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  2. Youth in Britain... Is a bad thing not gonna lie, I should know I'm one of em... But seeing shit like this... Just prove's that we truly are a bunch of dickheads


  3. ChilliMcNugget

    am i dump or where is the failing robbery thread?!

    1. Crash


      This one?


  4. Andy-Dwyer-Shock.gif

    Holy shit that's something to read. I remember doing more work than that in staff and getting an activity PM...

  5. Miss you 

  6. Content attempt #2 live on RP! -

  7. Hey you! ... yes YOU!

    I miss you too!

    ...but... your profile song is shit... <3

    1. Castiel


      It's garbage but the band is cute!


    2. Shadows


      Yeah your profile music is pretty fucking horrendous 

  8. @Castiel.... You savage. 

    1. Castiel


      I said nothing but truth, though.

    2. Beni


      Don't beat around the bush my mate, just come out and fuck something. 


  9. Alex Kovac

  10. Did you hear about the fire at the shoe factory?  Thousands of soles were lost...

  11. 99 Mining Finally done



    1. Mexi


      Fuck is that Prayer lvl..

    2. Cid


      Runecrafting and Firemaking is HYPE as fuck.

    3. Eagle
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