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Day to day life of Endeavour Western.

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Chapter 4

Endeavour walked over to the desk and rang the bell few times and woman came running down the stairs shouting ‘I’m coming i’m coming stop ringing the bell’ She walked around the desk and said ‘name?’  Endeavour said ‘Endeavour Western’ the woman looked at her book looking for name and said ‘ah yes, you're here for three days? Endeavour said ‘yes do I pay you now?’ The woman  said ‘yes 20 Comorian Franc please’ Endeavour pull out his wallet and paid the woman.


The woman said ‘follow me please’ the woman brought Endeavour to room 4 which he would be staying for next three days. The woman gave the key to Endeavour and said ‘Need anything let me know’ and she walked back down stairs.


Endeavour open the door and walked in. he placed his saddle bag beside the bed and jump onto the bed and laid there.


 Chapter 3.

Endeavour was on an open road he had just got out of Calais and on the main road to Paris. Was doin about ninety miles an hour  wind blowing his hair that was coming under his helmet.


About an two hours  into his ride he noticed his fuel gauge was getting low he had about quarter of a tank left.


Endeavour kept on driving and about twenty minutes later he saw a  petrol station about eight hundred meters in front of him when he got closer he  pulled in.


He had to wait behind a truck because all the other pumps were full he had to wait about ten minutes and when the driver  came about he said some in french and jumped in his truck and Endeavour just put his hand out at him meaning it's ok. Endeavour didn’t have a clue what he said.


Endeavour pulled up and a man standing beside the pump and said ‘fill it up mate’

The french guy just looked at Endeavour not knowing what he said but he probably guessed it.


It didn't take long to fill it up, Endeavour paid the man and rode off. He saw a sign saying ‘Paris 10km’ Endeavour wasn't far now. It only took another half an hour to get into Paris.


When Endeavour was riding he looked to his left and look up at the Eiffel Tower, it was the first time Endeavour saw and he said to himself  ‘fuck me thats big’.


He parked up outside where his B&B he was staying and pulled his saddle bags off his bike and walked in.  







Chapter 2.


As Endeavour finished up his breakfast he waited on the chair drinking his tea the girl came back over and said ‘are we all done’ Endeavour said ‘yes thank you’ the girl picked up the tray and brought it back to the kitchen.


The girl came back to the table and left the bill on the table.


Table 6

1 full breakfast

1 tea pot


Five  Comorian Franc


Endeavour got up picked his wallet out of his jean pocket and leaves a fiver on the table and two Comorian Franc  as a tip. He picked up his leather jacket and his helmet and nodded at the girl as he walked out of the cafe.


As he walking out he got his Jack Daniels tin which had  Marlboro cigarettes, he pulled one out and his lighter out and lit one up not noticing that he just walked acrossed the main road and nearly getting run over by someone on a honda 50cc moped. Endeavour put his hand out shouting ‘sorry mate’ he couldn't understand what the person said because he was speaking french.


He walked over to his bike and sat down on the seat and picked out his map of europe he got out of his inside jacket pocket. Endeavour was heading to Paris.


Endeavour put his map back in his pocket, started the engine of the TR6 and drove off heading to Paris.



Endeavour Western.

For Buddy Johnson a true friend.


Chapter 1.


Endeavour Western was born on the 25th of july 1959  in just outside London in town called Enfield. His parents Mr Rust Western and Mrs April Western. His Father Rust was a steelworker in Birmingham steel fabricators which meant his worked away from his family. Endeavour’s Mother April, looked after the house and guest’s which stayed in the B&B, she got to see the children a lot but never  grew close Endeavour.


Endeavour was the oldest, His sister Jade  was born  3 years after Endeavour, then the youngest was Callum who was born ten years after Endeavour. Jade and Callum grew close with their mother.


You could say Endeavour was the odd one out, out of the three, He had no interest in the B&B.As the other two would greet the guest, serve them at the counter, They always went to school straight A’s Endeavour  didn’t go to school a lot which meant he failed his tests , his Mother would always find him down in his Uncle's garage helping him fix motorbikes.  


Endeavour has great passion for Motorbikes, his favourite motorbike was the   1965 Triumph TR6. Endeavour would always say ‘now that’s a true man’s bike’.

The Triumph TR6  was Endeavour’s first motorbike he bought from his Uncle Tom for 600 pound.  


The years passed one by one by 1977 Endeavour was leaving home to travel Europe, his first stop France. Endeavour drove down on his Triumph TR6  to Dover and  caught the early boat which was going to Calais.


Endeavour drove to city of calais and stopped to get something to eat. He walked into a cafe and sat down beside the window Endeavour looked at the menu and realised he couldn't read what was written because it was written in french. The young girl came over and said ‘Can you read that alright mister?’ in her american accent Endeavour said ‘ No not really it's in bloody french ‘ the american said ‘Well I would think so what can I get you’? Endeavour said ‘full breakfast mate’ the american girl said ‘coming straight up’.


Endeavour was looking through the window and saw group of bikers driving pass he noticed on their backs they had a ‘Hells Angels France’ Endeavour was  to involved looking at the Hells Angles that the american girl was holding the tray with Endeavour’s food.


Endeavour heard a noise so he looked back and he saw the girl with his food and said ‘Thank you’ and the girl placed the tray on the table and asked ‘can I get you a drink? Endeavour said ‘Tea mate’ and dug into the food.



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