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The Life of Lena Živković. Includes her army days, childhood and much more

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"Lena... Lena wake up..."

Lena's sister repeatedly nudges her, trying to get her sister to awake. Lena slowly wakes. She is greeted by a terrified looking sister and the sound of shouting and smashing. Her Mom had come home, drunk again as usual. Bang on 2am. This was a routine that Lena and her sister was used to at this point. Her mother would leave for the pub around 7pm and come back as its shutting time. Her father was usually the backlash of the pubs closing and Her mother not having "Enough" to drink. So, as Lena would do every day around this time. She grabbed a battered looking MP3 player and turned it on. She put the earphones in her sisters ears and told her to close her eyes and hold her hand out. It was the only way that She had thought of to make this... life a little better for her sister. She wanted to expose her to as little of the bad life they had as She could. Lena took her by the hand and swiftly ran downstairs. She bolted out of the backdoor and into the shed that was at the back of the garden. It was a pretty pink shed, paint peeled from the old rotted wood and there was huge chunks missing out of the wood so the bitterly harsh winter wind could squeeze through. Under one of the tables that was stored in this shed was a cover that made a little den. There was a tattered quilt inside and a torch. They both crawled inside, making sure they didn't pull on the cloth that was hanging over to create the den. Her sister took the earphones out from her ears and hugged her sister tight, a ear crawling down the side of her face.

"Im scared sis"

Her sister's voice still trembling with fear. Still in Her arms, Lena started to stroke Her sisters hair while whispering.

"Its going to be okay, you have me"

What usually happened at this point is that they would wait a few hours until their mother passes out drunk on their bed. They would then sneak back into the house and go back to their room and try to either get some sleep in their normal beds or share a bed as Her sister still got scared in case their mother woke up and started again. This time was different. There was more items being thrown than usual and her mother was shouting a lot louder than usual. They were scared more than usual because of this. They knew of their mothers temper when she wasn't drinking. 


It didn't sound like something was thrown, instead it sounded more like a small explosion. There was plenty of things that were going through their minds at this point. Mostly about their father and if he was okay, but also if their mother decided that one day she would come into the shed and start throwing things at them. Lena crawled from out of the sheets and peered through one of the rotten holes. She peered into the window and that's where she saw it. Her mother dragging her father out of the backdoor. Her father wasn't moving. Thousands of things were going through her mind at this point. Mainly fear. She crawled back under the sheets and grabbed her sister, crying as she does. She just wanted to forget about what she saw.

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