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Endeavour Western Chapter one

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Endeavour Western.

For Buddy Johnson a true friend.


Chapter 1.


Endeavour Western was born on the 25th of july 1959  in just outside London in town called Enfield. His parents Mr Rust Western and Mrs April Western. His Father Rust was a steelworker in Birmingham steel fabricators which meant his worked away from his family. Endeavour’s Mother April, looked after the house and guest’s which stayed in the B&B, she got to see the children a lot but never  grew close Endeavour.


Endeavour was the oldest, His sister Jade  was born  3 years after Endeavour, then the youngest was Callum who was born ten years after Endeavour. Jade and Callum grew close with their mother.


You could say Endeavour was the odd one out, out of the three, He had no interest in the B&B.As the other two would greet the guest, serve them at the counter, They always went to school straight A’s Endeavour  didn’t go to school a lot which meant he failed his tests , his Mother would always find him down in his Uncle's garage helping him fix motorbikes.  


Endeavour has great passion for Motorbikes, his favourite motorbike was the   1965 Triumph TR6. Endeavour would always say ‘now that’s a true man’s bike’.

The Triumph TR6  was Endeavour’s first motorbike he bought from his Uncle Tom for 600 pound.  


The years passed one by one by 1977 Endeavour was leaving home to travel Europe, his first stop France. Endeavour drove down on his Triumph TR6  to Dover and  caught the early boat which was going to Calais.


Endeavour drove to city of calais and stopped to get something to eat. He walked into a cafe and sat down beside the window Endeavour looked at the menu and realised he couldn't read what was written because it was written in french. The young girl came over and said ‘Can you read that alright mister?’ in her american accent Endeavour said ‘ No not really it's in bloody french ‘ the american said ‘Well I would think so what can I get you’? Endeavour said ‘full breakfast mate’ the american girl said ‘coming straight up’.


Endeavour was looking through the window and saw group of bikers driving pass he noticed on their backs they had a ‘Hells Angels France’ Endeavour was  to involved looking at the Hells Angles that the american girl was holding the tray with Endeavour’s food.


Endeavour heard a noise so he looked back and he saw the girl with his food and said ‘Thank you’ and the girl placed the tray on the table and asked ‘can I get you a drink? Endeavour said ‘Tea mate’ and dug into the food.



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