we have a "team" dedicated to working on it.
  5. Strider

    Fuck arma 3, there is always a fucking issue with this game.

    If it's not the shit AI, it's my retarded friends.

    If it's not my retarded friends its the inventory system.

    If it's not the inventory, it's the mods.

    If it's not the mods, it's the FPS.




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  6. I got an exam in a couple hours, I woke up earlyish so I could revise this morning

    Why am I still on the forums...

    1. Grimnir


      You are lucky that Johnny isn't on, he would probably kick your ass rn. ;)

    2. ThatRyanGuy


      @Grimnir could do with him doing this exam for me, it's gonna be awful :)

    3. Cloudy


      I believe RyRy dude.

  7. Okay
  8. What the hell?
  9. Looks great! Will create better Rp on the coast good luck with the location guys!
  10. Screenshots still looking Awesome
  11. Welcome enjoy your time here
  12. One thing I have always wondered. There seems to be an attitude that a robbery must end in a hostage situation. Why? From a realism perspective some robberies would be relatively quick ordeals and the robber would like to get going quickly. I am not going to tell you my manifesto if I just badly need your beanz.
  13. Looks cool 10/10
  14. But Strider is surely 10/10
  15. I like it, not my style but its groovy. 8/10
  16. Cewl 10/10
  17. 6-7/10 Cant decide
  18. Shhh... You're naughty now
  19. Doe i am here still.. Staggs maybe baby
  20. 67
  21. Yees 9/10
  22. *Oh lord it's Elmo, grabs quickly a cup of coffee and runs*
  23. Lmao welxome I guess
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