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endeavourwestern Endeavour Western Chapter three

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 Chapter 3.

Endeavour was on an open road he had just got out of Calais and on the main road to Paris. Was doin about ninety miles an hour  wind blowing his hair that was coming under his helmet.


About an two hours  into his ride he noticed his fuel gauge was getting low he had about quarter of a tank left.


Endeavour kept on driving and about twenty minutes later he saw a  petrol station about eight hundred meters in front of him when he got closer he  pulled in.


He had to wait behind a truck because all the other pumps were full he had to wait about ten minutes and when the driver  came about he said some in french and jumped in his truck and Endeavour just put his hand out at him meaning it's ok. Endeavour didn’t have a clue what he said.


Endeavour pulled up and a man standing beside the pump and said ‘fill it up mate’

The french guy just looked at Endeavour not knowing what he said but he probably guessed it.


It didn't take long to fill it up, Endeavour paid the man and rode off. He saw a sign saying ‘Paris 10km’ Endeavour wasn't far now. It only took another half an hour to get into Paris.


When Endeavour was riding he looked to his left and look up at the Eiffel Tower, it was the first time Endeavour saw and he said to himself  ‘fuck me thats big’.


He parked up outside where his B&B he was staying and pulled his saddle bags off his bike and walked in.  



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