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  2. Im pretty fond of this idea, even though Im not sure itd really work out in the long run. Maybe once mod support comes around itd be a bit easier to do stuff like this. 1+ Also purple team for life. <3
  3. We really out there
  4. I'm amazed the admins didn't straight up ban me. My use of the F word is clearly an extreme case of bad RP and the admins should put me in my place and just rule 4 me.
  5. whoa dude how could you say the F word so aggressively? we aren't playing on DayZSHOUTATFAGGOTS.COM are we?
  6. Devon Alexander Grey

    Devon, born into a prominent and wealthy family in northern Texas, was taught that the rich should stay rich and the poor should stay poor. Growing up, he would embody this mentality but with a different twist than most. He used his charismatic personality to persuade others to doing his bidding for him. Allowing him to stay clean and the work still getting done. He found himself enjoying the rush he got when he manipulated others. He noticed the beauty in power and it became his lover. When he finished high school at the top of his class, he went to the one school that could help him achieve his full potential for acquiring power, Harvard Law. He wanted to become a lawyer turned politician. His quest for power during law school brought him many allies and many resources. When he finally finished schooling, he turned to the political realm. His charm had captivated the masses. He was quickly losing himself to all of the power he had accumulated over the years. When the outbreak occurred, Devon had a bold idea. With all of these resources at his hands, he would become the most powerful man in the 'New World'. He set off on his journey and brought along many of his trusted members of his posse.
  7. yeah man my friend moved kinda just out of curiosity i mean if i was in his situation where you were waiting for the right time to push then you where told the game crashed id be like "oh you are not there lol lets see"
  8. magazines make me paranoid
  9. Nihoolious


  10. yeah that was a pretty shitty situation on both sides, if he moved himself I would have totally thought he was trying to get a cheap kill but since an admin moved him and he was just trying to explain his absence for the last few minutes I can see why he said that and how it sounded. I don't know why your friend moved in immediately, that was kind of a goofy move but not something anyone needed to die over. Oh well, what's done is one get 'em next time.
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  12. think that's bad, i had to shoot someone in the face four times with an sks to kill them, beanies are the new helmets tbh
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    That profile song be lit. 

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      Papa Rampage with that Emmure. ohhhh shit

  13. So this happened: It happened after this meme happened:
  14. Bruce


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      What have you done now @Fox

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  15. AMD Fx-8320 processor with 8 cores Nvidia GTX 1050 ti video card (4 gb) 8 gb of RAM a 120 gb ssd 1 terabyte hard drive brand is CyberPower PC Favorite band or music artist?
  16. Morning you beautiful people.

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      Morning cutie


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      I've been up all night... AHHH!

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    Take control of NM already. I wanna re-join.

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      I'm retired. @Squillium ain't that bad tho, just cringy

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      Christ I get enough from @Puddin

    3. Hebee
  17. Settlement rules
  18. forgive me plz
  19. Plz don't use the lords name in vain. Thanking you.
  20. what no jesus if he crashed and he wasn't in we would have just left it there. we thought he was still logged of so we would have just said that the situation was null and void. My friend is possibly the most reasonable Rp player I've met please don't jump to conclusions. EDIT like the video says its no ones fault. just wanted so share this moment gawd
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  22. So, your friend rushed the building thinking the enemy crashed and got killed? Good. If he rushed the building hoping he was still logging in, or not in the server yet, I'm happy he died. Seems like abuse of game mechanics to me
  23. winter is cumming

  24. *Axel would sit at the table in the house with Logan, sitting across from him as the depressing message came through. As they play chess in the candlelight quietly Axel stops to clip the radio to his belt. He hesitates before responding to Ivan one last time* "I made a promise to someone once. Someone that has been gone for some time now. 'keep going for them' she said. I didn't really understand what she mean't until now. Have a good night Ivan." *He would turn off his radio and clip the radio to his belt, walking outside into the cold night to patrol*
  25. @Lyca - Character development and RP tonight was on point, as usual I hope we continue, I'm really invested now @Darra - I enjoyed meeting you again today, after looking after your child, it certainly gave Maxwell something to think about when he learned about your children Despite what you think, your RP was enjoyable and succinct @Mr.Panda - Apollo was a unique treat today, I enjoyed that our characters bonded and enjoyed that I got to learn about your character, thank you for sticking around and humouring our escapades @Boston - The development between Max and Dalton today was fun, my e-peen is still bigger though :')
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