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Endeavour Western Chapter two

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Chapter 2.


As Endeavour finished up his breakfast he waited on the chair drinking his tea the girl came back over and said ‘are we all done’ Endeavour said ‘yes thank you’ the girl picked up the tray and brought it back to the kitchen.


The girl came back to the table and left the bill on the table.


Table 6

1 full breakfast

1 tea pot


Five  Comorian Franc


Endeavour got up picked his wallet out of his jean pocket and leaves a fiver on the table and two Comorian Franc  as a tip. He picked up his leather jacket and his helmet and nodded at the girl as he walked out of the cafe.


As he walking out he got his Jack Daniels tin which had  Marlboro cigarettes, he pulled one out and his lighter out and lit one up not noticing that he just walked acrossed the main road and nearly getting run over by someone on a honda 50cc moped. Endeavour put his hand out shouting ‘sorry mate’ he couldn't understand what the person said because he was speaking french.


He walked over to his bike and sat down on the seat and picked out his map of europe he got out of his inside jacket pocket. Endeavour was heading to Paris.


Endeavour put his map back in his pocket, started the engine of the TR6 and drove off heading to Paris.


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11 hours ago, Samti said:

already a chapter 2 without a chapter one Realy?

This comment is good. +1


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