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Endeavour Western Chapter four

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Chapter 4

Endeavour walked over to the desk and rang the bell few times and woman came running down the stairs shouting ‘I’m coming i’m coming stop ringing the bell’ She walked around the desk and said ‘name?’  Endeavour said ‘Endeavour Western’ the woman looked at her book looking for name and said ‘ah yes, you're here for three days? Endeavour said ‘yes do I pay you now?’ The woman  said ‘yes 20 Comorian Franc please’ Endeavour pull out his wallet and paid the woman.


The woman said ‘follow me please’ the woman brought Endeavour to room 4 which he would be staying for next three days. The woman gave the key to Endeavour and said ‘Need anything let me know’ and she walked back down stairs.


Endeavour open the door and walked in. he placed his saddle bag beside the bed and jump onto the bed and laid there.

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