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    Chapter #1: Starting

    By Rogério SkyLab

    Chernarus, Балота - 10:23 AM Francis would look out the window, observing the beach and the endless blue sea. His mind was locked to the image in front of him, as old memories began to pop inside his head. He remembered the time he spent in Haiti. He could actually remember every single aspect of that moment. A beach, an endless sea, and right before it, a big wave of destroyed buildings and smoke from cars passing over the sand and dust on the streets occasioned by the massive destruction of the 2010 earthquake. He could remember the sirens from the firemen and the police, as he heard the heavy wind passing by him. As he came back to reality, Francis closed the window and took a deep breath, recomposing himself. Proceeded to go to the other room of the house: A medium sized bedroom. In there, there was three persons. Two sitting on the bed, and one laying down with a bag of ice over his knee. The one which was laying was a 11 years old boy, sleeping like an angel. Sitting beside him, a 13 years old girl and their father, whose name was "Emile". As Francis stepped into the room, Emile got up immediately offering his hand for a hand-shake with Francis, whilst he said: "Thank you for all, mister Engels. You saved my son" - his voice had a recognizable Russian accent - Francis responded the offer with a firm handshake, as he said, with his strong German accent: "No worries. I did my job, and that's it." - he looked at the sleeping kid - "Your son is brave. He will survive." "Yes! He will" - he turned around and took something from his daughter's hands, and offered it to Francis - "Here. It's book. My daughter wants to give it to you" Francis picked the object, and opened it, revealing about two hundred blank pages: "But there's nothing written on it" - he said, confused - The girl stepped up and said, giving a pen for Francis: "You..." - she couldn't say the english words that well - "Write" Francis picked up the pen, and looked at the girl, and her father placed his hand over her shoulder, as a sign of approval: "Oh... So it's for me, so I can write a book?" - Francis kneeled down, as the girl waved her head confirming his statement - "Thanks... Thank you very much!" The girl hugged Francis, and he standed up once more and looked at Emile, whilst saying: "Emile, you must keep them safe, and this place is not the ideal one for that." "Why? I was born here." "People tend to come to the shoreline to travel long distances. They might find you and harm you, and your children." "What can we do?" - he asked, curious - Francis thought about it for a second and, with a sign of relief, said: "There is a fixed car, inside one of the garages on the next city. If you manage to get there, you can move further North, where you will find safety." Emile looked back upon his children, and after some seconds of thought, he turned back to Francis, saying: "Ok." - he said vigorously, as he sat on the bed again with the rest of his family - "If it's best way, I will do it" "I have to leave now, Emile. Stay strong. And if you ever need help, you know where to find me" - Francis patted the russian man on the shoulder - "Safe travel, Doctor Engels." - Emile said, whilst still looking to his son - "Keep good work" "I will" - the doctor smiled, and turned away, moving to the kitchen - He picked up his backpack and attached the belt to his torso, so it wouldn't be loose. He placed the book and the pen inside a side-sack on the left side of the bag, along with his radio and pieces of cloth. He would step off the house and proceed to walk the road going up North, on the direction of Novy Sobor, where he had previously made attempts to clear the place and set up a small medical station, which didn't go very well. He could probably scavenge some medical stuff he had left there to use another time. ------------------------------------------------------------------- 19:16 PM As he sat by a tree, with a small fire by his front, he picked up the book and pen that the girl gave him. The stars up above were barely visible because of the density of the trees. So many leafs if actually blocked the sky and the moon-light, making it hard to see inside the woods. The good part is that not many people were going to bother him there, and that's why he picked a place like that. As he brought the book up and opened it over his lap, he clicked the pen, which tint was black, and started writing some stuff that was in his mind.   He ran out of ideas, and simply put the book back inside the side sack, without really trying to finish the sentence. He was tired, and needed some sleep. He opened the bag, grabbed a water bottle, drank some it, and placed it back in, returning to his sleeping sack, and proceeding to sleep, as the next day would be ten times worse.

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  1. Chernarus, Североград Окраина - 17:57 PM

    Francis would be sitting in a wooden chair inside a secluded house in the middle of the forest. The book that the little girl gave him was left open over the table in front of him, and he would be handling the pen, spinning it trough his fingers, thinking about what to write. Suddenly, raindrops started falling down, and a cool breeze would enter trough a small gap on the closed window. Inspiration was not something that random for Francis, even though he was a creative man.

    After some minutes, while eating a small portion of tuna in a can, he started writing some stuff that happened within the same day, as the past ones were not that exciting.


    PsOSiN6.png                 akLjXyV.png


    As Francis finished writing, he had also finished his tuna can, and the moon was rising up in the sky. It was already time to have some sleep, as he couldn't really keep his eyes open anymore. He went to the make-shift bed that he mounted inside the house and laid over it, closing his eyes.


  2. Chapter 4

    Endeavour walked over to the desk and rang the bell few times and woman came running down the stairs shouting ‘I’m coming i’m coming stop ringing the bell’ She walked around the desk and said ‘name?’  Endeavour said ‘Endeavour Western’ the woman looked at her book looking for name and said ‘ah yes, you're here for three days? Endeavour said ‘yes do I pay you now?’ The woman  said ‘yes 20 Comorian Franc please’ Endeavour pull out his wallet and paid the woman.


    The woman said ‘follow me please’ the woman brought Endeavour to room 4 which he would be staying for next three days. The woman gave the key to Endeavour and said ‘Need anything let me know’ and she walked back down stairs.


    Endeavour open the door and walked in. he placed his saddle bag beside the bed and jump onto the bed and laid there.

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    "Lena... Lena wake up..."

    Lena's sister repeatedly nudges her, trying to get her sister to awake. Lena slowly wakes. She is greeted by a terrified looking sister and the sound of shouting and smashing. Her Mom had come home, drunk again as usual. Bang on 2am. This was a routine that Lena and her sister was used to at this point. Her mother would leave for the pub around 7pm and come back as its shutting time. Her father was usually the backlash of the pubs closing and Her mother not having "Enough" to drink. So, as Lena would do every day around this time. She grabbed a battered looking MP3 player and turned it on. She put the earphones in her sisters ears and told her to close her eyes and hold her hand out. It was the only way that She had thought of to make this... life a little better for her sister. She wanted to expose her to as little of the bad life they had as She could. Lena took her by the hand and swiftly ran downstairs. She bolted out of the backdoor and into the shed that was at the back of the garden. It was a pretty pink shed, paint peeled from the old rotted wood and there was huge chunks missing out of the wood so the bitterly harsh winter wind could squeeze through. Under one of the tables that was stored in this shed was a cover that made a little den. There was a tattered quilt inside and a torch. They both crawled inside, making sure they didn't pull on the cloth that was hanging over to create the den. Her sister took the earphones out from her ears and hugged her sister tight, a ear crawling down the side of her face.

    "Im scared sis"

    Her sister's voice still trembling with fear. Still in Her arms, Lena started to stroke Her sisters hair while whispering.

    "Its going to be okay, you have me"

    What usually happened at this point is that they would wait a few hours until their mother passes out drunk on their bed. They would then sneak back into the house and go back to their room and try to either get some sleep in their normal beds or share a bed as Her sister still got scared in case their mother woke up and started again. This time was different. There was more items being thrown than usual and her mother was shouting a lot louder than usual. They were scared more than usual because of this. They knew of their mothers temper when she wasn't drinking. 


    It didn't sound like something was thrown, instead it sounded more like a small explosion. There was plenty of things that were going through their minds at this point. Mostly about their father and if he was okay, but also if their mother decided that one day she would come into the shed and start throwing things at them. Lena crawled from out of the sheets and peered through one of the rotten holes. She peered into the window and that's where she saw it. Her mother dragging her father out of the backdoor. Her father wasn't moving. Thousands of things were going through her mind at this point. Mainly fear. She crawled back under the sheets and grabbed her sister, crying as she does. She just wanted to forget about what she saw.